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Keep your heat contained and slow down the cooling process with Pro Series heat shield wraps and covers from CORSA PERFORMANCE. Heat control is essential to good performance, but people don't usually consider it until something goes wrong. Manufacturers do a great job at keeping optimal temperatures for stock vehicles. But when adding aftermarket components, it becomes harder for stock parts to keep your performance at its peak.

With exhaust heat shields, spark plug boot covers, cat blankets and more, your ride will have the power to keep things running smoothly at higher temperatures and increase engine performance and efficiency. Browse our entire selection of heat shield car products below.

Discover the Benefits of Pro Series Heat Shield Car Wraps and Covers

At CORSA, we've developed the Pro Series line of heat shield car products with performance, protection and reliability in mind. When it comes to off-road, desert or dirt track racing, exhaust pipes and long tube headers can take a beating and require an extra level of durability. Thankfully, the heat control pros at CORSA have the solution. Our header and exhaust heat shield wraps are the toughest on the market, giving aftermarket components superior heat protection and resistance.

Heat can sap power from your engine, often by overheating fuel and reducing the effectiveness of your liquid cooling system and cold air intake. With effective heat control from heat shield car wraps and covers, you can help your engine produce more power and prevent components from burning and cracking. Additionally, heat shield wraps and covers help retain heat energy around your exhaust and long tube headers, improving the flow of gases for increased horsepower. Pro Series heat shield products can also increase the longevity of your components, as they will no longer have to fight the effects of excess heat.

Up Your Protection With Corvette C8-Specific Pro Series Heat Control Products

Along with our universal heat control wraps and covers, the Pro Series line includes several options specifically designed for the 2020-2022 C8 Corvette. Because of the mighty V8 engine, stock heat control components can be found throughout the engine cavity and exhaust system.

When you add in C8-specific aftermarket exhaust products from CORSA, you'll also need to step up the heat control. We currently offer:

  • High-Flow Catalytic Converter Blankets: These components are designed to work with our 2020-2022 Corvette C8 High-Flow Cats. Titanium-infused, high-flow catalytic converter blankets prevent high-flow cats from distributing excessive heat to your C8's engine and other sensitive engine components throughout the engine bay.
  • Titanium Spark Plug Boot Covers: If you've installed 2020-2022 Corvette C8 Headers, these heat shield covers are perfect for protecting spark plug boot and wires from extreme under-the-hood heat to prevent burn-through, hardening and cracking.
  • Black Out Exhaust Heat Shields: Black out exhaust heat shields replace the reflective heat material already found behind the rear wheels. GM's attempt to reduce heat soak is effective but sticks out as an eyesore against the vehicle's otherwise gorgeous aesthetic. CORSA's black out heat shield adds an extra layer of black heat protection and looks fantastic against the C8 exhaust tip cavity.

Why Choose CORSA Heat Shield Products?

Developed for long-lasting durability, every heat shield accessory in the Pro Series line features a dual-layer material construction. We start with a layer of high-temperature glass fiber, then cover it with a 304-grade stainless steel exoskeleton. Pro Series heat shield car wraps and covers are tough enough to maintain high heat protection and superior abrasion and impact protection in even the most extreme desert, off-road or dirt track conditions.

With Air Gap Technology, Pro Series exhaust heat shields and spark plug boot covers ensure the glass fiber wrap never comes into direct contact with the hot surface, creating an insulating air barrier for improved heat control and performance.

CORSA® Performance & Adam's Polishes Exhaust Tip Cleaning Kit

CORSA Performance exhaust systems are equipped with iconic dual wall stainless steel tips that are eye catching. Unfortunately after months of driving your exhaust tips won't look the way they did when they were new. Now you can bring that like new shine back to your polished or PVD Black tips with CORSA Performance 3 Step (Clean, Polish, Protect) tip cleaning kit.

Frequently Asked Questions: Heat Control Wraps and Covers

If you still have questions about heat control or want more information about our heat shield wraps and covers, check out the answers to our frequently asked questions below.

Can I Use an Exhaust Heat Shield Wrap on a Titanium Exhaust?

CORSA strongly recommends against using exhaust heat shield wraps on exhausts made from titanium. Titanium exhaust alloy tends to be thin and is generally designed to dissipate heat quickly. Wrapping a titanium exhaust can hold in too much heat, making the titanium alloy turn brittle and become prone to premature cracking.

Can I Move Heat Shield Car Wraps and Covers After Installation?

Heat shield car wraps and covers are not designed to be moved or removed after the initial installation and first heat cycle. Once the fibers have been heated, they lose their flexibility and can be difficult to remove and get back into place.

What Temperatures Can Your Heat Shield Wraps and Covers Withstand?

Universal heat shield wraps and covers can withstand a direct heat resistance of 1200°F and a radiant heat resistance of 2000°F. Our C8-specific heat control products are capable of withstanding between 1750°F to 2500°F.

Shop CORSA PERFORMANCE Heat Shield Wraps and Covers

Keep your components protected and your heat under control with heat shield car products from CORSA. Your OEM may have included enough heat control for your factory parts, but aftermarket components need an extra boost to work their best. Produce more power, increase your exhaust system and long tube header efficiency and keep them working better for longer with heat shield wraps and covers today. If you want to learn more about heat control, feel free to contact us anytime. Our dedicated team is happy to help.

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