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DryTech Filter (47736D) Closed Box Air Intake 2019-2021 Jeep Wrangler JL, Gladiator JT 3.6L

SKU: 47736D

SKU: 47736D

Technical specifications

Performance results aren’t guaranteed & may vary.
+5 Horsepower
+8 ft-lbs Torque
40k Filter maintenance

CORSA Performance Air Intakes are designed to work in tandem with your CORSA exhaust system to maximize the performance of your vehicle. CORSA Intakes reduce air temperature by shielding heat from your engine and offer filtration options designed to maximize air flow while reducing maintenance needs


2019-2021 Jeep Wrangler JL
3.6L V6*CARB EO Unavailable

2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator JT
3.6L V6*CARB EO Unavailable


CORSA Performance Closed Box DryTech Intake System

DryTech Part # 5160Dry Air Filter: Washable and Reusable Part Number 5120D

- Improves Throttle Response and Amplifies Engine Sound.
- Each DryTech Filter Is System Matched to CORSA Performance Intake Components For Maximum Gains.
- Features CORSA's DryTech 3D, Re-Usable, No Oil, Low-Maintenance, Air Filter.
- Up to 50K Miles between Maintenance Intervals Depending On Driving Conditions.
- Durable Matte Black Wrinkle Coat Finish.
- No Tune Required.
- Detailed Printed Instructions Included, Full-Color Available Online.
- All Hardware Included.
- Made in the U.S.A.

CORSA Performance Closed Box Air Intake Systems offer a free-flowing high performance alternative to your restrictive stock intake. Each air intake is constructed to maximize flow velocity, air volume and density by utilizing precise cross-sectional areas that remove restrictions, unleashing horsepower and torque.

Every air intake is engineered and designed to match specific vehicles for perfect fitment and performance. CORSA does not recommend or recognize purchases and installation on unspecified vehicles.

ORSA Performance DryTech 3D Air Filters maximize power and filtration performance while reducing maintenance. Using specialized hydrophobic polysynthetic fibers, CORSA Performance DryTech 3D Filters boost filtration capacity, lengthening time between maintenance intervals up to 50K miles depending on driving conditions. By vastly increasing media depth through unique pleating geometry, each filter traps more particulate than traditional cone style filters allowing you to drive further before requiring service.

DryTech 3D Filters reduce maintenance time by resisting saturation that occurs during washing, dropping drying time to as little as 2 hours. For an even faster clean, vacuum off surface particulate to restore filter performance.

Recommended for consumers who prefer the ease of maintenance of a non-oiled filter but the performance gains of a traditional cotton gauze media.



Installation Instructions

YEARS: 2019, 2020, 2021

CORSA Performance air intake products are backed by a Limited Lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle with proof of purchase. One year for DryTech 3D and MaxFlow 5 filters. Four years or 100,000 miles for PowerCore filters. (VIEW WARRANTY)

Every vehicle-specific CORSA product is engineered and designed to match the unique properties of the vehicle it is designed for to deliver perfect fitment and performance. CORSA does not recommend or recognize purchases and installations on unspecified vehicles.