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Dodge Charger Cold Air Intake


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Boost your Chevy's performance and sound with a CORSA cold air intake for the Dodge Charger. These mods are simple to install and highly effective at unlocking enhanced horsepower, torque and top-tier sound for your HEMI every time you hit the gas pedal. CORSA's precision-engineered Dodge Charger cold air intakes boost your driving experience, offering great performance gains for those who demand the best on the road. Browse our entire selection below.

Beyond Stock: The Ultimate Dodge Charger Cold Air Intake From CORSA

Crank up the muscle on your Charger with an upgrade that enhances both performance and sound: a cold air intake. CORSA's lineup of cold air intakes for the Dodge Charger is what real drivers use to unlock their engine's true potential. Sure, they may be one of the simpler mods out there, but that doesn't mean they don't have a big impact. With a Dodge Charger air intake from CORSA, you'll see more horsepower and torque on your drives and hear that iconic turbocharged HEMI engine sound better than ever.

Every Dodge Charger air intake in our inventory is a masterpiece of engineering designed to feed your craving for performance gains. But let's get something straight – an aftermarket Dodge Charger intake won't change your ride into a show pony. These mods enhance performance where it counts: on the street and under the hood. It's about feeling your Charger respond with more stamina as you stomp on the gas and hearing that aggressive growl that turns heads. So, if you're ready to boost your Charger's performance, it's time to bolt on an aftermarket Dodge Charger intake from CORSA.

The Science Behind Cold Air Intakes

At the heart of every Charger is an engine that craves air – cool, dense air that's rich in oxygen. The principle behind a cold air intake is simple yet immensely effective in unlocking your performance potential. Here's a look at how these performance mods work:

  • Cool Air Equals More Power: Dive into the guts of it, and it's all about thermodynamics. Cooler air is denser than warm air, containing more oxygen per cubic foot. When your Charger's engine draws in more oxygen-rich air, it can burn the fuel more completely and efficiently during each combustion cycle, increasing horsepower and torque.
  • Improved Airflow Path: Cold air intakes are engineered to streamline the path air takes to reach your engine. By using larger diameter piping and avoiding the heat from the engine bay, cold air intakes shoot a jet of cool air straight into your Charger's heart. This improved pathway minimizes turbulence and restriction, enabling your ride to breathe easier and perform better.
  • Advanced Filtration Technology: It's not just about the cool air; it's about clean air. CORSA's Dodge Charger air intakes incorporate high-quality, durable filters to trap contaminants while allowing maximum airflow. This ensures that the air entering your engine is cooler and cleaner. Cleaner air means a cleaner burn and a meaner engine.
  • The Result: Installing a Dodge Charger cold air intake leads to a more efficient combustion process. You'll see the difference in a more responsive throttle, increased acceleration and, in some cases, improved fuel efficiency for those rare moments you're not flooring it. And that aggressive engine growl? That's the sound of victory.

2017-2022 Dodge Charger 6.2L Carbon Fiber Air Intake

Still aren't convinced a CORSA cold air intake is right for your Dodge charger? Take a look for yourself. After all, seeing (and hearing) is believing. If you want to experience the unmatched aesthetics, raw power and top-level sound a CORSA Charger cold air intake brings to the table, check out this short video featuring our 6.2L Charger Black Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake in full, glorious action.

Which CORSA Cold Air Intake Is Right for Your Ride?

Choosing the right CORSA cold air intake for your Dodge Charger depends on your unique preferences. Each model is engineered to unlock your Charger's potential, so no matter your choice, you're setting yourself up for a more thrilling drive. Let's break down a few of our Dodge Charger cold air intake systems.

CORSA Carbon Fiber Charger 6.2L Intake

It doesn't get much better than this. The Carbon Fiber Charger 6.2L Intake model combines performance with an unbeatable high-tech look.

  • Who It's For: The speed demon craving that high-tech edge. If you want to combine performance with cutting-edge style, this is your beast. Perfect for the 6.2L engine crowd.
  • Why It Rocks: Apart from making your engine bay look like a million bucks with its carbon fiber construction, this model offers superior filtration without sacrificing airflow. It's lightweight, durable and designed to maximize horsepower and torque. Plus, the DryTech filter is low maintenance and easily cleanable.

CORSA Charger 6.4L V8 Closed Box Air Intake

The Charger 6.4L V8 Closed Box Air Intake is the workhorse in the lineup, built for durability and efficiency.

  • Who It's For: The efficiency expert who values longevity and performance. Ideal for those who want a fit-it-and-forget-it solution without compromising on power.
  • Why It Rocks: This model uses a unique filtration technology that's highly efficient at filtering out dust particles while maintaining excellent airflow. It's all about long-term performance, with up to 100,000 miles between maintenance intervals. Your engine stays clean, and your throttle stays responsive.

CORSA Charger 6.1L V8 Closed Box Air Intake

The Charger 6.1L V8 Closed Box Air Intake is the gold standard in balanced performance.

  • Who It's For: The traditionalist who likes their performance with a proven track record. Great for drivers who prioritize a balance of performance, protection, and quality.
  • Why It Rocks: Featuring a 5-layer filtration system, this intake enhances airflow and ensures the air going into your engine is as clean as it gets. It's the go-to for drivers looking for a reliable performance boost and engine protection.

CORSA APEX Metal Charger 6.4L Shielded Air Intake

The APEX Metal Charger 6.4L Shielded Air Intake sits at the frontier of cold air intake technology.

  • Who It's For: The innovator always on the lookout for the next big thing. If you want your Charger to have the latest in air intake technology, here's your champion.
  • Why It Rocks: This model combines the benefits of a closed-box design with advanced filtration and airflow dynamics. It's all about maximizing cold air intake while protecting your engine from heat and debris. The result? Top-tier performance gains and engine efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions: Dodge Charger Air Intakes

If you have any questions or would like to know more about CORSA Dodge Charger air intakes, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Will a Cold Air Intake Change the Sound of My Dodge Charger?

Yes, one of the immediate benefits you'll notice is a deeper, more aggressive sound when you accelerate. This is because of the increased airflow and the unique design of the cold air intake system, which amplifies the engine's natural sound.

Will a CORSA Dodge Air Intake Void My Car's Warranty?

Typically, it won't. Under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void your warranty for adding an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused the need for repairs. However, it's always a good idea to check with your dealer or consult your warranty documentation for specifics.

Can I Install a CORSA Cold Air Intake on My Dodge Charger Myself?

Definitely. CORSA intakes are bolt-on mods designed ​​for both seasoned mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. Installation requires only basic hand tools and can be completed within an hour.

Pick Up a Cold Air Intake for Your Dodge Charger Today

There's no better day than today to pick up a CORSA cold air intake for your Dodge Charger. Step up to the plate and give your Charger the breath of fresh air it deserves – more power, more torque and an aggressive sound that comes from the best in performance engineering. Whether you're looking to dominate the streets or want your Charger to breathe a little easier, CORSA has your back. Don't let another day of standard driving pass you by. Choose CORSA PERFORMANCE and experience the rush of true performance.

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