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Air Intakes

Apex Metal Intakes 


Silicone Connections
Premium grade silicone connections offer airtight connections that won't dry out over time.
Metal Air Duct
Designed with mandrel beds and precise sections to streamline airflow and reduce restrictions unlocking power from your engine.
High Density Foam Engine Seal
Seals to hood of engine reducing air temperatures to enhance power gains.
Custom Designed / Precision Fit Heat Shield
Uniquely shaped to seal to vehicle body panels aiding air intake temperatures.
Oversized High Performance Filter
Improves airflow, volume and velocity to enhance performance. Available in no oil DryTech 3D and MaxFlow 5 filters. 


 Closed Box Intakes 


Air Duct
Sculpted to maximize the breathing capabilities of your engine. Larger diameters, unique bends and smooth transition produce maximum HP gains.
Marine Grade Clamps
Stainless steel clamps resist corrosion and provide a lasting and secure connection.
Silicone Connector
Premium grade silicone connections resist drying and cracking and yet provide flexibility while offering superior strength.
Cutting Edge Filtration Technology
PowerCore® Filter: CORSA air intakes equipped with the dry PowerCore® filter have improved filtration up to 99.97%.
The Donaldson® PowerCore® Filters with Ultra-Web® Filtration Technology are maintenance free for up to 150,000 miles in urban environments.
Pro 5 Filter: Oiled cotton gauze air filters offer multiple layers of filtration protection and last up to 15,000 miles without required maintenance. Only available in select applications. Learn more about filtration technology.
Donaldson®, PowerCore® and Ultra-Web® are registered trademarks of Donaldson Company, Inc.
Filter Box
Engineered to minimize hot air from entering the engine in order to increase HP. Specifically designed for each application to increase air volume.


 Carbon Fiber Intakes 


Elite Carbon Fiber
Hand-formed aerospace grade carbon fiber construction is designed for maximum strength, minimum weight and the carbon fiber integrates a thermal barrier to reduce air temperatures.
Power Channel™ Technology
Power Channel™ Technology directs airflow from the filter to the throttle body, streamlines airflow eliminating any calibration concerns, and helps increase throttle response.
Maximized HP and TQ
Compared to stock; the optimized shape and less restrictive nature of the intake will increase both HP and TQ. This intake was designed in conjunction with our exhaust systems to increase your vehicle’s performance. Up to: 21HP, 30TQ and stayed 10° Cooler.
Easy Installation
Direct bolt-on system means no cutting or drilling. Intake includes a washable filter and installs in 10 minutes.
Improve Engine Efficiency
Increases volumetric efficiency and decreases pumping losses compared to stock, which helps to improve fuel economy. We recommend cleaning/re-oiling around 20,000 miles.