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Corvettes at CORSA Winners

OhioGuideStone Award

Ken K. (C1)

This was my first new car, A 1956 Corvette. After some serious negotiation on the price I then had to weather the storm from my Mom. She thought I was crazy. She thought I was going to kill myself in it. I proved her wrong. I enjoyed driving the car but I was being pulled over all the time just so the police could see the car and look under the hood. In 1958 a spotted a good looking blond driving a 1957 T Bird. I flirted with her and followed her home. I meet her parents and started dating her. In 1961 Betty "The Blond" and I were married. So you could say the vette played cupid. I drag raced the vette on the weekend with poor results but after twiking the car with my good friend Hal who had a 57 modified vette, I became unstoppable winning from 58 to 62 in almost every event I entered. Working long hours and going to Collage at night limited my driving time but in 1981 with encouragement from my son we started off to car shows and conventions. We traveled the country. From Cleveland OH, Boston MA, Carlisle PA, St Charles Nevada, Toronto Canada, Nevada City CA, Mesquite Nevada, Bowling Green Kentucky and North Tonawanda New York. Attending NCRS and NCCC meets throughout the country eventually earning top flight status. This vette is still original, no clear coat and is driven to all the shows!! All 99,000 miles. It is not a trailer queen. It has been great to me and i am glad it still is a one owner car. Go Vettes, Save the wave. Ken K.

CORSA Product Raffle Winner

Eric B. (C6)

Purchased the car and decided after a few shows, I wanted to make it different and my own. Winter projects have been so much fun in Ohio. 2nd owner with 30,000 miles and we drive it as the first owner kept them low for us to enjoy. Wish we could be there in person but glad to have an online show where we can still enjoy all the other beautiful cars.

C8   (Judge: Kirk Bennion)

Jeff F.

Her name is Taylor and her birthday is March 5th, 2020, built during the early days of the pandemic and escaped the factory just before the shutdown on March 20th. She is a fully loaded Arctic White 3LT Z51 model with carbon flash racing stripes, red seat belts & stitching on black leather, custom FS06 MRR Wheels in carbon flash and a custom installed Escort IXCI radar/laser system. I recently drove her from Los Angeles to Texas and back putting over 3600 miles on the car in just a two week span of time without any issues and lots of picture taking along the way at every gas stop and rest stop from people who had never seen one yet which I was more than happy to oblige, it was like driving around with a celebrity. :)

Jeremy W.

Crushin is my 2020 Corvette Stingray, VIN 50, and also my 20th Corvette and 50th birthday present to myself! My DOB is 3/20/70 and I took NCM R8C delivery of Crushin on 3/11/20. This was the NCM's 2nd 2020 R8C delivery! Crushin was born on 2/3/20 at 1:35:21 p.m., CST and was the very first Sebring Orange with Two-Tone Blue interior. No pre-production cars were even built with this color combo! I currently have over 2,300 miles of smiles behind the wheel...what an amazing Corvette!

Mike W.

This Carbon Ceramic Matrix Gray C8 Corvette is Serial Number 5100346 built the 2nd Monday of Retail Production. It has the 5vm optional visible carbon fiber ground effects package that is no longer available and tall rear wing. It has every option available. Also it has had the exterior, engine compartment, wheels and front trunk high lighted with Custom Red Accent Features added also!

C7   (Judge: Nora Roper)

David O.

This is our Corvette story. Last year at the 2019 Bash we attended a seminar about building the C7 engine. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the engine put together before our eyes in an hour! One of the engineers stated that if we were lucky, our engine builder would be a woman because women are more meticulous than men. On the Z06 engine there’s a plaque that has the builders name engraved on it. We ran out to the car and saw it was Debi Jo Lewis, a woman! We were able to set up a meeting with her and she signed our engine. We were as thrilled to meet her as she was to meet us. I offered to let her drive the Z06 since she’s never been in a Vette before. She declined to drive so I gave her a ride instead. We have kept in touch with Debi and her husband since then. I think this makes our Z06 pretty special!

Corey W.

I have a 2018 Grand Sport Carbon 65 Edition. Number 442 out of 650. 3LT trim level with competition seats, Ceramic Matrix Gray exterior color and Carbon Fiber exterior accents for DAYS! Her name is "Evette", she was a gift from my family for retiring from the Marine Corps last year. Her modifications include Corsa Xtreme Exhaust and X-pipe, A Corsa Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake, Carbon Fiber Air duct, ACS Composite XL Rock Guards, and LED Blacked Out Side markers. We are from Northern VA, and every weekend you can find us on numerous cruises and Cars and Coffee events. 

Jeremy W.

