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CORSA PERFORMANCE is your home for Dodge Ram exhaust upgrades. Our collection of Dodge Ram aftermarket parts are perfect for bringing your truck to the next level. Whether you’re in the market for Ram air intakes, headers or accessories suited to the performance-driven owner, you can trust to find it at CORSA PERFORMANCE. Every one of our products is manufactured with performance and reliability in mind, thanks in large part to our patented Reflective Sound Cancellation®(RSC®) No Drone Technology. Browse cat-back exhausts, air intakes and more for 2003-07,2009+ Classic and 2019+ Dodge Ram exhausts or search for your exact Year, Make and Model above for the perfect Ram aftermarket upgrade for your needs today!

The Best RAM 1500 Performance Parts: Dodge RAM Exhausts, Air Intakes & More

Here at CORSA PERFORMANCE, we've continued to innovate on our premium RAM 1500 aftermarket parts to bring you the best driving experience possible every time you get behind the wheel. The Dodge RAM 1500 is by far one of the best trucks you can find on the market today. The V6 or V8 engine is an absolute beast when out on the open road and can push the limits of what you'd expect from such a massive truck. However, if you're anything like us, you know there's always room for improvement. Once you've gotten over the initial giddiness that comes from picking up a new ride, you're looking for new ways to make driving your RAM 1500 a mind-blowing experience – that's where the expertly designed RAM 1500 performance parts from CORSA come in. Find new sound and performance possibilities with a Dodge RAM 1500 exhaust system, bring fresh air to that powerful engine with a RAM 1500 cold air intake or start small with a RAM 1500 muffler. Whatever you need from your truck, CORSA is here to deliver.

A Guide to CORSA RAM 1500 Aftermarket Parts

At CORSA, we’ve perfected the science of sound for all of our RAM 1500 aftermarket parts. But that doesn't mean we ignore performance gains along the way. By installing a new CORSA Dodge RAM 1500 exhaust system or RAM 1500 cold air intake, you'll see benefits across the board in the areas you care about the most.

If you're looking for some inspiration on which RAM 1500 performance parts you should get first, check out some of our favorite upgrades and mods. We'll give you a breakdown of how they can help unlock the true potential of your vehicle for immediate benefits in performance and sound.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a RAM 1500 Exhaust System?

Aggressive sound, improved fuel efficiency and better acceleration are just some of the top advantages you'll get when installing a new Dodge RAM exhaust system on your vehicle. These performance upgrades are some of the most popular on the market today, and we've designed our Dodge RAM 1500 exhaust systems to ensure you'll feel and hear the difference right away. With patented Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) technology, you can experience a deeper, richer aggressive sound upon acceleration that will get your heart racing every time — but without any annoying drone. We've engineered all of our Dodge RAM exhaust systems to provide you with enhanced sound while giving you a drone-free experience while cruising down the open road. Your neighbors might not appreciate it, but trust us when we say you'll be turning heads of fellow enthusiasts whenever they're near.

Of course, sound isn't the only thing we've designed our RAM 1500 exhaust systems to improve. With our large diameter pipes and high-grade mandrel-bent tubing that are miles ahead of your stock system, you can increase your airflow and unlock extra power you didn't even know your vehicle was capable of. With a complete Dodge RAM 1500 exhaust system, you'll see improved horsepower and torque gains that will help unlock the full potential of your RAM.

Why Do I Need a RAM 1500 Cold Air Intake?

Maximum airflow within your RAM 1500 is crucial for reaching top performance – adding a RAM 1500 cold air intake can make a world of difference. Aside from outflowing your stock air intake, CORSA's RAM 1500 cold air intakes can maximize your air induction system's potential. It's a simple concept and one that we've perfected over our 25+ years as industry leaders. By increasing airflow to the engine and providing colder air from outside your vehicle, you'll see performance gains and help your fuel burn more efficiently. We've designed our RAM 1500 cold air intakes to work in tandem with our exhaust systems, giving you a more efficient vehicle overall.

Do I Need to Upgrade My Full Dodge RAM 1500 Exhaust System?

Upgrading with a full Dodge RAM exhaust system will make a massive difference in your drive, but if you're not looking to break the bank,. you can start with a RAM 1500 resonator delete kit to begin producing a louder sound and upgrade the steel from your stock parts upon installation. It's also a significant first step to upgrading your RAM 1500 to a full catback system. Both of these RAM 1500 performance parts are perfect starting points for improving your vehicle's sound without putting a severe dent in your wallet. Check them out today.

Shop CORSA PERFORMANCE For the Top RAM 1500 Performance Exhaust & Air Intake Parts on the Market

CORSA PERFORMANCE is trusted by dealers and drivers alike nationwide to deliver an unparalleled driving experience to your RAM 1500. Between our patented Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) technology and expert craftsmanship, you can expect to see a 3-5% increase in horsepower when upgrading your truck with our Dodge RAM 1500 performance parts. Add that to our top-tier customer service, and you'll soon find out why our loyal customer base continues to grow by the day. We make buying Dodge RAM 1500 aftermarket parts easy with a detailed warranty center and an updated, growing list of dealers and installers near you. Plus, our FAQ is packed with answers to most of your questions, and our experts are just a call away. Shop CORSA PERFORMANCE for your brand new Dodge RAM exhaust system, RAM 1500 cold air intake or RAM 1500 muffler today!

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