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Classic Vehicles

For 25 years consumers and builders have asked CORSA for a drone reducing, muffler only acoustic solution, for custom and restomod builds. That solution has arrived with CORSA Performance Custom Mufflers. CORSA Custom Mufflers leverage CORSA’s patented RSC® technologies and are designed to reduce drone and maximize airflow while producing that iconic “hollow” CORSA exhaust note.
Leveraging CORSA’s patented RSC® Technology, each custom muffler is engineered to reduce drone on a wide range of V8 applications. Custom builders and Classic vehicle enthusiasts can now enjoy the best, drone reducing, acoustic muffler solution available on the market today. CORSA custom mufflers come in 2.5" and 3.0" exhaust diameters and a range of shapes and are the perfect choice for that high-end custom or restomod build.
*CORSA Custom Mufflers will not eliminate all drone inducing frequencies. Muffler placement and vehicle modifications will impact overall drone reduction.