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High Performance Muffler Accessories

At CORSA PERFORMANCE, we pride ourselves on supplying passionate drivers with high-performance mufflers alongside our air intakes and headers. However, to help our customers get the most out of their cars and trucks, we also carry a large selection of top-tier muffler & exhaust accessories. From performance exhaust muffler upgrade kits to X-Pipe and resonator deletesheat controls, Oil Catch Cans, and replacement tip kits these exhaust system accessories are designed with performance in mind and crafted with absolute precision.  As one of the top performance muffler brands in the industry, you can trust our products for unmatched reliability, quality craftsmanship, and performance.

How Does a Performance Exhaust Muffler Work?

When pistons are pushing up against the catalytic converter, the pressure build-up ultimately drives back to the cylinder. As the cylinder gets pushed up, it would get harder to push out the gases. With a standard exhaust that is relatively narrow, burnt gases get trapped, thus creating a lot of back-pressure in the pipes and reducing available oxygen. A performance exhaust muffler eliminates these restrictions. In general,performance mufflersget installed, it's part of the section that contains the cat-back and the muffler.

Why Upgrade to a High Performance Muffler?

A performance exhaust works to remove any airflow restrictions and reduce back-pressure. Also, they create partial vacuums that ‘scavenge out’ exhaust gases. A high-performance muffler allows exhaust gas to escape faster and more efficiently, thus helping your engine breathe better. Improving your engine’s airflow leads to increasing efficiency and horsepower because it doesn’t have to work against itself to get rid of the burnt gases. However, your car’s overall condition plays an important role in its performance potential.