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Dodge Durango Performance Upgrades & Aftermarket Parts


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The muscle-car-inspired Dodge Durango is one of the only midsize SUV options that packs some real power under the hood. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to leave it as-is once you drive off the lot. Odds are, you picked up a Dodge Durango specifically because it offers the performance that you crave, so why not give it an extra boost with top-rated Dodge Durango aftermarket parts? At CORSA, we design and engineer our Dodge Durango performance upgrades to further enhance the capabilities of your vehicle. There's no use in having that impressive V6 or V8 engine if you can't unlock its full potential. CORSA Dodge Durango performance parts, like our Durango exhaust systems and cool air intakes, are optimized to work in tandem with your vehicle so you can maximize performance gains across the board. Check out our full selection of Dodge Durango aftermarket parts below, and make sure your Durango maximizes its full performance abilities for the best ride of your life.

Dodge Durango Parts Boost Performance, Power & Sound

While many rivals of the Dodge Durango start as four-cylinder vehicles with an optional V6 upgrade, the Durango is sold standard with the V6 and gives drivers the option to go all the way with a top-of-the-line V8 engine. That said, there's still some room for improvement in horsepower, torque, fuel efficiency and sound. Dodge Durango performance upgrades from CORSA are designed to unlock your Durango's engine to give you the performance levels you crave. At CORSA, we engineer all of our performance parts specifically for the vehicle make and model they are intended for – our Dodge Durango parts are no different. Shop CORSA for parts that perform, offer a perfect fit and deliver leading performance for your Durango.

CORSA Brand Dodge Durango Performance Parts: The Details

At CORSA, we turn our attention to the Dodge Durango aftermarket parts that make the biggest difference. Exhaust systems and cool air intakes are some of the simplest Durango performance upgrades you can install – but trust us, they make an astonishing difference. To learn more about what Durango performance upgrades can do for your vehicle, keep reading.

Performance Dodge Durango Exhaust Systems

Enhance the power output of your Durango with a brand new Durango exhaust from CORSA PERFORMANCE. What separates a CORSA performance Durango exhaust system from your stock parts comes down to size and design. Sure, the stock system on your Durango is adequate, but it's purpose-built to O.E.M. specs, resulting in an inexpensive, simplistic, restrictive exhaust system that strangles exhaust flow. Our Durango exhaust systems utilize larger diameter tubing in a mandrel-bent, straight-through design that ensures your exhaust gases flow freely. When you let your exhaust system breathe, you enhance your Durango's horsepower, torque, acceleration and fuel efficiency in the process.

Of course, at CORSA we care about more than just performance gains. We've perfected what we refer to as "The Science of Sound" in each of our Durango exhaust systems. CORSA Durango exhausts utilize our patented Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) technology to give your vehicle a deep, aggressive rumble upon acceleration while eliminating all drone while cruising down the open road.

Dodge Durango Cool Air Intakes

Outflow your stock intake with a Dodge Durango aftermarket cool air intake from CORSA. Maximizing your airflow is crucial for reaching top performance, and nothing does it better than a CORSA cool air intake. These Dodge Durango performance parts allow you to harness the full potential of your vehicle's induction system, giving you benefits such as improved engine efficiency, smoother throttle response, swifter acceleration and even more enhanced sound. Not to mention, increasing the airflow to your engine means it won't have to work as hard to produce these results, giving you a boost in fuel economy that will save you from endless trips to the gas station. We've designed our cold air intakes to work in tandem with our Durango exhaust systems, giving you a more efficient vehicle overall.

Look to CORSA for Your Dodge Durango Performance Upgrades

With over 25 years of experience as an industry leader, CORSA Dodge Durango aftermarket parts are your solution to getting the most out of your vehicle. Between our patented Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) technology and expert engineering, you can expect to hear the difference in your vehicle's growl, and see a 3-5% boost in horsepower and torque after installing our Dodge Durango parts. If you have any questions about our Dodge Durango performance upgrades, feel free to contact us. Or, you can check out our detailed FAQ page for more in-depth information you're sure to enjoy. Shop CORSA PERFORMANCE for top-rated Dodge Durango parts today!

CORSA Performance 2021+ Dodge Durango Hellcat Catback Exhaust System

The Dodge Durango Hellcat catback exhaust assortment is available in both "Sport" and "Xtreme" sound levels allowing the driver to tailor the exhaust system to their exact sound profile. Made from 2.75" 304 stainless steel construction and featuring CORSA's Best-in-Class No Drone RSC® Technology, this is the ultimate Durango Hellcat exhaust system.

CORSA's "Sport" sound level is 6 decibels louder than the stock exhaust system and offers an aggressive cold start, moderately aggressive exhaust note under acceleration while maintaining stock levels of in-cabin volume.

CORSA's "Xtreme" system is 17 decibels louder than the stock system and noticeably more aggressive than the Sport system on both cold start and during acceleration while only inducing slightly more in-cabin volume.