How To Choose the Best Silverado Exhaust Systems

How To Choose the Best Silverado Exhaust Systems

How To Choose the Best Silverado Exhaust Systems

Let's face the facts, the stock exhaust for Chevy Silverado trucks is bland. It falls in the same category as nearly every other type of stock exhaust: it does its job, but manufacturers have no incentive to invest in any real flair. On the other hand, car enthusiasts have all the incentives in the world for a top-of-the-line Silverado exhaust upgrade. Car and truck owners tend to put a lot of focus on how their vehicle looks. It's quick and easy to pick up some aftermarket lights, upgrade the trim, slap on some decals, install a leveling kit or upgrade your wheels and tires to give your truck some new personality. But when it comes to vehicles, enthusiasts know that sound and performance play a significant role in the real personality of your truck.

The best Silverado exhaust systems work hard to give your ride a boost in horsepower, engine performance and sound that will have your truck turning heads. Imagine accelerating down the open road, turning heads and enveloping you in a sense of pride and excitement while behind the wheel? We at CORSA PERFORMANCE can.

Your only challenge comes from narrowing down which Silverado exhaust system to buy. With so many options available, it can be pretty daunting to make the right choice. To make your life a little easier, we've compiled a list of the top features, types, attributes and benefits you'll want to pay attention to when trying to find the best Silverado exhaust for your truck. Keep reading to learn more.

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Let's Discuss the Types of Silverado Exhaust Systems

> Benefits of Replacing a Stock Exhaust for Chevy Silverados

> What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Chevy Silverado Aftermarket Exhaust

Let's Discuss the Types of Silverado Exhaust Systems

Generally speaking, you're going to have two types of Chevy Silverado exhaust systems to choose from when you're ready for an upgrade. Each type corresponds to how much of your Silverado exhaust you'll want to replace.

Axle-Back Silverado Exhausts

An axle-back Chevy Silverado aftermarket exhaust is engineered to replace the system from the rear axle to the muffler. If you choose this kit, you'll install a new muffler, tailpipe and exhaust tips. Axle-back Silverado exhaust kits usually appeal to enthusiasts who want to focus more on sound than anything else. If you want a sound increase, axle-backs are good for increasing the overall volume of your exhaust and can produce more aggressive notes that stock exhaust systems could only dream of having. It's also worth noting that axle-back Silverado exhaust systems are usually the less-expensive option of the two.

Cat-Back Silverado Exhausts

Cat-back Silverado performance exhaust systems are engineered to replace your stock system from the catalytic converter back to the exhaust tips. That means in addition to replacing the muffler, tailpipe and exhaust tips, you'll also get the chance to install a new mid-pipe. Cat-back Silverado exhaust systems usually yield more engine performance benefits like horsepower and torque, and better, more aggressive sound due to an overall increase of efficient flow from the larger diameter tubing and better flowing mufflers. While they are more expensive, cat-back Silverado exhausts offer more benefits to drivers.

Benefits of Replacing a Stock Exhaust for Chevy Silverados

Speaking of benefits, what should the best Silverado exhaust offer to drivers? Thanks to their intricately engineered design made to enhance the existing qualities of your truck, it turns out they can do a lot.

  1. More Power: After installing a Chevy Silverado aftermarket exhaust, one of the most essential benefits you'll gain is more horsepower. Good performance Silverado exhausts come with large diameter piping and higher-grade, mandrel-bent tubing designed to increase the flow of exhaust gases. When you help exhaust gases flow better, you can increase the horsepower output of your truck's engine. This allows your truck to breathe better and can increase your engine's overall functionality and torque.
  2. Increased Sound Performance: Usually, high-performance sound is another crucial factor for enthusiasts looking for the best Silverado exhaust system. Producing a low, throaty growl upon startup and when speeding down the road can truly get your heart beating in the best way possible. With the combination of the different muffler tuning and bending, the best Silverado exhaust systems produce aggressive high-performance sound notes that can turn heads in the blink of an eye.
  3. Increase in Fuel Economy: Performance exhaust kits for Chevy Silverados can push your engine a step forward to getting more mileage from the same amount of fuel. Aftermarket Silverado exhaust systems allow your engine to get clean, optimal air levels that decrease the need to consume more fuel. Also, the increased torque level can help your engine maintain any speed with less throttle and less fuel, which means fewer trips to the gas station.
  4. Higher-Quality Appearance: Appearance might not be your biggest concern, but the best Silverado exhausts look as good as they sound and feel. Because they're made from high-quality materials, Silverado performance exhausts tend to have a noticeable impact on how your vehicle looks.
  5. Longer Lasting Lifespan: All aftermarket Silverado exhausts are built to last longer than your stock system ever could. It's simple. Stock exhausts for Chevy Silverados are generally made out of mild steel. With higher-end materials comes a longer-lasting lifespan.

