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Resonators & High-Performance Packed Resonators: CORSA Pro Series


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With industry-leading engineering and design, CORSA Pro Series high-performance resonators maximize your performance and give your sound quality the upgrade it deserves. Harsh frequencies, excessive drone or the overall volume or tone of an exhaust can sometimes make even the shortest rides feel unbearable – that's where resonators from CORSA come in. Designed for high-quality sound suppression and lasting performance, Pro Series performance resonators outperform the competition with the best acoustic engineering in the industry to tailor the volume and tone of your exhaust note for a better overall drive. Fine tune your sound and flow with Pro Series performance resonators today.

What Do Resonators Do?

Along with a performance muffler, performance resonators can quiet the noise coming from your engine. CORSA's packed high-performance resonators are especially helpful at targeting the more annoying, grating sounds an engine can produce, canceling out frustrating frequencies that cause buzzes and harsh pitches to create a more pleasant exhaust note. Installing a resonator will complement your muffler in a way that will lower the overall volume of your ride and eliminate the particular sounds that tend to be the worst for drivers and other vehicles on the road.

Why Buy Performance Resonators From CORSA Pro Series?

At CORSA, our acoustic engineers have perfected what makes a high-performance resonator look and sound its best. Pro Series performance resonators from CORSA feature:

  • Straight-Through Perforated Core Design Maximizes Airflow
  • Universal, Bi-Directional Fitment
  • Multiple Sizes and Configurations
  • Synthetic Sound Dampening Temperature Rated to 700C or 1360F
  • 5 Year Warranty

Get a Closer Look at Resonators & Other Exhaust Parts From The CORSA Pro Series

At CORSA PERFORMANCE, we're excited to bring our full line of Pro Series non-application specific parts to our customers. Check out this short video for a better view of performance resonators, mufflers, exhaust tips and more.

A High-Performance Resonator Can Also Enhance Your Engine Performance

High-performance resonators from CORSA aren't all about sound – thanks to the straight-through perforated design,Pro Series resonators can increase your flow and give you performance benefits, like a slight boost in horsepower and efficiency. Resonators can reduce back pressure, giving you a smoother driving experience every time you hit the road.

Frequently Asked Questions: Performance Resonators

If you need some more information about CORSA performance resonators, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

What Are Resonators Made Out Of?

What Are Resonators Made Out Of?

Like the other parts of a stock exhaust system, most stock resonators are generally made from inexpensive cast iron, 400 stainless steel or mild steel. High-quality performance resonators, like the ones at CORSA, are made from 100% brushed 304 stainless steel to offer drivers superior aesthetics and lasting performance and sound.

What Will My Exhaust Sound Like With a Performance Resonator?

CORSA Pro Series performance resonators can make your exhaust notes sound mellower and deeper. You can use a resonator alone to create a classic muscle car rumble or pair it with one of our Pro Series mufflers to control your volume better.

Can I Install a High-Performance Resonator On My Restored Muscle Car?

Yes! CORSA Pro Series packed high-performance resonators and the other parts in our Pro Series line are perfect for restoration projects and will work with your muscle car from the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s.

Shop CORSA Pro Series Performance Resonators Today

If you're pursuing the perfect exhaust note, look to CORSA’s packed high-performance resonators. Don't settle for your stock parts. Perfect your performance and sound with CORSA Pro Series performance packed resonators today. If you need some more details before you buy, feel free to contact us at any time. Our dedicated team of professionals can help you find the performance resonator perfect for your car or truck for the exhaust note of your dreams.

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