Performance Air Intake System Buying Guide

Performance Air Intake System Buying Guide

When you start your journey as a car enthusiast and attempt to make your vehicle more powerful and fun to drive, you'll have a lot of aftermarket mods to choose from. Performance air intake systems have distinguished themselves as top-rated first picks among car and truck drivers alike. Why? Well, not only do they come with the benefit of being reasonably priced aftermarket parts, but they're also nearly effortless to install. Not to mention, a performance cold air intake can give your vehicle some serious gains that make every drive an enjoyable one. To learn more about performance air intake systems and the benefits they can offer you as a driver, keep reading.

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What Is A Cold Air Intake System?

> Frequently Asked Questions About Performance Air Intake Systems

> How Do Cold Air Intake Systems Work?

> The Benefits of Installing an Aftermarket Air Intake System

What Is A Cold Air Intake System?

A performance cold air intake system is a relatively inexpensive mod that car enthusiasts can look to for an immediate boost in engine performance. Sure, they may not add as much horsepower and torque as an exhaust system or a supercharger, but an aftermarket cold air intake offers plenty of benefits to cars and trucks. Typically, performance air intake systems are some of the first modifications car enthusiasts install in their vehicles because of the gains they offer and their ease of installation. While many aftermarket modifications boast that you can install them in only a day of work, an air intake kit can be in your vehicle and ready for action in a matter of hours. With simple bolt-on technology, these aftermarket upgrades are some of the most accessible components for the DIY car enthusiast looking to start their performance mod journey.

How Do Cold Air Intake Systems Work?

Think of your engine like a pair of lungs. In order to make power, the engine cylinders have to "inhale" air to create the internal combustion explosion that produces horsepower and torque. Your stock air intake can perform this effectively, but because of its placement underneath your hood, all the air going to your engine is generally pretty hot. An aftermarket cold air intake removes the air filter from direct exposure to the engine compartment so that the engine can take in cooler air for stronger combustion. Cooler air has the benefit of containing more oxygen than hot air. This denser air lets a higher volume of oxygen-rich air flow into the cylinders, allowing your engine to burn fuel more efficiently during the combustion cycle. A performance air intake system moves the air filter's location either towards the upper wheel well area or behind the bumper to provide more access to free-flowing, cooler air.

Not only do performance air intake systems reduce the air temperature that flows into your engine, but they can also increase the airflow. Let's go back to our lungs analogy – the more air you take in, the better you can perform. It's the same for your engine and an air intake kit. Aftermarket air intake systems utilize large diameter intake tubes with fewer bends to provide smoother, uninterrupted airflow.

The Benefits of Installing an Aftermarket Air Intake System

Okay, so you know how a performance air intake system works, but what can it actually do for your vehicle? Providing your vehicle with cooler air and outflowing your stock intake means nothing if you can't produce results. Thankfully, performance cold air intake systems deliver. Once you install an air intake kit, you can expect benefits such as:

  • More Power: Does a cold air intake improve horsepower? You bet it does. Increased combustion capabilities from cooler airflow means your vehicle will see an increase in horsepower and torque. Not only will your vehicle perform faster, but you'll also see an increase in throttle response, and you'll be able to tow more weight.
  • Better Fuel Economy: Cooling oxygen provided by a performance air intake means more than just a boost in power. It also adds to fuel efficiency. The increased combustion efficiency means less fuel will need to be expended to get the same amount of power as your stock intake. This means you'll need to take fewer trips to the gas station, whether you're driving in the city or out on the open road.
  • Filter Reusability: A standard stock air filtration system on your vehicle consists of a disposable air filter that will collect dirt, dust and other contaminants that are hazardous to your engine. The best cold air intake brands (like CORSA PERFORMANCE) come standard with reusable filters that can be removed and cleaned when necessary – saving you money and helping your vehicle stay more environmentally friendly. Note: Always ensure you clean your performance air intake per manufacturer guidelines. If you don't clean it, it can become clogged and will eventually need replacing.

CORSA PERFORMANCE Are Leaders in Aftermarket Air Intake Systems

At CORSA, we live to deliver performance gains to all of our customers through our performance air intake systems. It doesn't matter if you drive a car, truck or jeep. CORSA has trusted performance air intakes built from experience. Don't settle for stock. Unlock the true potential of your engine with CORSA PERFORMANCE.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Performance Air Intake Systems

It's normal to have a lot of questions when it comes to adding performance mods to your vehicle, so we're here to give you all the answers. Here are some of our most commonly asked questions regarding performance air intake systems.

Can a Performance Cold Air Intake Make Your Engine Louder?

Yes, a performance air intake system can make your engine sound more aggressive and louder. This is especially true if you buy from reputable cold air intake brands like CORSA who manufacture their air intake systems to work in tandem with their performance exhaust systems. When you install a cold air intake kit, you'll hear a deep growl upon startup and acceleration.

How Much Does a Performance Air Intake Cost?

An aftermarket cold air intake is a relatively inexpensive car mod compared to other performance parts. Typically, you can find a high-end product for only a few hundred dollars. At CORSA PERFORMANCE, we offer performance air intake systems for vehicles of numerous makes and models in price ranges to fit your budget.

Is An Aftermarket Cold Air Intake Worth It?

In our professional opinion, a performance air intake is definitely worth the investment. Along with the breathtaking sound of free-flowing cool air when you drive down the open road, you'll get that extra boost in horsepower and torque to make every drive an enjoyable one.

Can An Air Intake Kit Damage Your Engine?

There is one thing to watch out for once you install an air intake kit. If the air filter is too exposed to the elements, it can suck up water and send it straight to your engine. If you're worried about this, try looking for a closed box performance air intake to keep your filter as protected as possible.

Find the Best Cold Air Intake Systems Available at CORSA PERFORMANCE

Now that you have all the information on performance cold air intakes, it's time to take action. If you're looking for a boost in horsepower, torque and sound with an added increase in fuel economy, an air intake kit from CORSA is your best option. Our cold air intake reviews speak for themselves – and as trusted leaders of performance modifications for over 25 years, so does our experience. Stop settling for your stock parts. Find true performance at CORSA today. If you have any questions about our aftermarket cold air intakes, feel free to contact us. Our dedicated team of experts is always just a call away.

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