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Jeep Wrangler JLU | JKU

Jeep Wrangler JLU | JKU

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ARTICLES: Wrangler's New Sound | Wrangler Part Numbers

Jeep Wrangler JLU & JKU Get a New Sound      TOP

2020 was an exceptionally busy year of product development. We pushed forward with new products in new categories; and entered segments where CORSA had never been present.

R&D was focused solely on designing and developing more products people love; including a full cat-back exhaust for the Wrangler JLU and JKU.

For nearly 15 years we have provided Wrangler owners the best axle-back exhaust solution with an aggressive exhaust note and no drone under our dB Performance brand. Shop all Jeep Wrangler products here.

Wrangler drivers asked us to create an exhaust system that has an aggressive "V8-like" sound, more exhaust tip options, premium 304 stainless steel, better exhaust clamps, enhanced off-road clearance, and a Lifetime Warranty.
We answered with two full CORSA branded 2.75” Cat-Back exhaust system options.
☑️Aggressive Sound ☑️Tip options ☑️304SS
☑️Better Clamps ☑️Off-road Clearance ☑️Lifetime Warranty.

We were able satisfy their request by relocating the Jeep Wrangler JKU and JLU mufflers. By moving the muffler to the center of the vehicle and completely retuning the muffler our acoustic engineers were able to unlock a deeper more aggressive exhaust note and provide better clearance under all differing angles of departure.

The all new Jeep Wrangler JKU and Wrangler JLU CORSA Performance exhaust systems feature 304 stainless steel construction and are available with a dump option or dual wall flat cut tips. The dump style exhaust caters to the off-road community while the new dual wall tips provide an upgraded styling option previously not available with the dB system.

The JKU and JLU exhaust systems with dual wall tips have a new tip etch available featuring a fully laser etched American flag on the side of each tip opposite the CORSA logo.

These full catback systems include TORCA® style band clamps that provide ultra-tight connections, an easy installation and adjustment.

As with all CORSA Performance catback exhaust systems, these Jeep Wrangler exhausts provide an aggressive exhaust note under acceleration while maintaining a No Drone driving experience at cruise courtesy of our patented RSC® Technology.

Jeep Wrangler Part Numbers      TOP

JL Sport Sound Level
Dia Product Type Tip Style Etch Part #
2.75" Cat-Back Dual Wall 4.0" American Flag + CORSA 21124USA
2.75" Cat-Back Dual Wall 4.0" CORSA Only 21124
2.5" Axle-Back Single Rolled 3.5" dB by CORSA 21014
2.75" Cat-Back Turn Down No Etch 21123
2.5" Axle-Back Turn Downs No Etch 21013
JK Sport Sound Level
Dia Product Type Tip Style Etch Part #
2.75" Cat-Back Dual Wall 4.0" American Flag + CORSA 21122USA
2.75" Cat-Back Dual Wall 4.0" CORSA Only 21122
2.5" Axle-Back Single Rolled 3.5" dB by CORSA 24412
2.75" Cat-Back Turn Down No Etch 21121

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