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2021+ Ford F-150 5.0L | EcoBoost

2021+ Ford F-150 5.0L | EcoBoost

ARTICLES: Exhaust | 2021 Assortment | Air Intakes | F-150 Part Numbers


COMING SOON: Exhaust      TOP

We have been diligently crafting our 2021 and 2022 Ford F150 exhausts and are getting closer to launching the assortment. The very first F-150 exhaust systems will officially enter our production floor in mid-March 2022. This exhaust lineup includes 71 different part numbers to offer you a well-rounded assortment for your F150.

Coyote based 5.0L V8 engines may choose from our Sport and Xtreme sound levels available for the 141”, 145” and 157” wheelbases. Each of these will have: a front of tire exit, side exit, and dual rear exit configuration available. The 2021 F150 will be the first time we have provided a CORSA front of tire exit and a dual rear exit for the most popular selling truck in America. The 122” wheelbase, popular amongst sport truck enthusiasts, will only be available in the Xtreme Sound Level.

“Having both systems (Lightning-style and Dual Rear Exit) were critical to this F150 exhaust assortment", Brent Noward Marketing Director TMG Performance Products.

“We’ve been building F150 exhausts in a side exit with our traditional “Sport” sound level for years and this time we wanted to give F150 owners more. Having variety was necessary to creating the 2021+ exhaust options.”

Fans of the CORSA Mustang exhaust products will immediately recognize the rich exhaust notes of the Coyote engine on the F150 platform as our F 150 exhaust systems deliver a familiar sound that echoes the notes of the S550 Mustang.

The F150 3.5L EcoBoost will receive all available exhaust configurations in the Sport sound level for the 141”, 145” and 157” wheelbases.

All CORSA F-150 exhaust systems will be available in our polished stainless steel or polished black PVD 304 stainless steel tips. The side exit and front of tire exit options receive our traditional Pro Series© tips, while the dual rear exit exhausts will feature a 4.0” Flat Cut dual wall stainless steel tips.

rear side view of dual rear exit tips close up picture of front of tire exit

Estimated pricing for the various configurations will likely range from $849 to $1299 depending on exit style and tip preference. The pilot production run for the 2021+ F150 exhaust launch is officially scheduled, and the wait is nearly over! Make sure you can be one of the first to know when this launches as well as all future product releases by subscribing at the top of this page.

Exhaust Summary
Years: 2021-2022
Engines: 5.0L V8, 3.5L EcoBoost
Wheelbases: 122”*, 141”, 145”, 157”
Sound Levels: Sport*, Xtreme
Configurations: Front of Tire (Lightning), Rear of Tire (Single Side), Dual Rear Exit (Under Bumper)
Tip Styles: Twin 4.0” Tips, Flat Cut 4.0”**
Tip Finish: Polished (Mirror Finish), Black PVD
Pricing: $849 - $1299
*Sport not available for 122” 5.0L V8. Xtreme not available for EcoBoost
**Flat Cut Tips for Dual Rear Exit Only.

2021 F-150 Product Assortment      TOP

Since the early 2000's we have built exhaust systems for the Ford F-150 and are now entering the early stages of product development for the 2021 Ford F-150. As we begin the process a few things are becoming clear; we need a closed box air intake for the F-150 5.0L V8, and for the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine, and a wide variety of F-150 performance exhaust system configurations.

Our Ford F-150 performance exhaust systems will be available in the Sport Sound Level with numerous exit configurations and tip options. We want to allow the F-150 owner to configure their vehicle how they desire including multiple tip; configurations (dump or side), styles (flat cut or sideswept) , finishes (polished or black).

Development of this magnitude will require a completely redesigned muffler configuration from the previous generation F-150s and our CORSA engineering team will design a unique solution. Like all CORSA Performance exhaust systems you can expect these exhaust system to deliver the same intoxicating exhaust notes, performance, fitment, quality, ease of installation, and unmatched No Drone Driving experience only available from our proprietary RSC® Technology.

