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Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

ARTICLES: Carbon Fiber Air Intake | Camaro ZL1 Part Numbers | Video

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CORSA Performance has been in the air intake market for nearly 10 years. We launched our first air intake product in 2012 and our first carbon fiber air intake in 2013. Nearly a full decade later the CORSA air intake line continues to expand and covers a wide range of the most popular American made vehicles: Corvette, Camaro, Challenger, Charger, Silverado, Sierra, F150, RAM and Jeep.

Feed Your Camaro LT4 More Air

As we embarked on a 6th generation Camaro ZL1 carbon fiber intake project we had a goal to design and build the best performance part possible. Development of the intake officially began in late January of 2021 and just recently reached design finalization. We have begun off tool part validation and our design will improve both performance and aesthetics over the Camaro ZL1 stock air intake.

After nearly 3 months of continuous R&D, and multiple dyno sessions, CORSA engineers selected a design that maximized form, function, performance, and styling.

The ZL1 engine operating parameters proved challenging. Specifically, the ZL1's LT4 engine required a very precise amount of air volume delivered in a very tight operating window to produce power. To achieve these results CORSA engineers designed and tested several different air ducts both larger and smaller than the final design with very specific geometry to deliver the precise airflow needed to induce added HP & TQ while also not throwing a Check Engine Light.

In the end, the final design yielded improvement over stock in several places throughout the curve (+19.28HP & +28.36lbs ft TQ).

In final form the CORSA Performance ZL1 air intake will feature a full 100% carbon fiber air duct, black powder coated aluminum air shield, T-Bolt Style clamps, an anodized black machined mass airflow sensor mount and all the necessary hardware for a flawless install.

Every CORSA Performance air intake is backed by CORSA Performance's Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser.

In 2021 the CORSA Performance 6th Gen Camaro ZL1 Carbon Fiber air intake officially entered the tooling phase of the project and finally we are excited to have the product available for sale.  

Now Available!




Camaro ZL1 Part Numbers      TOP

Gen Product Type Sound Tips Part #
6th Carbon Fiber Air Intake Oiled Filter 44005
6th Carbon Fiber Air Intake Dry Filter 44005D
6th 2.75" Axle-Back Xtreme/Sport NPP Twin 4.0" 14789
6th 2.75" Axle-Back Xtreme Twin 4.0" 14784
6th 2.75" Axle-Back Sport Twin 4.0" 14786
6th X-Pipe Cat Connect - 21085
5th 3.0" Cat-Back Sport Twin 4.0" 14971

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