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Mustang GT350 Active Valve Cat-Back

Mustang GT350 Active Valve Cat-Back

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GT350 VooDoo      TOP

2016 - Ford launched the GT350 Mustang; a legendary Track-Ready car that was street legal. Equipped with an all-new Flat Plane Crank naturally aspirated 5.2L V8 engine, code named Voodoo, Ford raised performance over the GT and launched a new symphony of sound. An all new engine in the Mustang GT350 sounds distinctly different from the 5.0L V8 and produces a more aggressive and exotic exhaust note. Ford took the GT 350 one step further and equipped it with an active valve exhaust system; this allows the driver to unleash the full aggression of the engine or close the valves to tame the beast.

 2017 - We completed a design built from the ground up of the first CORSA Performance engineered exhaust valves and were quietly embarking on a long-term project to develop our own exhaust valve assemblies. Numerous other-exhaust companies utilized readily available (off-the-shelf) valves for their “active valve” exhaust systems. We ambitiously began creating our own valve assemblies; testing available and sourced valves to prove that most off-the-shelf valves will yield lower than desirable performance, have high failure rates, and short lifecycles.

2018 - After years of development and testing we released our first active valve exhaust systems. These valves were paired to our proprietary No Drone Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC®) Technology to produce the ultimate Driver’s exhaust system. CORSA proprietary cast valve assemblies were put through extensive torture testing to ensure lasting performance. Backed by a 5 Year warranty, the longest in the industry, CORSA valve assemblies are Best-In-Class when it comes to aftermarket performance giving drivers confidence their exhaust will last through the duration of ownership.

“While embarking on development of CORSA proprietary valve assemblies and as more and more vehicles came equipped with active valves, we quickly realized multiple assemblies would be necessary to integrate properly into a variety of vehicle makes and models. The Ford Mustang GT350 was no different and needed an entirely new valve assembly. As we began to develop an active exhaust for the GT350 we were hoping to repurpose the valve assembly from the Mustang GT, we quickly realized we would need an entirely different valve assembly”, said Brent Noward Marketing Manager.

2021 - Launching in March 2022, CORSA Performance will release an all-new active valve exhaust system for the GT350 writing the final chapter in development for the Ford Mustang. CORSA’s active valve catback exhaust system carries all the hallmarks of a CORSA Performance system: mandrel bent, 3” 304 stainless steel construction, CORSA’s GT350 industry leading proprietary active valve assembly, a twin crossover CORSA Double Helixx X-Pipe, mufflers equipped with CORSA’s latest generation No Drone RSC® Technology, Made in America and backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

CORSA’s catback outflows the stock exhaust system by up to 10% freeing up horsepower and torque, weighs 8lbs less than the factory system and is both louder and as quiet as the stock system when the valves are closed.

CORSA Performance GT350 catback systems will be offered with a 3.0” Double Hellixx twin crossover X-pipe. For driver’s already owning the CORSA Performance GT350 mid-pipe, CORSA will offer an axle-back option designed to mount solely to all CORSA Performance GT350 mid-pipes. Lastly for the driver that owns a non-valved CORSA Performance exhaust system that would like to switch to an active valve system, CORSA will offer (exclusively at a muffler-only solution that will allow early adopters to trade out their non-valved exhaust to a CORSA active-valve muffler system.

CORSA Performance exhaust systems should begin shipping in March with limited availability through Lethal Performance and at Broader distribution of the exhaust line-up will begin in April of 2022. Depending on options CORSA’s catback systems will retail for $2199+, with axle-back systems retailing around $1849.

Exhaust Summary
Active Cat-Back (w/ Double X-Pipe), Active Axle-Back Upgrade (Connects to CORSA Double X-Pipe), Active Muffler Upgrade (Replaces Non-Active CORSA Mufflers)
Tip Style: None - Reuses Stock Bezels
Pricing: $1849 - $2199


GT350 Part Numbers      TOP

Active Valve Cat-Back 21096 Yes Stock
Non-Active Cat-Back 14348 No Stock
Double X-Pipe 14347 N/A Stock, and CORSA Conversion Kits
Active Valve Conversion Kit
(Axle-Pipes & Mufflers)
21098 Yes CORSA Double X-Pipe
Active Valve Conversion Kit
(Mufflers Only)
21099 Yes CORSA Non-Active Cat-Back
Non-Active Conversion Kit
(Axle-Pipes, Mufflers, Valve Delete Mods)
14349 No CORSA Double X-Pipe
Long Tube Headers (16112-L) Lethal Exclusive
Double H-Pipe (21084) Lethal Exclusive

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