My 2017 Grand Sport, "Tribute," is an epic story that starts with a terrible Corvette loss! My custom, 2014 Stingray, was my baby and it was with great sadness that I had to let her go after a 100 year flood resulted in a total loss. The C7 Grand Sport had recently been introduced, so I placed my order for one in Admiral Blue. As I waited for my Grand Sport to be built, I thought about how I would customize my new Corvette. When I saw a photo of the 1963 Grand Sport, Chassis #001, I knew what I had to do. After taking delivery at the National Corvette Museum, I trailered the car to Airbrush, Inc., where Steve Ray began his airbrush magic. We eventually decided to remove all of the body panels so that they could be color sanded and clear coated, producing a show-car finish. I was fortunate to be able to assist with the process during visits to Kentucky, reassembling the car and adding new parts. The transformation took approximately six months, but the final result was worth the wait! During the summer of 2017, my wife and I took Tribute to Corvette shows and events from coast to coast, putting 9,000 miles on the car in the month of August alone! Everywhere we stop along the road, Tribute draws a crowd. To date, I have 26,000 miles of smiles behind the wheel and this number continues to grow as we "show and go" across the region and around the United States!

C6   (Judge: Ken Lingenfelter)

Paul C.

Since the age of 14 my birthday wish was always “a new Corvette”. As retirement approached I finally got my wish, a 2008 coupe. Since retiring 7 years ago my wife and I have travelled over 86,000 miles, visited 45 states, 6 Canadian provinces, 38 National Parks, and numerous National Monuments such as Mt. Rushmore and Little Bighorn. On our first major trip we travelled Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica. Since that time we have made two more trips to the West Coast, once by way of the Pacific Northwest, and once through the Southwest. We’ve been up to New England, the Canadian Maritimes, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Southeast. We drive to Bowling Green and the Corvette Museum about twice a year on average. After the first couple of years we decided it was time for a new license plate, CN THE US. 

Paul & Kathy H.

2013 60th Z06, 1 of 103 Z06's made. Car has full CFZ PKG from Bowling Green, hood, roof, ground effects, spoiler, black cup wheels, car is 1 of 2 made with exact options per Mrs. Betty Hardison @ the NCM. What a complete thrill, & honor knowing Mr Lingenfelter is viewing our car. Lingenfelter Performance Engineering... Legendary !!!

Van H.

This is my 2013 60th Anniversary 427 Convertible Corvette. I had a photo of this vehicle on my desktop computer at work when it first came out. Prior to retiring from the Atlanta Police Department in 2019, with 30 years of service, I was searching all over the U.S, for one. I found her 3 miles from office with everything I wanted on her, except the CORSA exhaust. I didn't tell my wife, I just bought her and brought her home. My wife loves her as much as me and we take her on trips all the time as she is driven and enjoyed. She has a clear bra on the front and if you look closely at the front view you will see"4072" under the headlight. This is my badge number and is placed on all my vehicles. She had the "Mild to Wild" exhaust modification, that I always left open, but that was voided out when I installed the CORSA Axle Back Extreme system. Windows are tinted and I have installed a Wind Restrictor that is wired to light blue when the headlights are turned on. I installed 427 C6 logo carpeted inserts in the slots above the trunk opening. She is basically stock other than the exhaust system. I did put a chrome fuse cover box under the hood, about as unique as I got, with the only other modification planned is the CORSA cold air intake. I hope my photos do her justice. Thank You for your time and consideration. 

C5   (Judge: Rick Conti)

Bob B.

She’s a 1997 with 107k miles on her. Originally torch red. My uncle had it for 14 years and bought it with 80k miles and I purchased it from him three years ago with 85k miles. Soon after purchasing I went to my first corvettes at corsa and haven’t missed one since. Absolutely love this car. Got married with it and took it on the honeymoon to myrtle beach. Making memories and all the smiles per miles in this timeless machine. 

Elaine O.

Owned since September of 2002. For 27 years, I had the only yellow Corvette in Corvette Cleveland. Six or seven more yellow Corvettes joined the club so I decided to add a few things (side & hood stripes, add color to the interior and get flames under the hood) to make it different from the other ones. Have enjoyed driving it for the last 18 years!

Dan T.

It was 2008 and I was looking for something to do on a hot July afternoon. My wife had seen advertising about an all corvette car show just up the street. It was Corvette at CORSA. She knew I loved the C5 model years and I hope to own one some day. As I was walking the show there is was, a 2004 Le Mans Blue convertible with shale interior and only 4000 miles on it with a big FOR SALE. Little did I know it was a 24 hrs of Le Mans commemorative edition to boot. The next day it was sitting in my driveway and I have not stooped smiling since. I been on trips to the National Corvette Museum, car shows, on autocross events, on several race tracks like Nelson Ledges, Kentucky Speedway and NCM Motor Sport Track and parades. It is a total blast to drive especially at high speeds. I have meet a lot of great corvette enthusiasts during my trips and events. What a great family to be part of as we all have a good time with our corvettes and give back to the community with events like this, Corvettes at CORSA virtually Car Show benefiting OhioGuidestone a wonderful local charity.

C4   (Judge: Wendell Strode)

Gary R.

