The Best-Sounding Exhaust On the Road: How To Make Your Exhaust Louder, Deeper & More Aggressive

The Best-Sounding Exhaust On the Road: How To Make Your Exhaust Louder, Deeper & More Aggressive

If you're reading this article, you're probably a car enthusiast looking to learn the one thing that's going to make your vehicle more distinct than any other on the road – how to improve your exhaust sound to get louder, deeper, more aggressive notes. In the world of performance modifications, you can improve nearly every part of your vehicle to make it more efficient, powerful and fun to drive (and faster, of course). But one of the most noticeable outward expressions of a truly powerful car, truck or jeep is a loud, deep-sounding exhaust. Once you take the time to learn how to make your exhaust loud, every drive becomes a more enjoyable experience. Feeling a deep rumble of noise in your chest as you accelerate down the open road is an eye-opening experience we at CORSA PERFORMANCE think every car enthusiast should have. That's why we've created the ultimate guide to finding the best-sounding exhaust for your vehicle – keep reading to learn more.

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Cold Air Intakes

> Exhaust Pipe Bore

> Resonator Delete Kits

> Aftermarket Exhaust Kits

Use A Cold Air Intake to Help Make Exhausts Louder

A cold air intake is a simple to install and relatively inexpensive component that can improve how your car exhaust sounds. Your stock intake does a decent job at sucking in air – unfortunately, that air is usually scorching because it's coming from inside your engine compartment. Hot air has less oxygen, meaning your engine's combustion is hindered and won't perform as well as it should be able to. While some OEM air intakes are now designed to bring air into the vehicle from the outside, aftermarket cold air intakes reroute how your car sucks in air, pulling it from outside the compartment. Cold air is denser and has way more oxygen, helping your engine reach peak performance levels.

When your engine can perform better, it's naturally going to sound better. A cold air intake is one of the best options for getting a resonant, deep-sounding exhaust note from your vehicle. When you rev your engine and finally release the throttle, you'll hear the sound of air flowing through your intake and changing the notes of your engine to a louder, more aggressive sound.

Cold Air Intakes Also Give You a Performance Boost

Cold air intakes don't only affect your sound - you'll also get an immediate performance boost along the way. The enhanced airflow gives you a noticeable bump in horsepower and helps your fuel burn more efficiently by maximizing your air induction system's potential. At CORSA, we've designed our cold air intakes to work in tandem with our exhaust systems, further improving your vehicle efficiency and putting you one step closer to having the best-sounding exhaust out there.

A Resonator Delete Kit Can Help Create More Aggressive Tones

Some performance parts will give you a slight change when trying to make exhausts louder and deeper but are more for performance gains than sound alone. On the other hand, a resonator delete kit is an entirely different animal. A resonator acts as a second muffler, smoothing out the tone of your exhaust and restricting its sound. Once you take it out, you take all that extra smoothing away. Basically, you can compare these components to large echo chambers. Once installed on your stock or aftermarket exhaust system, you'll get a raspier, throatier tone from your vehicle and create a smoother path for your exhaust to flow. This means there are some performance benefits to adding a resonator delete – but their first function is to make your exhaust louder and improve exhaust sound.

Note: We recommend you research your state's noise ordinance laws before picking up a resonator delete kit.

CORSA PERFORMANCE Has Top-Rated Performance Parts to Build Your Best-Sounding Exhaust

With all this information on how to make your exhaust louder, you might be stuck on where to find the parts. At CORSA PERFORMANCE, we have everything you need to create the ultimate exhaust system for your vehicle. From aftermarket exhaust kits to cool air intakes and resonator delete kits, CORSA has trusted components built from decades of experience. Don't settle for your restrictive stock parts. Unlock your aggressive sound potential with CORSA PERFORMANCE.

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Find An Aftermarket Exhaust Kit for a Deep-Sounding Exhaust

One of the more straightforward options to achieve a deep-sounding exhaust is replacing your stock exhaust system with an aftermarket exhaust kit. Aftermarket exhaust systems are mandrel-bent, meaning the diameter of your bends is situated evenly to increase airflow, rather than pinched like in stock systems. As mentioned earlier, when your engine can breathe better, your vehicle's sound volume and quality see major improvements. Aftermarket exhaust systems are typically the first performance upgrades enthusiasts choose because of their easy, bolt-on installation and immediate benefits.

You'll have two options when deciding what type of exhaust system to buy for improved sound: cat-back and axle-back systems. Axle-backs are the less expensive of the two options, replacing the components from the rear axle back. While they offer some performance gains, these kits are made purely to give drivers deeper exhaust sounds. Your other option is a cat-back exhaust system which will replace everything behind your catalytic converter. These are generally considered the top option for an aftermarket exhaust kit, providing substantial performance benefits for horsepower, torque and fuel economy on top of the best-sounding exhaust notes. While axle-backs are made purely for sound, cat-backs will nearly always beat them in aggressive, deep and powerful tones for your vehicle.

Looking to Spend Less? Think About a Performance Muffler or Resonator Exhaust Tips

Start small with a performance muffler or exhaust tips if you're hoping to buy an aftermarket exhaust kit but don't want to spend as much. These are both components within an aftermarket exhaust kit and can be a great first start when learning how to make your exhaust deeper.

Your stock muffler is made for the express purpose of dampening your exhaust sound. If you were to look inside one, you'd see metal plates and chambers that force sound waves to bounce into each other and cancel out. A PRO SERIES CUSTOM MUFFLER is more hollow, letting the sound pass through and giving your sound a boost.

Resonator exhaust tips are the complete opposite of your stock muffler. They work to vibrate the sound and to make your exhaust louder. Resonator tips are by far the easiest and cheapest option to get an instant boost. Tips with large-diameter flared ends or dual walls are two of the best types for amplifying the sound of your exhaust. All you have to do is clip them onto your exhaust tail.

CORSA Provides the Gold-Standard in Exhaust Kits

At CORSA, we've perfected what we call "The Science of Sound" for all of our exhaust kits and performance mufflers. We utilize our patented RSC® (Reflective Sound Cancellation®) technology to give your vehicle a deep, aggressive rumble, optimal performance under acceleration and, most importantly, a drone-free experience during cruise. Want to check out some of our products for yourself? See our 2020-21 Jeep Wrangler Cat-Back Sport Exhaust in action.

Increase the Bore of the Exhaust Pipe (But Not By Too Much)

When learning how to make your exhaust louder, you need to know that narrow pipes heavily diminish your sound volume. With wider pipes, like those in aftermarket kits, the sound will face fewer obstacles and increase. Adding some size to your exhaust pipe diameter really helps your vehicle produce a roaring sound. However, you have to be careful with size – consider only going half an inch or a whole inch. If your pipe diameter is too big, it will create excessive back pressure, negatively affecting your engine and performance. Choosing a company, like CORSA, who manufactures their parts specific to the make and model of a vehicle is your best option.

Get The Best-Sounding Exhaust System With CORSA PERFORMANCE Today

Now that you know all your options for how to make your exhaust louder, deeper and more aggressive, check out the products at CORSA PERFORMANCE. At CORSA, sound is our specialty. With our patented Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) technology and over 25 years as industry leaders, you can stop asking yourself, "How can I make my exhaust sound deeper?" and put it into action. If you need help deciding which performance upgrade is best for you, our team of experts are just a call away. Whether you're behind the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler, a Dodge Ram, a Dodge Charger or anything else, CORSA has the vehicle-specific parts to build the best-sounding exhaust. Never settle for stock. Find an aggressive sound with CORSA today.

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