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Dodge Challenger Exhausts & Aftermarket Parts 2008+


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Odds are, you picked up a Dodge Challenger RT or SRT Hellcat because of their reputation as titans on the road. However, we know that owning a stock Challenger isn't enough to satisfy your performance needs – you're on a mission to help your ride reach its full potential.

Thankfully, aftermarket parts like Dodge Challenger exhaust systems from CORSA are here to help. We design and engineer cold air intakes, oil catch cans, and exhausts for Dodge Challengers to enhance the capabilities of your muscle car. Working in tandem with your powerful V6 or V8 engine, Dodge Challenger exhaust systems and cold air intakes provide performance gains across the board in sound, speed, horsepower and torque. Check out our full selection of exhausts for Challenger RT Scat Packs and SRT Hellcats below for the best ride of your life.

Discover Your Power Potential With Dodge Challenger Exhaust Systems

Take your power output to new heights with a performance exhaust for your Dodge Challenger. With improved horsepower and torque, your Challenger is sure to stand out from the crowd. But what separates a CORSA Dodge Challenger exhaust from your stock system? Well, it all comes down to size and design.

The stock Challenger exhaust is fine but Dodge purposefully builds them to minimize space, creating an extremely restrictive system that prevents the free flow of exhaust gases.

Our exhausts for Dodge Challenger RT Scat Packs and SRT Hellcats utilize wide-diameter piping in a mandrel-bent design, so your exhaust gases will flow better – up to a maximum of +81.41%. When you let your Challenger exhaust system breathe, you'll unlock your car's potential horsepower, torque and speed capabilities. Plus, the included exhaust tips for your Challenger can boost your backside's style.

CORSA Dodge Challenger Exhausts Give Your Sound a Serious Upgrade

At CORSA, we care about more than performance gains (as impressive as they are). Our acoustic engineers have perfected what we call "The Science of Sound" in each Dodge Challenger exhaust system to give an extreme boost to your exhaust notes.

Thanks to our patented Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) technology implemented in our exhausts for Dodge Challenger, you'll hear a powerfully deep, dynamic growl upon start-up and acceleration. Even better – RSC® technology eliminates annoying in-cabin drone during cruise. That means you get powerful sound when you want it and silence when you don't.

If you want to take your sound a step further, check out our 2017-2022 Dodge Challenger Res-Delete X-Pipe to eliminate your factory resonator and get a riveting race-inspired rumble while you drive. If you want to add a bit more tone to your Challenger exhaust without ruining your neighbors' sleep schedules – a resonator delete is the perfect affordable add-on for you.

Hear the Power of a CORSA Challenger Exhaust

Want to hear how a CORSA Challenger exhaust system will sound on your ride? Check out the dynamic power of our 2015-2022 Dodge Challenger 6.4L Cat-Back Exhaust System for yourself in this short video.

Pair Your Challenger Exhaust With a Cold Air Intake

The CORSA team takes great pride in designing Dodge Challenger aftermarket parts that can work together for extra performance boosts. Our Dodge Challenger Hellcat cold air intake is no exception. On their own, cold air intakes offer up some pretty excellent performance benefits. But when paired with a Challenger exhaust, those get ramped up even more. By improving your airflow and flushing your system with colder air, your engine will breathe easier and reach peak performance levels faster.

A Dodge Challenger exhaust and cold air intake combo can give your drives:

  • Added Horsepower
  • Improved Acceleration
  • Increased Miles Per Gallon
  • Enhanced Engine Sound

Frequently Asked Questions: Dodge Challenger Exhaust Systems

If you want to learn more about Dodge Challenger exhaust systems, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

What Does Adding a Resonator Delete to My Challenger Exhaust Do?

Increases sound! Replacing the factory resonator on your Challenger exhaust with a CORSA resonator delete will increase the overall sound of your vehicle. Often, adding a res-delete will bump your Sport to an Xtreme.

Can I Weld a CORSA Exhaust Onto My Dodge Challenger?

CORSA exhausts for Dodge Challengers should be installed with the included bolt-on hardware. Welding is not an approved method for installation and will prevent you from making adjustments to the system and exhaust tips for your Challenger.

Will I Get a Check Engine Light After Installing a Dodge Challenger Exhaust?

No. CORSA Dodge Challenger exhaust systems are designed to work with your stock tune to avoid error codes. In the rare case you get a check engine light, please call customer service at 1-800-486-0999.

Shop Dodge Challenger Exhaust Systems & Aftermarket Parts Today

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, CORSA is your solution to getting the most out of your vehicle's performance. With Dodge Challenger exhaust systems and other aftermarket parts installed in your ride, you can expect to hear and feel an immediate difference in your exhaust notes, horsepower, torque and speed. If you have more questions about aftermarket parts and exhausts for Dodge Challenger RT Scat Packs and SRT Hellcats, please contact us. And remember – don't settle for stock.

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