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Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 | GMC Canyon

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 | GMC Canyon

ARTICLES: ZR2 Overdue | Colorado Part Numbers

Overdue for an Adventure      TOP

In 2015, General Motors reinvigorated American’s love of midsize trucks when they released the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon; a name plate originating in the early 2000s. These trucks went head to head against the Toyota Tacoma and were equipped with a range of engine options; including two 4 cylinder options and one V6.

We created a range of products for the LFX and LGX V6 engines covering multiple wheelbases. Although these mid-size trucks continued to gain popularity throughout the first few years of production our customers started to gravitate to the Colorado's ZR2 package.

The ZR2 required a unique CORSA catback exhaust system for the 128" and 140" wheelbases, which is now available exclusively in the CORSA Sport Sound level. Our ZR2 exhaust note has a noticeable rumble at idle and start up; yet has an appropriately aggressive tone under heavy acceleration.

All CORSA Performance exhaust systems, including the ZR2 exhaust, feature our patented 3rd Generation RSC® Technology which delivers the most coveted No Drone driving experience at cruise available.

Our ZR2 exhaust is specifically designed to handle all the off-road driving conditions your Colorado was built for. CORSA engineers carefully positioned the cold formed solid core exhaust hangers to ensure ample clearance for all suspension components.

By moving and reinforcing the exhaust hangers we were able to protect the ZR2's Multimatic rear suspension from possible damage that is typically caused by improperly located exhaust hangers.

We prepared our exhaust system for the most aggressive Rock Crawler or Trail Driver by routing the muffler up above, or flush with, the frame.

Designed and manufactured here, in Berea, Ohio, our Colorado exhaust features 304 stainless steel construction, a straight-through performance enhancing muffler design, TORCA® like band clamps, and multiple tip options to customize our ZR2 exhaust to your styling preference.

Chevy Colorado Part Numbers      TOP

Dia Product Type Tip Style Etch Tip Wall Part #
3.0" Cat-Back Twin 4.0" CORSA Only Dual 14919
3.0" Cat-Back Single 4.0" CORSA Only Dual 14928
3.0" Cat-Back Single 4.0" American Flag + CORSA Dual 14928USA
Dia Product Type Tip Style Etch Tip Wall Part #
3.0" Cat-Back Twin 4.0" CORSA Dual 14745
3.0" Cat-Back Single 4.0" dB by CORSA Single 24745
3.0" Cat-Back Twin 4.0" CORSA Dual 14744
3.0" Cat-Back Single 4.0" dB by CORSA Single 24744

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