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IN DEVELOPMENT 🛠️ Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat [AIR INTAKE]

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The Wait is Nearly Over! The Dodge Durango SRT 6.2L & 6.4L Exhaust Offering Launches in January      TOP

Since October of 2022 the CORSA Performance team has been deeply involved in the process of building the ultimate catback exhaust systems for the Dodge Durango SRT lineup. That project is nearly complete and as 2022 closes CORSA is looking forward to launching a complete suite of exhaust products for the 6.2L & 6.4L Dodge Durango SRT models in January of 2023.

The exhaust lineup will feature 8 unique exhaust systems custom tuned for the 6.2L or the 6.4L Hemi V8 engines. Those exhaust systems will be available in both “Sport” and “Xtreme” sound levels allowing the driver to choose the exhaust note that best matches their acoustic profile.

“While the hope during initial testing was that we would be able to build a catback exhaust system that would accommodate both the 6.2L & 6.4L models, we realized that by doing so we were sacrificing too much and that one system catering to both vehicles would not be able to deliver that coveted CORSA experience. There simply was not an ideal middle ground for custom tuning. Instead of compromising the experience for either set of drivers we simply decided to build the best exhaust we could for both. The end result is a custom tuned set of No Drone RSC® mufflers that deliver a quiet cabin experience behind the wheel at cruise and intoxicating exhaust notes at startup and under load”, said Brent Noward Marketing Director.

Each system features 2.75” 304 stainless steel construction and is finished with 4.5” Pro Series tips available in either polished or black pvd finish.

With final testing complete, the team at CORSA Performance has entered the initial production phases. During this step of the process the team at CORSA Performance builds Off-Tool parts to validate every step of the manufacturing process and make any final changes needed prior to the Pilot Production run and official launch of the product. The end result of this effort allows CORSA customers to feel confident that every measure possible has been taken to ensure each product lives up to CORSA’s reputation for high quality parts that last a lifetime. With the next phase of production scheduled (Pilot Build) a mid-January launch appears very likely.

Dodge Durango fans that wait is almost over


It’s Alive—The Dodge Durango Hellcat Finds its Voice      TOP

For nearly 20 years CORSA Performance has been the voice of SRT enthusiasts around the world. Whether you were the proud owner of a Charger, Challenger or even Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, CORSA Performance was on the list of must have performance modifications. With an iconic exhaust note and a free-flowing exhaust system that delivered on its No Drone promise, MOPAR enthusiast seek CORSA performance parts and modifications for their vehicles.

Yet there has been a vehicle application that has been noticeably absent from the CORSA Performance exhaust offering that seems a logical fit for the brand and its MOPAR enthusiasts…Dodge Durango SRT & Hellcat.

Since the debut of the MOPARIAN Monsters (Dodge Durango SRT & Hellcat) CORSA Performance has been evaluating the opportunity to service this market. As early as January of 2020 the Dodge Durango SRT platform was approved as an application for development, yet timing and resources never seemed to align properly to develop the platform. Then came multiple disruptions from the 2020 pandemic that unleashed an avalanche of challenges that are still being navigated today. All of those unforeseen challenges combined with a host of new challenges kept leaving the Dodge Durango SRT product offering on the backburner.

“The Dodge Durango SRT & Hellcat exhaust systems have been a long time coming”, said Brent Noward Marketing Director CORSA Performance.

“This vehicle sits squarely in our core audience and for a number of reasons we unfortunately were not able to get this vehicle into development over the past 2 years. Finally, I’m excited to say, we will be delivering an amazing suite of exhaust products for Dodge Durango SRT and Hellcat owners near the end of 2022.”

Development of the Dodge Durango Hellcat exhaust system began in early October and as of October 20th CORSA engineers have approved final prototypes of both a “Sport” and “Xtreme” catback exhaust system. From here the systems will undergo the final phases of development including welding fixture creation, CAD drawings, commercialization activities as well as pilot and walk-through production runs to ensure every last detail has been dialed in prior to market release.

The exhaust systems will feature all the hallmarks of a CORSA Performance exhaust: 2.75” North American 304 stainless steel constructions, RSC No Drone Technology, dual wall stainless steel clamp-on exhaust tips (available in polished and black), easy installation, American manufacturing, Lifetime Warranty and of course an iconic CORSA exhaust note.

As tested (SAE) the CORSA Performance Xtreme catback exhaust system for the Dodge Durango Hellcat delivers one of CORSA’s most aggressive exhaust notes to date, pegging the decibel meter at 112 decibels. For comparison sake the stock Durango Hellcat exhaust rang up a 95 using the same testing standards. The sport system comes in at a hearty 102 decibels, plenty enough to make even the most hardened gearhead smile. Each system aggressively ups the ante on the volume scale giving the driver a choice between aggressive and maniacal. Regardless of system chosen each system is capable of being driven in a manner that won't draw attention. By simply accelerating in a docile manner the driver will uncork a fraction of the system's full volume potential while hammering the "go fast" pedal will unlock maximum volume as the RPMs climb. 

The profile of each exhaust note has been custom tuned to deliver a deep yet aggressive sound. At idle each system has a classic muscle car thump with the exhaust system emitting deep exhaust notes. Under acceleration, those same tones stay audibly present while overall volume scales with every ounce of added pressure applied to the gas pedal. Each system delivers a whisper quiet cabin with absolutely zero drone while cruising on the highway or running errands around town.

Listen to the Dodge Durango Hellcat here or sign up for the latest news on the Dodge Durango SRT Exhaust systems and all things CORSA Performance. 


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