CORSA Performance Marine Products

CORSA Performance Marine Products

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CORSA Performance Marine, CORSA Marine Products originated in the marine market in 1988 and since has engineered and manufactured some of the most sought-after products in the world. Our products are tailored to each boat and deliver exactly what our clients need.

Our process starts with our advanced 3-D modeling and CAD support software that allows our team to communicate with our clients to deliver a product that meets their design requirements and cost expectations. We take our agreed upon concept and have the capability of rapid prototyping or turning the CAD concept into a functional product that is ready for our clients to inspect, install and approve. All this is achieved by utilizing some of the most innovative manufacturing methods right here in the USA.

Our true focus is on our clients needs and enhancing their experience with the CORSA Marine Products brands. All of this is supported by a dedicated team. 



Captain's Call, Quick and Quiet, Quick & Quiet, Quick Quiet, Wiring Harness, 10875, Silent Choice, Silencers, 3 wire, three wire, 2 wire, two wire, solenoid, solinod, actuator, Jeff.