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For 25 years, CORSA consumers and builders have asked us for a drone-reducing, affordable, muffler-only acoustic solution for custom and resto-mod builds of all eras. Now that solution has arrived with CORSA PERFORMANCE's most affordable mufflers yet: Pro Series performance muffler line. Leveraging our patented Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) technology, Pro Series custom mufflers reduce drone and maximize airflow — while producing that iconic "hollow" CORSA exhaust note. Browse the entire selection of CORSA Pro Series mufflers for your unique V8 application below.

NOTE: Pro Series performance mufflers are not recommended for vehicles with MDS, AFM or DFM fuel management technologies.

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Experience the Benefits of High-Performance, Affordable Mufflers

If you're still cruising with a standard muffler, you're not truly experiencing what your vehicle is capable of. When you choose a Pro Series high-performance muffler, you'll see and feel exactly what you've been missing. With an unbeatable design, CORSA custom mufflers give cars from any era a distinct, deep and loud exhaust note that is sure to turn heads.

With most custom mufflers, builders and enthusiasts have to worry about annoying drone taking over their drives. Our drone-free performance mufflers for less are different. Patented RSC® technology mitigates most drone-inducing frequencies and reduces in-cabin noise for V8 applications. That means custom builders and classic vehicle enthusiasts can enjoy deep exhaust notes and reduce annoying drone frequencies that ruin drives. What could be better?

For a complete drone-free experience, we recommend selecting one of our full exhaust system solutions (axle-back or cat-back) designed specifically for individual vehicle applications. Embrace the full potential of your vehicle with a CORSA Pro Series performance muffler and transform every drive into an unforgettable journey.

All Pro Series Mufflers

  • Muffler Quantity: 1
  • Inlet / Outlet Quantity: 1 (per Location)
  • Installation Style: Weld in 
  • Reversible: Yes
  • Outlet Style: Standard, Without Tip
  • RSC®: Yes
  • Clamps QTY: None

Truck Muffler

  • Configuration: Center / Center
  • Case Shape: Oval / Oval
  • (AB) Inlet/Outlet Diameter & Style: 3.00" Nominal O.D.
  • (A) Inlet/Outlet Location: Center
  • (B) Inlet/Outlet Location: Center
  • Case Exterior Length: 27.50"
    Width: 12.25"
    Height: 9.00"
    Overall Length: 32.50"
  • Sound: Mild to Moderate
  • Internal Packing: Yes
  • Weight: lbs

Pro Series Muffler

  • Configuration Options: Center/Center, Offset/Center, Offset/Offset, Offset/Offset Same Side
  • Case Shape: Oval / Elliptical
  • (AB) Inlet/Outlet Diameter & Style: 3.00" or 2.50" Nominal O.D.
  • (A) Inlet/Outlet Location: Center, Offset
  • (B) Inlet/Outlet Location: Center, Offset, Offset Same Side
  • Case Exterior Length: 10.00"
    Width: 11.00"
    Height: 6.25"
    Overall Length: 16.00"
  • Sound: Loud
  • Internal Packing: No
  • Weight: 10.50lbs

How Can a Pro Series High-Performance Muffler Affect Your Sound?

When you need a true custom muffler solution for your build, look no further than Pro Series CORSA mufflers for less. Our 8 bring power to your sound, giving any era of car:

  • High-Performance Muffler Sound: Pro Series high-performance mufflers offer far more than increased volume – they redefine the quality of your ride's acoustic output. No matter your build, our muffler exhaust solutions provide a deep, rich and resonant note, accenting your vehicle's power.
  • Distinct Hollow CORSA Rumble at Idle: The idle sound of your car is its calling card. Each of our affordable mufflers imparts a unique hollow rumble at idle – a subtle yet unmistakable signature that sets your vehicle apart even before it moves.
  • Aggressive Signature CORSA Sound During Acceleration: Pro Series custom mufflers truly shine as you step on the gas. The sound is aggressive and commanding, a true reflection of CORSA's signature style, ensuring that your vehicle not only moves with authority but sounds like it, too.

