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Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco

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Throughout the Summer months of 2022 CORSA’s engineers continuously worked through development on the Ford Bronco 2.3L & 2.7L engines to create a collection of performance parts that will allow Bronco enthusiasts to further enjoy their vehicle. 

After 4 months of development, the CORSA engineering team has created a collection of parts that are nearing launch. Those products include two (2) unique Oil Catch Cans, two (2) Closed Box Air Intakes and six (6) unique Exhaust configurations covering 2 Door and 4 Door Bronco models.

Coming to market in mid-September, CORSA’s exhaust offering for the 2022+ Ford Bronco will feature a 2.75” cat-back exhaust system available in a single exit turn down offering or dual rear exit configuration with 4.0” flat cut, clamp-on, tips available in polished or black powder coat finish. Each system features CORSA’s patented No Drone RSC® (Reflective Sound Cancellation) Technology and has been custom tuned to deliver a deep exhaust note while eliminating the rasp and harshness that is sometimes present from small displacement turbo charged engines.

"Realizing that a Bronco driver is likely an off-road enthusiast, each system has been routed to ensure maximum ground clearance. The center-forward location of the muffler challenged our engineers from a tuning perspective”, said Brent Noward Marketing Director CORSA Performance.

“The location was chosen for a variety of reasons, but most importantly we realized mounting the muffler in this location would provide off-road enthusiasts maximum protection when traversing a variety of terrain and conditions”.

Dual Rear Exit Exhaust Configuration

Turn Down Exhaust Configuration

With limited space available, CORSA engineers were challenged to design a custom tuned muffler that would deliver on CORSA’s No Drone promise while also delivering an exhaust note that maximized each engines pleasing tones while suppressing the harsher tones of the small displacement engines.

As August closes and September begins official performance numbers on the Ford Bronco exhaust systems should become available and pre-ordering is expected to take place no later than mid-September.

CORSA’s oil catch cans will also be available at the same time as the exhaust systems that accompany each engine configuration. Each CORSA oil catch can has been engineered with specific mounting hardware to mount each catch can in an ideal location to maintain ease of serviceability. Our oil catch cans features a multi-stage oil separation system to remove oil and particulates from the airpath that over time builds up on engine valves reducing performance. Each catch can system features a custom designed black powder coat aluminum mounting bracket, quick disconnect and comes with premium multiply re-enforced hoses to ensure lasting performance.

Be on the lookout for more information regarding CORSA’s full assortment of Bronco parts all expected to launch in the back-half of 2022.


Game On      TOP

It’s possible that no vehicle has been more anticipated by the Off-Road enthusiast marketplace over the past few years than that of the Ford Bronco®. After Ford mothballed the legendary Bronco® model in 1996 the affinity for the vehicle only seemed to grow with each passing year. Finally, after a nearly 25-year hiatus from the Ford lineup, the all-new Ford Bronco™ has arrived.

Different from it’s previous hulking 1996 configuration equipped with a either a straight-6 or V8 engine, the latest Ford Bronco® is a more nimble yet more capable off-roader. Designed for the current automotive environment, Ford has outfitted the new Bronco® with 2 proven smaller displacement turbo charged EcoBoost® engines designed to provide the driver with improved gas mileage and sufficient power to propel drivers on or off pavement. The 2.3L turbo charged 4 cylinder EcoBoost® engine delivers 300HP and 325 lb-ft of Torque while the larger 2.7L twin turbo EcoBoost® engine boosts those numbers to a robust 330HP and 415lb-ft of Torque.

While the new engines have received plenty of acclaim it’s Ford’s direct targeting of the Jeep Wrangler® consumer that has taken the automotive world by storm. The new Bronco® comes in a wide range of configurations to address every possible type of driver from the daily driver to the off roader. With 7 currently available models (Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Badlands, Wildtrak, Everglades) and a Raptor® version on the way Ford has a Bronco for everyone.

Depending on the model chosen, consumers can choose from an everyday fun-loving commuter-based vehicle to a high-speed Baja ready “mobber” in the WILDTRACK and RAPTOR version. Equipped with tire choices from 32”-37”, various suspension packages, enhanced departure angles, multiple driving modes, removable top and doors, the Ford Bronco® takes aim directly at the Wrangler® marketplace and is positioned to interrupt Jeep’s stranglehold on the fun-loving off-road consumer.

CORSA Performance 2021+ Ford Bronco Air Intake Prototype

Understanding exactly who Ford was targeting and why is what is driving our product development from an air intake, exhaust, and accessory perspective and that development is currently underway. Over the course of the next 6-8 weeks we will be deep into development for the 2.3L & 2.7L Ford Bronco® engines. Today those plans consist of a Closed-Box air intake with multiple filtration options, full cat-back exhaust system designed around the specific needs of the different Bronco® drivers and a range of accessories that will both improve the performance of the all-new Bronco® as well as the long-term operation of the vehicle.

CORSA Performance 2021+Ford Bronco Oil Catch Can Prototype

To stay up to date on the latest news from CORSA Performance on new product development for the Ford Bronco® sign-up form above.


Bronco Part Numbers      TOP

 PRODUCT 2.7L Turbo
2.3L Turbo
Oil Catch Can CC0012 CC0018
Closed Box Air Intake 47003 47002
Cat-Back (4 Door)
Dual Rear Exit

4 Door 21210

4 Door 21208 

Cat-Back (4 Door)
SRE Turn Downs

4 Door 21209

4 Door 21207

Cat-Back (2 Door)
Dual Rear Exit

2 Door 21206

2 Door 21204 

Cat-Back (2 Door)
SRE Turn Downs

2 Door 21205

2 Door 21203

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