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Go beyond the limitations of your stock parts and take your Ram 1500 to the next level with a 2019+ New Ram 1500 exhaust from CORSA today. With a CORSA exhaust for the Ram 1500, your ride will receive benefits across the board that makes every drive better than the last. More power, more torque, better fuel economy, higher quality appearance and a longer lifespan are just a few – but we know if you're looking for aftermarket exhaust systems, you care the most about how your ride will sound. A CORSA exhaust for the Ram 1500 will give you a loud, aggressive, DRONE-FREE, exhaust note that is sure to turn heads when you come down the open road. Don't settle for stock. Shop the 2019-2022 Ram 1500 exhaust from CORSA today.

With a CORSA Exhaust, Your Ram 1500 Will Be a Whole New Beast

Whether you're in the market for a 2019 Ram 1500 exhaust or you're already ready to upgrade your 2023 model, CORSA PERFORMANCE has you covered. The Sport Sound Level CORSA exhaust for the Ram 1500 is all about one thing – performance. We already know your Hemi-Powered Ram 1500 is powerful, but with that stock exhaust system, it can't live up to its full potential. That doesn't mean your stock exhaust is bad; it just can't compete with the performance CORSA has to offer. Factory exhaust systems are made to be restrictive to appeal to the largest possible demographic. CORSA exhausts for the Ram 1500 are made for the car enthusiast who craves an upgrade that is louder, flows more freely and higher-quality for their ride.

You Have Everything to Gain With a 2019 + Ram 1500 Exhaust System

With a 47% increase in airflow, a 2019+ Ram 1500 exhaust system will allow your truck to breathe easier. With our mandrel-bent designs and wide diameter tubing, your Ram 1500 is free to make the most of its V8 engine, increasing  horsepower and torque in the process.

Of course, at CORSA, we don't just stop there. We're always looking to perfect what we call "The Science of Sound™." After installing a CORSA exhaust in your Ram 1500, you can expect louder, deeper, more aggressive exhaust notes upon startup and acceleration. And trust us, you haven't lived until you've sped down an open road and felt your exhaust rumble deep in your chest. And with our patented No-Drone, Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC®) technology, you won't be bothered by cabin ringing resonant frequencies during cruise. The best part? CORSA products are specifically optimized to work in tandem with one another. That means you can browse our entire selection of Dodge Ram exhaust and performance parts to maximize the performance of your truck on or off-road.

CORSA Exhausts for the Ram 1500 Are Compatible With Your Year

If you're behind the wheel of a Ram 1500, odds are we have a CORSA exhaust system engineered and optimized to be compatible with your ride. And yes, that includes new releases like 2020 and 2021 Ram exhausts as well as the 2022 Ram 1500. When you engineer an exhaust for an exact fit, you take away the one thing that stops most car enthusiasts from making that final purchase – backpressure. When you shop for a random 2021 Ram exhaust from some unknown website, you risk buying a product that isn't optimized for your vehicle, which can cause all sorts of problems including decreasing the performance of  your engine. Don't take the risk by purchasing inferior products. Shop for a 2019 +Ram 1500 exhaust system from CORSA. CORSA Cat-Back Exhaust systems are designed for  a perfect fitment and come with all the necessary hardware you need making installation  a breeze.

Looking to replace your Ram Rebel exhaust? Don't worry. We've made sure you'll get a perfect fit as well. All that extra horsepower and torque will do you well when mobbing through the desert, exploring fire trails or hammering the dirt roads.

Awesome Sounding Corsa Performance 2019+ Ram 1500 Exhaust System 5.7L V8

Listen to the 2019+ New Body Style Ram 1500 Exhaust System 5.7L V8.