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Chevrolet C8 Corvette

Chevrolet C8 Corvette

ARTICLES: Carbon Fiber Air Intake | CORSA's C8 Performance Suite | C8 Part Numbers

More Air for the C8 Corvette      TOP

CORSA C8 Intake is the latest in a family of Carbon Fiber Intakes. It's no secret, but at CORSA Performance we've been deeply invested in the Corvette marketplace for nearly 20 years. There is likely no other vehicle more synonymous with the CORSA Performance brand than the Corvette. From the C4 to the C8 we've made it our mission to build the best exhaust products we possibly could for these iconic vehicles.

As the brand has grown and we've expanded our product offering for the Corvette community that same passion for delivering the best exhaust products has naturally bled over into our Corvette air intakes. To that end, there was a reason that our first full scale air intake launch was centered around the C6 Corvette Carbon Fiber Air Intake in 2013. Featuring 100% Carbon Fiber construction, a machined aluminum mass airflow mounting bracket and an enormous DryTech air filter, the C6 Carbon Fiber Air Intake was both an engineering feat and a work of art. The Intake performance matched the styling (+21HP and +30 Lbs Ft TQ) and the package quickly became a favorite in the C6 Corvette community.

C7 Takes a Deeper Breath      TOP

While the C7 launched in 2014 and completely redefined Corvette, we were deeply ingrained in a heavy exhaust development push and it would be 4 years before we would get an opportunity to tackle the Stingray cold air intake.

"We had a heavy, heavy product development period between the winter of 2014 and early 2018, launching and growing the CORSA Performance product line across a wide variety of vehicle platforms and categories" said, Brent Noward Marketing Director.

"When we were finally able to begin development on the C7 carbon fiber air intake in late 2018, we knew we would have to knock it out of the park to be able to make a splash in the marketplace that late in the vehicle platform cycle. Nothing would be good enough on the C7 unless it was a homerun."

In late 2019 the CORSA Performance C7 Carbon Fiber Air Intake went from concept to reality and officially launched in early 2020. Due to the undeniable combination of performance and styling the intake quickly gained a following and is now part of a family of C7 carbon fiber air intakes that are at the pinnacle of the C7 intake market.

The C7 family of carbon fiber intakes cover both the stingray and Z06 variants and is available in both black and red carbon fiber (seen below). As with the C6 carbon fiber air intake, the C7 features 100% carbon fiber construction, two different filtration options (oil & dry), a machined aluminum Mass Airflow Sensor bracket and premium hardware. While the Stingray version of the intake is impressive the Z06 version is a head turner on the performance front delivering up to 44 horsepower and 70 LB FT of Torque.

The C8 Carbon Fiber Air Intake Arrives      TOP

In February 2020 as the pandemic was taking hold CORSA Performance began full scale development on the C8 Corvette. Having learned numerous lessons over the past 5 years, CORSA was committed to launching a complete suite of performance product in the first full year of C8 production. The launch would turn out to be the most ambitious product launch in the history of CORSA Performance spanning all areas of product development, exhaust, headers, air intake, hi-flow cats, heat protection, and more. The C8 carbon fiber air intake, launching in June, is the culmination of that effort.

No stone/feature was left unturned in the development of the C8 carbon fiber intake. Taking nearly 18 months to go from development to production the intake leans on the past 9 years of intake development and is both the apex of CORSA intake development to date and the genesis of what's to come from CORSA Performance air intake development.

After 18 months of development the CORSA Performance carbon fiber air intake wreaks of style with design language pulled subtly from the C8. The intake form itself is of the highest carbon fiber quality and is an unmatched combination of performance and aesthetics. Every part of the intake that could be made from carbon fiber has been, air duct, box, lid and flanges are all made from 100% carbon fiber construction.

Heat was a concern that was not taken lightly while designing the C8 intake. After testing, engineering designed an aluminum heat shield to separate the intake from the elevated temperatures generated from the C8 mid-engine design. The heat shield works by shielding direct heat, but also creates and air pocket between the aluminum shield and carbon structure to allow for cooling. Simultaneously, the aluminum heatshield acts as a cable management system, ensuring all critical wiring components remain routed in their proper location.

Performance filtration was a must for the C8 Corvette and the twin filters themselves have been designed specifically for the C8. Featuring CORSA's DryTech 3D filtration media with reverse cone technology, the new filter design allows CORSA to provide a free flowing high performance filter that requires very little maintenance and extends maintenance intervals up to 50K miles depending on driving conditions.

New for the C8, the reverse cone filtration design, provides maximum airflow while providing additional filtration media. This unique enhances performance while lengthening maintenance intervals.

Finally the hardware itself was re-evaluated to ensure the best possible install and ownership experience. Matte black screw hardware with black washers were employed on the lid to provide unparalleled aesthetics. T-bolt clamps are used on the side Air Duct Flanges to ensure a secure fit that will not loosen over time. The silicone connections provided are of the highest quality and feature several layers of woven silicone that will ensure against heat degradation.


CORSA's C8 Performance Suite



>>> Check out our 4 Exhaust Systems <<<
(NPP + AFM, Track, AFM Only, NPP Only)

20 years of acoustic research, engineering, and design Perfecting the Science of Sound, culminating in the CORSA performance C8 exhaust line-up. Tailor the sound of your C8 by choosing from 4 unique exhaust solutions: Track Series, AFM Only, NPP Only, and 4 Valve, tailored to the exacting specifications of drivers to give them full control of the driving experience.

Carbon Fiber Air Intake

Ships June 2021


Available Now


High Flow Cats

Available Now


Black-Out Heat Shielding

  • 10 Minute Peel and Stick Installation
  • Designed Specific to the C8
  • Withstands up to 1750°F
  • Spark Plug Boots
    Available Now

    Cat Blankets
    Available Now

    Corvette C8 Part Numbers      TOP

    Product Type Description Sound Tips Part #
    Cat-Back AFM Full Xtreme/Sport NPP Twin 4.5" 21100
    Cat-Back AFM Full Xtreme Twin 4.5" 21102
    Cat-Back AFM Delete Xtreme/Sport NPP Twin 4.5" 21103
    Cat-Back AFM Delete Xtreme Twin 4.5" 21104
    Air Intake Carbon Fiber Closed Box with Dry Filters 44003D
    Headers Connects to CORSA Hi-Flow Cats or Stock 16034
    High Flow Cats EPA Compliant. Add CORSA Cat Blankets 16234
    Cat Blankets Fits to CORSA Hi-Flow Cats AC011
    Heat Shield Black Out Heat Protection AC010
    Boot Covers Titanium Spark Plug Boot Covers AC009

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