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What is a Resonator? A Guide to Exhaust Resonators & What They Are

What is a Resonator? A Guide to Exhaust Resonators & What They Are

Even if you're not a performance enthusiast, you probably understand the basic concept and sections of an exhaust system. Headers, catalytic converters and mufflers are all commonplace terms, but there's more going on than most people realize.
Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco

Aftermarket C7 Corvette Exhaust System

The Best C7 Corvette Exhaust System to Enhance Your Ride

Learn about the best performanceC7 Corvette Exhaust options available in the market at Corsa Performance. Choosing aC7 exhaust is easy with our guide. Discover yourCorvette C7 exhaust performance options today.
What are headers and what do they do?

What Are Headers and How Can Performance Headers Improve Performance?

Along with a better-flowing intake and exhaust, performance headers are among the first aftermarket modifications any car enthusiast should consider.But what are headers and how do they improve performance? Your engine is most efficient in terms of power and economy when it can easily get air in and out of its cylinders. That's why most performance-boosting modifications boil down to "more fuel and air."

2018+ Ford Mustang GT Carbon Fiber Air Intake

2018+ Ford Mustang GT Carbon Fiber Air Intake

Cold air intake system

Cold Air Intake Benefits: 6 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade Your Ride with a Cold Air Intake System

As a car enthusiast, you're likely always thinking of new ways to improve your ride. Whether you're behind the wheel of a muscle car, SUV or truck, your factory parts are never the be-all and end-all for performance. As one of the best performance mods you can make,acold air intake benefits drivers and vehicles immensely — while being relatively economical and easy to install.
F150 Upgrades

5 Ford F-150 Upgrades to Improve Your Performance & Speed

The Ford F-150 boasts an impressive track record as America's No. 1 truck for over ten generations. However, if you're the proud owner of an F-150, you may have noticed that your ride leaves a lot to be desired in the areas ofperformance and speed. If you're anything like the team at CORSA PERFORMANCE, you might have the itch to do something about it. That's whereFord F-150 modifications come into the mix.F-150 upgrades can unlock all the power potential hiding within that3.5L Powerboost V6 Engine

Camaro Performance Exhaust Systems

The Best Camaro Exhaust System for Every Model

Since its first incarnation in 1966, the Chevrolet Camaro has been theideal pony car for performance-oriented car enthusiasts. But whether you own a Camaro SS or a sixth-generation V6, it can sometimes feel like you're in a never-ending battle to improve your aesthetics, handling and performance capabilities.

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