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GMC Canyon owners can agree that it's exciting to get behind the wheel of this V6-engine-driven mid-size pickup. But even with its bold performance capabilities, we know your stock Canyon exhaust leaves a lot to be desired. That's why we at CORSA PERFORMANCE are proud to offer our line ofGMC Canyon exhaust systems – the upgrade you need to unlock performance in the areas that matter the most.From the leaders in performance exhaust modifications for vehicles of all types, our GMC Canyon exhaust systems will give you the horsepower to accelerate down the open road, the torque to climb steep grades and a signature aggressive sound unmatched by any stock parts. View our entire selection below.

Our Canyon Exhaust Systems Take Your Power to the Next Level

Your stock GMC Canyon exhaust is designed to carry exhaust gases out and away from your vehicle – nothing more and nothing less. Sure, it does its job, but the design of your stock system is severely restricting your performance capabilities. From the size and design to the materials it's made from, a brand new GMC Canyon exhaust system is just the thing to maximize your truck's potential. With mandrel-bent piping and a non-restrictive straight-through design, an aftermarket GMC Canyon exhaust can enhance your exhaust flow up to 88%, freeing up additional power you never knew you had. That means you'll see performance gains in horsepower and torque for faster drives and the power to tough it out through any terrain.

As an additional bonus, an aftermarket GMC Canyon cat-back exhaust gives you a subtle boost in fuel economy to drive longer with the same amount of fuel. That means fewer trips to the gas station and savings over time.

Listen to a CORSA GMC Canyon Exhaust in Action

Reading about Canyon exhaust systems is one thing – seeing and hearing them in action is entirely different. Check out what a GMC Canyon Cat-Back Exhaust can do for your ride.

Commonly Asked Questions About CORSA GMC Canyon Exhaust Systems

Buyers always want to make sure they're getting the best products possible, so we get a lot of questions about our Canyon exhaust systems. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

What Are CORSA Canyon Exhaust Systems Made From?

CORSA performance GMC Canyon exhausts are built from only the best materials. We use premium 304L stainless steel for every system, ensuring your Canyon exhaust is corrosion-resistant for optimal performance for years to come.

What Is "Sport Sound Level"?

GMC Canyon exhaust systems are Sport Sound Level products, meaning you get a robust and bold sound with every drive. Our signature aggressive growl shines through on the throttle but gives you the chance to tour in comfort.

Will GMC Canyon Exhaust Tips Come With My Order?

Yes! Each GMC Canyon cat-back exhaust comes complete with a rear pipe, resonator, performance muffler and Canyon exhaust tips to give your ride an extra boost in style along with performance benefits.

Find Trusted GMC Canyon Exhaust Systems at CORSA

CORSA PERFORMANCE is trusted by drivers and dealers alike all over the country to deliver an unmatched driving experience for your GMC Canyon. With an aftermarket GMC Canyon exhaust system, you'll see gains in power, speed, strength and sound. Add that to our top-tier customer service, and you'll find out why vehicle owners come back to CORSA time and time again to improve their performance. We make purchasing GMC Canyon exhausts easy with a Lifetime Warranty* you can trust and experts ready to assist you. Shop CORSA PERFORMANCE today.