System Features
• 304 Stainless Steel Construction
• Dual Wall Stainless Steel Tips
• RSC® Technology
• Straight-Through Free-Flowing Design
• Bolt-On Installation
• Lifetime Warranty
• Made in the USA


2021+ F-150® Cold Air Intakes Ready to Debut      TOP

While you are probably already aware of the CORSA Performance exhaust lineup for the Ford F-150® that is getting ready to come to market in the month of April, you may not be aware of other performance accessories that are nearing release.

Over the past few years, we’ve been working hard to build some of the best cold air intake products available in the automotive industry. Since 2020, CORSA has released numerous new air intake products for it’s most popular vehicle applications including: Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator, Ford Mustang GT, C7 Corvette, C8 Corvette, Camaro ZL1, Dodge Challenger/Charger Hellcat, Dodge RAM and more. The next air intake that will be added to that list is the 2021+ Ford F-150®.

CORSA’s 2021+ Ford F-150® air intakes will come to market in the month of April for both the 3.5L EcoBoost® and the 5.0L V8 equipped trucks. Available in 3 unique filtration options, the CORSA Performance air intake lineup has something for every driver. CORSA’s closed box air intake with Donaldson® PowerCore® filtration features the best severe- duty, no maintenance, dry air filter on the market today. PowerCore® filtration offers superior filtration capabilities, protecting the health of your engine for the long haul while providing the added benefit of 100K Mile No Maintenance use. Made for sever-duty like military operations and heavy-duty mining application PowerCore® filters are legendary for working where other filters fail.

CORSA 2021+ Ford F-150 5.0L V8 Cold Air Intake


If you are looking to maximize the performance and fuel economy of your F-150® for on-road daily driving, you may want to purchase one of our air intakes with DryTech® synthetic or MaxFlow 5® Oiled Filtration. Each of these air intakes offers the benefit of added airflow over the stock air intake fueling the engine with greater cold air volume to get the most performance possible from your vehicle. Each filter comes with extended filter maintenance intervals up to 50K miles.


CORSA 2021+ Ford F-150 EcoBoost

All of CORSA’s non-carbon fiber cold air intake systems are engineered by CORSA’s on site staff and designed to feed your engine more airflow while lasting a Lifetime. Each cold air intake is carefully designed with eye-catching aesthetics including a smoked-tinted acrylic lid design that allows the driver to easily check the need for filtration maintenance without the need of opening the air intake. Like most CORSA products, CORSA’s air intakes are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty giving the driver confidence that their intake will perform for the life of the vehicle. 

F-150 Part Numbers      TOP

2021+ 5.0L V8 EXHAUST
Sound Level Exit Style 157.2" WB
Part #
145.4" WB
Part #
141.5" WB
Part #
122.8" WB
Part #
Xtreme Dual Rear 21152  21149 21146 21143
Single Side 21151 21148 21145 21142
Front of Tire 21150 21147 21144 21141
Sport Dual Rear 21161 21158 21155 N/A
Single Side 21160 21157 21154 N/A
Front of Tire 21159 21156 21153 N/A
Years Res Delete CORSA Tip Cat-Back dB Tip Cat-Back DryTech Filter PowerCore Filter Oiled Filter
2015-2019 14845 (163") 14837 24837 49950D
(Closed Box)
(Closed Box)
(Closed Box)
14843 (156") 619850-D
14841 (145")
2011-2014 14754 (163") 14393 24393 N/A 44393
14753 (156")
14752 (144")
View More (V8, Eco, Raptor, Etc)


Sound Level Exit Style 157.2" WB
Part #
145.4" WB
Part #
141.5" WB
Part #
Sport Dual Rear 21170 21167 21164
Single Side 21169 21166 21163
Front of Tire 21168 21165 21162
Years Res Delete CORSA Tip Cat-Back  dB Tip Cat-Back DryTech
Oiled Filter
2015-2020 14845 (163") 14836 24836 49627D
(Closed Box)
(Closed Box)
(Closed Box)
14843 (156") 619635-D
14841 (145")
2011-2014 14754 (163") 14392 24392 N/A 44392
14753 (156")
14752 (145")
View More (V8, Eco, Raptor, Etc)



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