This car was originally owned by me and sold in 1997 after I lost my job. In 2016 my son found the car in a back yard and restored it. It was presented on Fathers Day in 2018 through the NCM R8C Delivery Program.

Hannah O.

Stock 1994 Torch Red Coupe, 96K miles. CORSA exhaust, camera bar and 5 point seat belt. Thrilled that I just ran my first Autocross as my mom, dad, Grandma and Grandpa have done for many years. Happy to be entering the CORSA show that my Grandma started 18 yrs ago and directed for 4 more years.

Ron S.

1993 C4 Black Rose Corvette Coup The car has been meticulously maintained and upgraded since I purchased it in 2004. The car has been repainted and all new seals installed. The radio replaced and upgradedBelow are upgrades. INTERIOR: I replaced all the leather. A year ago I replaced the bolster seat trim with dark brown to accent the seats. The Burled wood was added many years ago. IMPROVEMENTS Made for Autocross: Bilstein shocks. Changed out the Rear End for a 3:5. Street competition tires. Bushings replaced with urethane bushings. Added Cold air intake. Added Corsa Exhausted. ENGINE: The engine was upgraded over the years with chrome for show. Last year the engine was upgraded. A Hesco top mounted supercharge and injection was added and the computer replaced to match upgrading the transmission shifting to match. The Opti Spark was upgraded. The fuel pump upgraded o match. The cooling fans had to be replaced to pull more air. The air-intake had to be custom fabricated. EXTERIOR: I changed the wheels for ZO6 style. This year, new Pirelli Street racing tires for the rear. Pin striping and “Electric” custom paint added a year ago. 

C3   (Judge: Bill Wills)

Fred B.

This is an example of the Yellow Corvette that is on the inside of the 1980 Corvette promotional pamphlet. NCRS Blue Ribbon Concourse Stock winner and NCCC Class winner. I have owned the Corvette since 2003.

Robert H.

One of 3,300 Corvette Light Blue, 100% original carpets and seats radio etc. interior , paint, mechanical never been touched. Valve covers by owner. Build last week and possibly last day of production. (note date in paint pen on underside of hood.) Has several 1980 parts such as door panels, seat backs (note carpet edges have no surging) rear quarters (note radio antenna is in flat pad rather than antenna swiveling to fit angle of body.. owned since new 41 years aprox. 25,000 mi.

Curt M.

We purchased this in 2019 and it is our first Corvette. Our 1982 Corvette is black with a red leather interior. We purchased it as a “drivable” project car. It has been a blast to drive and we’re looking forward to enjoying it for years to come

C2   (Judge: Mark Nolan)

Don O.


Jim L.

It is Red with white interior convertible.

Jeremy W.

My 1963 Grand Sport is a replica of the #001 chassis 1963 Grand Sport and has been called "the most accurate replica of the 1963 #001 Grand Sport" that Kevin Mackay has ever seen! One of the most impressive features of this car is the 1969 date stamped L88 engine! The engine was originally intended for a boat project, but wound up in this car instead, which means the engine hasn't been in anything besides this car. The dash is signed by Doug Hooper and the late Dick Guldstrand. The car has also been driven by Corvette Plant Director, Kai Spande, on the NCM Motorsports Park track. It is currently undergoing a re-construction of sorts at Duntov Motor Company, where it will be given the GM designation of 1963 Grand Sport Continuation Series #009!

C1   (Judge: Dr. Sean Preston)

Dennis L.

Color is Regal Turquoise with White Cove, It is one of 252 in this color combo. It has the most chrome of the C1 Generation. It is the only year with Louvers on the hood. hp. engine and is 1 of 504 Fuel Injected. 1 of 400 with the 4 speed manual transmission.

Roger A.

I purchased this car in New Hampshire February of 2004. Venetian Red with a White cove. 283C.I. 270 H.P. Duntov Cam with solid lifters and dual carbs. Only 1,621 produced like this. It has a 3 speed manual transmission, (4-speed not available unit April of '57) this car was built late November 1956. Older restoration that was not very well maintained. The next 7 yrs was spent bringing it back to originality. Steering box rebuilt, original radiator re-cored and put back on, rebuilt the water pump, master cylinder sleeved, front and rear bumpers re-chromed and tail lights, stainless buffed, convertible top replaced, new windshield installed, new clutch installed, original radio put back in, wiper motor rebuilt, heater valve rebuilt, hood latches cadmium plated, rebuilt engine, dual carbs rebuilt, put correct starter on, correct fuel pump, correct voltage regulator, correct rear spring installed. Plus many misc. items corrected. In 2011 NCRS judging it received 1st Flight Award. Receiving 95.3% I have taken the car to Michigan Woodward Dream Cruise the last 16 years and to Corvette of Carlisle almost as many. I love driving the car and try to get to as many shows as I can


1958 Corvette restored to original, owned for 38 years. Recently completed restoration using new old stock parts. Runs and drives like new- we enjoy driving this car throughout the summer.