Installing a Pro Series high-performance muffler is a change that's felt every time the engine roars to life and every time you accelerate. Embrace the ultimate sound experience with CORSA and redefine what your vehicle can sound like.

Explore the Entire Pro Series Custom Muffler Lineup

While the CORSA Pro Series custom muffler lineup shares much in common, you should keep a few differences in mind. Understanding the distinctions between our affordable mufflers (CORSA Pro Series 2.5-inch & 3-inch mufflers and 3-inch center mufflers) is essential for selecting the right enhancement for your vehicle.

CORSA Pro Series 2.5-inch & 3-inch Mufflers

Ideal for a broad spectrum of V8 vehicles, the 2.5-inch and 3-inch mufflers from CORSA's Pro Series are engineered to cater to custom and classic cars. At their core is CORSA's innovative Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC) Technology, characterized by a straight-through design free of louvers or baffles. This feature elevates your exhaust sound to a high-performance level and boosts the vehicle's overall performance.

Adding to their versatility, these mufflers are available in multiple configurations and exhaust diameters. This makes them a perfect choice for custom muffler enthusiasts who demand flexibility and top-tier performance.

CORSA Pro Series 3-inch Center Muffler

Specifically designed for V8 trucks, the Pro Series 3-inch center muffler resonates with custom and classic truck models. It shares the advanced RSC® Technology, ensuring a premium muffler experience. What sets it apart is its unique case shape options, which are available in oval/oval or oval/elliptical. This design consideration is more than aesthetic; it provides an optimal fit and performance for truck-specific exhaust systems. The 3-inch center muffler is the ideal affordable muffler for truck owners looking for a blend of performance and tailored fit.

High-Performance Mufflers: Take a Detailed Look At Our Pro Series & Other Exhaust Parts

The CORSA Pro Series line is full of top-rated catch can, muffler and exhaust system components to improve your V8 custom build. Get the full specs of our high-performance mufflers and other Pro Series parts for yourself in this short video.

Frequently Asked Questions: Pro Series Custom Mufflers

If you need more information about our Pro Series custom mufflers before you buy, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

How Much Do Mufflers Cost?

CORSA Pro Series performance mufflers will not eliminate all drone-inducing frequencies. The placement of your CORSA muffler and other vehicle modifications will impact overall drone reduction the most.

What Is a Performance Muffler?

CORSA Pro Series custom mufflers require weld-in installation. We recommend that all custom muffler installations be performed by a qualified service center or professional installer with the necessary equipment, tools and experience.

Will a Pro Series Performance Muffler Eliminate All Drone Frequencies?

Like all the parts in our Pro Series line, CORSA deep-sound mufflers and end caps are designed with high-quality 304 stainless steel. With unmatched design aesthetics, corrosion resistance and superior performance and sound, 304 stainless steel is the best option for your aftermarket parts.

How Hot Do Mufflers Get?

Mufflers can reach temperatures between 300°F to 500°F (about 150°C to 260°C) under normal operating conditions. This range can vary depending on the vehicle type and driving conditions.

How Do I Install a Pro Series Custom Muffler?

CORSA Pro Series custom mufflers require weld-in installation. We recommend that all custom muffler installations be performed by a qualified service center or professional installer with the necessary equipment, tools and experience.

Pick Up a Pro Series Custom Muffler Today

We at CORSA PERFORMANCE have been industry leaders for over 25 years. We've used our experience and knowledge to ensure our Pro Series performance mufflers are the best on the market. Browse our selection of Pro Series custom mufflers for less, and bring an acoustically engineered solution to your V8 custom or resto-mod build today. If you still have questions about our Pro Series line, you can contact us anytime. A CORSA expert will be happy to discuss which acoustic solution is best for your vehicle.

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