5 Benefits of Upgrading Your Dodge Challenger Cold Air Intake System

Dodge Challenger Cold Air Intake

If you're the owner of a Dodge Challenger, you might want to consider the benefits a Challenger cold air intake system can provide. Because most of the newer Dodge Challenger models come stock with an air cleaner that runs towards the inner fender, working as a sort of cold air intake system, you may think you don't need to upgrade to a performance cold air intake. Don't worry; you're not alone. Challenger owners across the nation have been asking themselves whether the aftermarket air intake benefits make installation worth it. In reality, there are a couple of issues with stock systems, the biggest being how efficiently (or, rather, how inefficiently) air can travel through them.

As a car enthusiast, we know buying and owning a brand new Dodge Challenger isn't enough for you. You're on an ongoing quest to improve the performance (Horsepower & Torque) of your vehicle , and an aftermarket cold air intake for your Dodge Challenger is the first step to achieving your goals. In this article, we'll walk you through some of the top aftermarket air intake benefits you'll see after installation. Keep reading to learn more.

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Cold Air Intake Kits – What Are They?

> 3. Increased Miles Per Gallon

> 1. Added Horsepower

> 4. Enhanced Engine Sound

> 2. Improved

> 5. Save Money on Air Filters

Cold Air Intake Kits – What Are They?

To better understand the benefits of a cold air intake, you should know what they are and how they function.

Cold air intake systems are aftermarket parts that bring cold air straight to your engine. Typically, OEM air intakes suck in air to your engine straight from your engine bay. Unfortunately, that air under the hood is usually pretty hot, meaning it's limiting your power and performance capabilities in the process. Dodge Challenger cold air intake kits reroute how your car brings in air, pulling it from outside the engine compartment to ensure it's cool and dense. Cooler air contains more oxygen, meaning your engine can "breathe" better and reach peak performance levels easier.

A Dodge Challenger high-performance cold air intake system does more than reduce the air temperature. It also increases airflow for optimized performance. Cold air intake systems use larger, smoother diameter intake tubes with fewer bends that are often much wider than OEM versions. Engineering the intake to better ingest cold air and utilizing performance filtration combined with large-diameter air duct tubing provides the engine with increased air volume and continuous airflow.

Colder air and improved airflow are the two most essential components of an optimized induction system. They work together to bring you the cold air intake benefits that unlock performance in your ride.

1. Added Horsepower

As we touched on above, one of the most significant factors determining an engine's power output is the air used during the combustion cycle. Compared to the hot air in your engine bay, cold air allows fuel to burn more efficiently due to the increased amount of oxygen. When more oxygen is present in the system, it combusts more efficiently and can increase horsepower. It's important to note that aftermarket Challenger cold air intake kits aren't adding any new horsepower into your system. It's simply allowing your engine to reach its full potential – it was always there, it was just limited.

The amount of horsepower a Dodge Challenger high-performance cold air intake system provides depends on the model of your ride, vehicle configuration and the manufacturer of your cold air intake kit, the quality of gas in your vehicle and a variety of environmental factors. Here at CORSA, we offer a wide selection of Dodge Challenger cold air intake systems that can add anywhere from 13 to 27.5 additional increased horsepower.

More Horsepower Means More Torque for Your Ride

When your engine can produce more horsepower, the potential for more torque usually follows. Dodge Challenger cold air intake kits will provide an equally significant gain in torque to your ride, which will immediately impact how your ride behaves on the road. We doubt you're going to take your muscle car mudding or trudge through the snow on a wintery night, but more torque means greater engine response during acceleration providing a more exhilarating ride. CORSA cold air intakes for Dodge Challengers can provide anywhere from 20 to 23 lb.-ft. of torque to your ride.

2. Improved Acceleration

Every time you stomp down that accelerator pedal, you'll feel your aftermarket air intake benefits at work. A cold air intake for your Dodge Challenger can provide a surge in responsiveness due to the larger volume of cold air supplied to your engine. When your car can "breathe" better, you can reach your intended speed much faster. By increasing the combustion of the fuel, your Challenger receives a nice boost in acceleration, so you're free to be the speed demon we know you are.

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3. Increased Miles Per Gallon

Dodge Challenger cold air intake systems can also improve your fuel economy, something we know everyone can get behind. The 2022 Challenger comes stock with an estimated 19 mpg city and 30 mpg highway – while it's not the worst fuel economy from a muscle car, it's certainly not the best.

The normal oxygen-deficient air pushed through your engine with a stock air intake can cause excessive fuel consumption, lowering your fuel economy in the process. When the right volume of oxygen is thrust through the engine with a Dodge Challenger cold air intake, your engine will receive an optimized air to fuel ratio for fuel economy enhancement. After installation, you'll notice you need to take fewer trips to the gas station when driving in the city and on the highway. Trust us. It's a great feeling.

4. Enhanced Engine Sound

This air intake benefit is worth the upgrade if you can't get enough of a loud, roaring engine. Stock air intake systems are purposefully designed to be as silent as possible so vehicles can appeal to the broadest demographic of individuals possible. As crazy as it is to say, some people really don't want their cars to sound cool (we don't know why). But Dodge Challenger cold air intake systems are made for performance, not silent drives.

With the increased amount of cold air being sucked into your engine, you'll notice your engine has a more distinctive, throaty growl that turns heads when you're accelerating down the open road. It's one of those benefits of cold air intakes that car enthusiasts can't get enough of – we know we can't.

5. Save Money on Air Filters

Stock air intake systems typically use paper air filters that require replacement every 15,000 miles. While it may sound like a lot, the expenses can start to add up over the lifespan of your Challenger. Aftermarket cold air intakes for Dodge Challengers benefit from using reusable air filters that only need to be cleaned every 40,000 to 50,000 miles. Cleaning air filters is incredibly fast and easy – you simply need to soak the filter in a dish detergent and water solution, rinse thoroughly in clean, cold water, and shake dry. From there, you can spray the filter down with oil before returning it to your vehicle. This simple process can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over the lifespan of your Dodge Challenger.

Experience the Cold Air Intake Benefits for Yourself With CORSA Products

Now that you have a better understanding of the benefits that come with Dodge Challenger cold air intake kits, you're going to need the best in the industry for your ride. CORSA PERFORMANCE is stocked with Challenger cold air intakes built for performance at reasonable prices. Browse our entire selection today. You can choose from our standard cold air intake kits or our closed box systems that add an extra layer of protection and power to your engine – the choice is yours.

These cold air intake benefits don't only apply to Dodge Challengers. Any vehicle can experience true power and performance with an aftermarket cold air intake kit, and we've got you covered with systems for just about every vehicle on the market. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us to talk about how you can find the best cold air intake systems for your ride. And remember, don't settle for stock. Outflow and outperform OEM air intakes every time with CORSA.

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