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RSC Exhaust Technology (Original 9/28/2023)

Utilizing our patented Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) technology, CORSA continues to enhance the driving experience for you. The RSC exhaust system delivers powerful sound and noticeable performance gains without sacrificing the pleasure of cruising in your car or truck.

No Drone RSC Exhaust Technology

CORSA PERFORMANCE entered the exhaust category in 1998, rewriting the rulebook for what a performance exhaust should be with the launch of our revolutionary RSC Technology. Reflective Sound Cancellation gives CORSA PERFORMANCE the unique ability to selectively target and eliminate resonant frequencies, creating mufflers with no drone by reflecting sound waves out of phase while custom tuning the exhaust note. Since the debut of RSC Technology in 1998 on the C5 Corvette, CORSA PERFORMANCE set out to produce an excellent drone free muffler by investing countless resources in developing proprietary tools that are used in perfecting the science of sound, resulting in worldwide recognition for our aggressive, high performance exhaust systems.
Today, CORSA PERFORMANCE employs multiple forms of proprietary RSC Technologies and acoustic solutions to cancel resonant frequencies that cause drone and produce the desired exhaust tone. Every CORSA PERFORMANCE RSC exhaust system that is manufactured takes the OEM design into account, as well as desired performance output and interactions of the entire exhaust system. To attain the desired balance of acoustics that cover hundreds of unique designs of our numerous vehicle applications, we choose a specific type of RSC Technology during the development phase. Rarely are any two RSC exhaust systems the same.

1. No Drone
Unwanted, low-frequency sound waves are diverted using specific geometry and are
reversed 180 degrees out of phase.

2. Point of Cancellation
Our patented sound technology is specifically engineered to produce drone free muffler

3. Performance Sound
Acoustic tuning creates an aggressive sound under acceleration that is styled to match
the personality of your vehicle.

4. Maximized HP and TQ
A straight-through, unrestricted design reduces back pressure, increasing engine
efficiency, horsepower and torque.



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