5 Advantages of Installing Chevy Silverado Cold Air Intake Systems

5 Advantages of Installing Chevy Silverado Cold Air Intake Systems

Whether you're a veteran car enthusiast or you're just at the start of your modding journey, there's a good chance you've heard of a car's air intake system, even if you don't know the specifics. So, what does a cold air intake do for a truck, and what are the benefits of a cold air intake?

For all you Chevrolet Silverado owners out there, the cold air intake benefits you can get from swapping out your stock system are for the most part, unmatched – especially when you take into account the price and ease of installation. To be perfectly candid, Chevy's factory air intake systems aren't the best on the market. In fact, some could even say they just barely stop short of laughable. Sure, they're designed to last, but with confusing and unnecessary twists and turns, your stock system is vastly underplaying the Silverado's performance capabilities.

In this article, we're going to take a look at some of the top cold air intake advantages and benefits you'll get when you install a brand new Silverado intake system on your truck. Keep reading to learn more.

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How Do Cold Air Intake Systems Work?

We're pretty confident you already have some idea of how air intake systems function, but we like to cover all our bases. Before we get into the fun details about cold air intake benefits, we should take a closer look at the general idea behind them. The entire purpose of air intake systems is to provide your engine with more oxygen – a necessity for burning the gasoline that fuels your car. Once you consider that, it's pretty easy to figure out that more oxygen will equal more power from your engine, so improving airflow is an excellent way to increase your performance.

Cold air intake systems are made for one thing: to improve the airflow even more by bringing in oxygen-rich cold air. Stock Silverado air intake systems are positioned very close to the engine and radiator fans, which means your engine is taking in the same hot air it expels. Hot air contains less oxygen, so all the air going back into your engine results in less-than-optimal combustion. This is why we say your Chevy Silverado's stock intake is laughable – your airflow is restricted and contained, and that can affect a lot of other components in your truck. You bought your Silverado for its power and performance, but keeping your stock system is only holding you back.

1. Cold Air Intake Systems Improve Your Acceleration

Now that you know the basic function behind the systems, we can get into the first of the many cold air intake advantages: improved acceleration. Once you install a cold air intake system for your Chevy Silverado, you're going to notice a good boost in your vehicle's responsiveness and acceleration speed. This has everything to do with the density of cold air vs. hot air – the cold air your engine gets from a cold air intake system is denser from the presence of more oxygen, leading to higher combustion. With higher combustion, you'll be able to reach your desired speed at a much quicker rate. This is not only beneficial for merging onto busy highways and interstates, but it also just makes driving way more fun.

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2. A Silverado Cold Air Intake Can Enhance Your Horsepower

One of the most commonly known advantages of cold air intake systems is their ability to boost the horsepower of your Silverado. With the addition of cooler air in your engine, your fuel burns more efficiently, which increases the rate of oxygen combustion and adds that extra increase in horsepower. The horsepower rating isn't going to change drastically, but on a 4,000 to 5,000 pound Chevy Silverado, you're going to want every bit of horsepower you can get.

3. Cold Air Intake Systems Offer Better Fuel Economy

Getting a Chevy performance cold air intake is an upgrade that will not only benefit your performance but your overall experience of owning a Silverado. Easily one of our favorite cold air intake benefits is better fuel economy and increased gas mileage. This happens because after installing a performance air intake system, your air to fuel ratio will see excellent improvements. With more oxygen, your engine requires less fuel for combustion leading to fewer needed trips to the pump.

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4. Cold Air Intake Systems Provide a Deeper & Fuller Sound

Are you someone who can't get enough of the sound of a roaring engine? You're in luck; cold air intakes can help provide some extra excitement in your drives. Standard air intake systems for all makes and models are purposefully designed to run quietly. When you replace that stock system with a Chevy performance cold air intake, you'll notice a louder, fuller sound coming from your engine. When your engine takes in more cold air, more intense airflow is produced, which can create a deep, throaty growl that drivers can't help but love. In addition, cold air intake systems are designed to work in tandem with performance exhaust systems to further enhance your vehicle's sound. You can settle for one or the other, but having both is an experience unmatched by other performance modifications when it comes to sound.

5. Chevy Performance Cold Air Intakes Come with Higher Quality Filters

Cold air intake systems don't just save you more on gas costs – they also come with higher quality air filters that last you a lifetime. Your stock Silverado intake is more than likely compatible with paper filters. And while they do their job just fine, they also need to be constantly replaced time and time again (generally around every 15,000 miles). Aftermarket cold air intake systems come standard with much sturdier air filters that can be cleaned of debris and reused the entire time it stays in your truck. On top of that, most cold air intake filters only need to be cleaned every 25,000 miles – virtually eliminating any hassle. Our brand of CORSA air intakes only need to be cleaned once every 50,000 miles. It doesn't get much better than that. Having a cold air intake system means you can better budget your money and channel it into the things that truly matter (like more car parts from CORSA) and can help protect your engine from damaging debris all at the same time.

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