CORSA PERFORMANCE Has Top-Rated Silverado Exhausts That Hit All the Marks

If the benefits of a Silverado exhaust system sound like exactly what your truck needs, head on over to CORSA to find the parts that can help. Our complete exhaust systems for Chevy trucks can help give you the boost you need in all the right areas for a better driving experience. Browse our entire selection of Chevy Silverado exhaust systems today. Don't settle for the underwhelming performance of your stock system. Unlock the true potential of your Silverado with CORSA PERFORMANCE.

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What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Chevy Silverado Aftermarket Exhaust

If you're anything like us, you're looking for the best Silverado exhaust system available on the market. Complete exhaust systems for Chevy trucks have a lot of different factors you'll want to keep in mind. Is it from a reputable brand? Can you see their Silverado exhausts in action? Does the price make sense for the product? While these factors have to be determined by you, the customer, there are a couple of other essential things to consider when browsing exhaust kits for Chevy Silverados. Here are some of the top things to scrutinize when checking out all your options.


Buyers in the Chevy Silverado exhaust systems market should focus on the different material options used for most systems. When you know what different material types can do for the increased performance of your Silverado exhaust, you'll have an easier time determining which is the right fit for you. Aftermarket Silverado exhaust systems are usually made from mild steel, aluminized steel or premium stainless steel. Each of these materials will give you a usable performance Silverado exhaust, but some are more durable than others.

  • Mild Steel: Mild steel is probably your most cost-effective option and is considered one of the most accessible materials to work with for an easy installation. But it's not very durable (remember, your stock exhaust is made from the same material). Mild steel isn't treated for corrosion resistance and will become rusted with exposure to the elements over time. Mild steel exhaust kits for Chevy Silverado trucks tend to only last a few years before they need to be replaced due to rust damage.
  • Aluminized Steel: Aluminized steel is hot-dipped with aluminum and silicon material to help protect against corrosion. An aluminized steel exhaust system for Chevy Silverados can typically last around three to five years – several years longer than a kit made from mild steel. An aluminized steel Silverado exhaust system is worth the investment if you plan to keep your truck for no more than five years after you buy it.
  • Premium Stainless Steel: The best Silverado exhaust system you can purchase today will be made from premium stainless steel, especially if you live in a climate that experiences regular snowfall. Stainless steel is a unique material that uses chromium, iron and other elements to make it more durable and resistant to rusting than basic steel. Silverado exhaust systems made from premium stainless steel usually last for 10 years or longer. Investing in an aftermarket stainless steel exhaust can keep your pipes in prime condition for more than a decade.

Sound Frequency

The sole reason many Silverado owners invest in a new exhaust system is to change their truck's sound – it's one of those benefits that never fails to impress. To find the best exhaust system for your Chevy Silverado, it's essential to look closely at the sound claims that come with your options.

But claims aren't enough. Make sure the component specifications match what you know about sound amplification. Silverado exhaust components should include high-quality exhaust tips, wide diameter pipes with a straight-through design and a carefully designed muffler built to enhance the sound, not hamper it.

Most aftermarket exhaust kits for Chevy Silverados will amplify your sound in some way. Just be sure to take the time to read the product descriptions carefully so you can identify which system will give you the best sound for your buck. Taking the extra time will help you find an aggressive-sounding Silverado exhaust you'll feel right in your chest.

Exhaust Drone

One of the biggest complaints truck owners may have from picking up the wrong aftermarket exhaust is exhaust drone – trust us, you don't want to fall in the same category. Exhaust drone is a steady, monotone sound and all-around unpleasant vibration that can permeate your Silverado while driving around with a Silverado exhaust that's less than desirable. The one thing manufacturers tend to get right about Silverado exhaust systems is eliminating this drone sound. We can't say the same about all the aftermarket Silverado exhaust manufacturers out there.

Make sure you're actively searching for Silverado exhaust manufacturers that specify they are drone-free. It's far easier to avoid the problem altogether when searching for your best Silverado exhaust than it is to install a cheaper product, realize it is more annoying than it is useful, uninstall it and start your search for better sound all over again.

At CORSA PERFORMANCE, all our Silverado exhaust systems are drone-free thanks to our patented no-drone, Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC®) Technology. Want to see the results for yourself? Check out our 2019-2020 Chevy Silverado Cat-Back Exhaust in action.

Find the Best Silverado Exhaust for Your Truck at CORSA

Now that you have all the tools in your arsenal to find the best Silverado exhaust for your ride, it's time to put your new knowledge into action. Here at CORSA PERFORMANCE, our top-rated Silverado performance exhausts hit all the marks to give your truck a boost in horsepower, performance and sound. With our patented no-drone, Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) technology and over 25 years as industry leaders, you can put your trust in CORSA to help your Silverado drive and sound better than ever before.

Whether you need an axle-back, cat-back or the best dual exhaust for your Silverado, we've got it. If you need some more information or need help deciding which Silverado exhaust is best for your truck or specific vehicle, our team of experts is just a phone call away. And, if you're interested in an exhaust kit for more than just your Silverado, we've got you covered with kits for just about every vehicle manufactured on the market. Check out our full selection today.

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