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Let's Talk Design: What's the Difference Between Stock & Performance Jeep Exhaust Systems?

Stock Jeep exhaust systems are constructed from less expensive, 400-series carbon steel components that get the job done but don't unlock all the potential you have hiding within that SRT engine. See, upgraded exhaust systems are all about "the flow." One of the benefits of aftermarket exhausts is an increased exhaust flow far above what your restrictive stock exhaust offers. That's because an upgraded exhaust system like the ones available from CORSA is designed with larger diameter piping that helps eliminate exhaust backpressure to allow your Jeep's engine to breathe easier.

Factory systems use smaller piping and crush bends that pinch the steel in their designs, restricting exhaust gas flow. We're not faulting Jeep for this – every automotive manufacturer does it to help keep manufacturing costs down and quiet exhaust noise. With enhanced flow, your engine will be under far less strain which amps up performance and helps engines last longer.

Extra Design Elements You Should Know

In addition to larger diameter piping, a performance exhaust for your Jeep Wrangler or Cherokee will consist of straighter layouts, lighter, less restrictive mufflers and mandrel bends. Rather than being pinched together, an upgraded exhaust system inserts a series of balls inside sections of the piping, so the bends remain curved rather than crushed when the piping is bent. Naturally, this method allows exhaust fumes to flow smoothly and swiftly to keep your exhaust flowing better than ever before for those sweet, sweet performance gains.

One last note about performance Jeep exhaust system design: most systems also feature improved, rust-resistant materials to enhance their durability far beyond what your stock system has to offer. All of our Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Grand Cherokee exhaust systems offer premium stainless steel construction for top-rated durability here at CORSA.

Exhaust Upgrade Benefits We Know You'll Love: Performance Gains

So, aside from engine longevity, what can all this free-flowing exhaust do for your Jeep? We've already alluded to the performance benefits of aftermarket exhausts, but let's talk about what that means. With more exhaust flow, you'll see exhaust upgrade benefits like increased horsepower, torque and fuel economy – especially at cruising speed. Unfortunately, a performance Jeep exhaust system won't transform your Grand Cherokee into something that can compete with a high-performance muscle car, but every performance gain is helpful in some way.

You might notice you'll be able to overtake cars more easily on the open road and will need to make fewer trips to the gas station, but where an upgraded Jeep exhaust system really shines is the torque increase. Jeeps were made for cruising off-road with speed and style – but sometimes a rugged terrain can put you to the test. An upgraded exhaust system will improve your Jeep's low-end torque so you can climb steep slopes and negotiate sand and mud with greater ease and strength. Additionally, low-end torque can also be useful when driving through busy cities and towns so you can rule the crowded city streets and the rugged wilderness.

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Have we enticed you enough yet with all the great exhaust upgrade benefits you can get with a performance Jeep exhaust system? Here at CORSA, we aim to provide you with the best parts in the industry. Our aftermarket exhaust kits are designed to maximize your sound and enhance your drive with every ride.

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Do You Crave Aggressive Sound? Upgraded Exhaust Systems Can Help

One of our favorite benefits of an upgraded Jeep exhaust system is the sound. Aftermarket exhaust kits are all about boosting the sound of your ride and bringing it to new levels. Manufacturers must meet certain noise restrictions and requirements to ensure their vehicles appeal to the broadest range of customers possible – but we're sure you wouldn't mind unlocking new head-turning, powerful sound.

With a performance Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Grand Cherokee exhaust, you'll get the throaty growl you deserve when you cruise down the open road. Not only will you (and your whole neighborhood) hear the difference, but when you're behind the wheel, you'll feel it more than ever before. It's enough to get anyone's blood pumping.

At CORSA, we don't just focus on loudness when it comes to our performance Jeep exhaust systems – we've perfected what we call "The Science of Sound" for the ultimate driver experience. Thanks to our patented RSC® (Reflective Sound Cancellation®) technology, you'll hear a deep, aggressive rumble under start-up and acceleration while having the benefit of a drone-free experience during cruise for the best ride you've had in your Jeep.

Want to hear it for yourself? Check out our 2012-2021 Grand Cherokee SRT Xtreme Sound Level Cat-Back Exhaust in action.

Protect Your Off-Roading Experiences: How a Performance Jeep Exhaust System Can Help

We've already touched on how a new exhaust for your Jeep Wrangler or Cherokee can help your off-roading experience with the addition of more low-end torque – but that's not all they can do. When you're powering through the mud, crawling up rocks or traversing sandy terrain, it can often lead to a bit of damage (even if you're extra careful). Unfortunately, the lower-hanging components of your stock Jeep exhaust system are right in the thick of it all. Our final benefit of an aftermarket exhaust is the higher clearance many offer. In these high-clearance versions, an aftermarket exhaust will tuck up your exhaust tips higher than traditional exits and relocate your muffler closer to the front of the kit. With a high-clearance upgraded exhaust system, you'll have free reign to take on the most aggressive off-road paths the world has to offer without worrying about taking any damage.

Find a Top-Rated Jeep Exhaust System at CORSA Today

We all love our Jeeps. They become an extension of ourselves the second we sit behind the wheel for the first time. An upgraded exhaust system is far beyond those exterior modifications – you'll get increased power, sound and performance like never before. Browse our site and find the best Jeep Grand Cherokee or Jeep Wrangler exhaust upgrade for you. With our expert craftsmanship and top-of-the-line patented RSC® technology, you can expect your Jeep to drive better and sound more aggressive than ever before. And, you'll get the benefit of a drone-free cruise to make your rides even more enjoyable. If you need some help finding the best Jeep exhaust system for your ride, our experts are just a phone call away. We're ready to assist you every step of the way.

If you love all the benefits aftermarket exhausts can offer but don't own a Jeep, don't worry. We've got you covered with upgraded exhausts for just about every vehicle on the market. Check out our entire selection today.

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