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Dodge Challenger | Dodge Charger

Dodge Challenger | Dodge Charger

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ARTICLES: Carbon Fiber Air Intake | VideoChallenger & Charger Part Numbers

Now Available: Dodge Hellcat Carbon Fiber Intake      TOP

The MOPAR® community hold a special place in CORSA Performance’s company history. CORSA's popularity in the MOPAR® community can be traced back to our early days as an exhaust systems supplier for the MOPAR® brand that continued throughout the 2010s. As our patented RSC® Technology was introduced to the MOPAR® community the relationship blossomed with many MOPAR® drivers outfitting their Challengers, Chargers, Chrysler 300s and Magnums.

Now there was an aggressive catback exhaust systems that also had the No Drone driving experience they were missing. For nearly 15 years since, CORSA pushed to deliver the best exhaust systems available for the truly iconic MOPAR® muscle cars. Today, CORSA Performance’s MOPAR® exhaust products cover everything including the hellish Demon, the classic V6, and all the other brands in between (RAM, Chrysler, Grand Cherokee, Wrangler and Dodge Viper). 

Our exhaust lineup continued to expand, outfitting various MOPAR® makes and models but the fledgling air intake lineup could not keep pace. In 2020 that changed with our aggressive expansion of the CORSA engineering department. As resources were added to support the enhanced product development plans, two projects were immediately bumped to the top of the list to ensure our CORSA MOPAR® community would get the performance parts they had been asking for.

The first was an active valve catback exhaust for the 2015+ Dodge Challenger & Charger vehicles. This was launched in February 2021 and is currently available in the Xtreme sound level for the Challenger and Charger.

The second is a Hellcat carbon fiber intake available now.

Initial design for the Hellcat® intake began in late October of 2020 and was completed late March 2021 after Dyno testing multiple designs and configurations.

The final form the Hellcat intake will fit both Dodge Chargers and Dodge Challengers delivering up to 27.14 HP and 23.66 Lbs Ft. of Torque vs the stock air intake. Featuring an oversized 100% carbon fiber air duct, CORSA's intake outflows the factory air intake by 9% due to its unique shape and high performance DryTech® Air Filter.

The Carbon Fiber air intake features a black aluminum powder coated heat shield designed to shield warm engine air from entering the airpath creating a cooler air charge. Special care and attention were taken even with this seemingly insignificant part to ensure the shield would properly seal to the hood of the vehicle.

The kit features a CORSA Performance® branded 100% carbon fiber rain guard to prevent water from soaking the air filter through the Challenger and Charger hood vents. Like the heat shield, the rain guard also received special attention as multiple configurations were designed to ensure proper clearances while not blocking the airpath from the front of the vehicle. Truly no detail was left to chance in the design of the Hellcat intake.

"Meeting the expectations of an air intake for our MOPAR customers was 100% the focus. The intake had to deliver on all facets and be the best carbon fiber intake in the market for the Hellcat: power, quality, fit, finish and aesthetics."
- Brent Noward, Marketing Director | TMG Performance Products

Simply, the intake must be perfect, anything less won't live up to what it deserves, and we fully believe we have engineered that intake.

"Once the direction was set from Marketing the deliverable then was relatively simple, build the best carbon fiber air intake in the marketplace and that's exactly what I believe we have done.”
- Jeff Post, Director of Product Development

The Hellcat carbon fiber air intake is available now.

Video      TOP

2015+ Challenger & Charger 6.4/6.2L Part Numbers

Product Type Description Sound Tips Part #
Carbon Fiber Intake Dry Filter - - 44004D
Carbon Fiber Intake Oiled Filter - - 44004
Metal Intake Dry Filter - - 616864-D
Metal Intake Oiled Filter - - 616864-O
Closed Box Intake PowerCore - - 468646
Cat-Back Active Valve Xtreme Twin 3.5" 21070
Cat-Back Cut & Clamp Xtreme Twin 3.5" 14989
Cat-Back Cut & Clamp Sport Twin 3.5" 14987
Cat-Back Active Valve Xtreme GTX2 21068
Cat-Back Cut & Clamp Xtreme GTX2 14994
Cat-Back Cut & Clamp Sound GTX2 14993
Axle-Back No Valves Sport Twin 3.5" 21020
Axle-Back No Valves Sport GTX2 21021
Product Type Description Sound Tips Part #
Carbon Fiber Intake Dry Filter - - 44004D
Carbon Fiber Intake Oiled Filter - - 44004
Metal Intake Dry Filter - - 616864-D
Metal Intake Oiled Filter - - 616864-O
Closed Box Intake PowerCore - - 468646
Cat-Back Active Valve Xtreme Single 4.5" 21072
Cat-Back Cut & Clamp Xtreme Single 4.5" 14996
Cat-Back Cut & Clamp Sport Single 4.5" 14995
Axle-Back No Valves Sport Single 4.5" 21019

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