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Ford Raptor Performance Upgrades


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The Ford Raptor is one of the most impressive trucks on the market. Built as a street legal, Baja capable off-roader, the Ford Raptor re-wrote the rule book on performance trucks. But while the Ford Raptor is an impressive vehicle in its stock configuration, Ford left some performance opportunities on the table. There are still plenty of possibilities for you to add Ford Raptor performance upgrades and mods to maximize the performance potential of your Raptor. With well-engineered Ford Raptor performance parts, you can boost your horsepower and increase your torque allowing you to maximize the performance and towing capabilities of your truck. Explore our selection of Raptor mods from cold air intakes to, exhaust systems that allow you to maximize airflow and create a signature exhaust note.

Ford Raptor Air Intake Mods

At CORSA, you can find various air intake performance parts specifically created for the Ford Raptor. Performance air intake systems like the 2017-2020 Ford Raptor Cold Air Intake work to outflow stock intakes maximizing your horsepower and torque. Made in the U.S.A. and backed by a lifetime warranty, CORSA Ford Raptor performance intake parts are engineered to perform based on your driving conditions. If you utilize your Raptor more Off-Road than On, you may want our Donaldson PowerCore Cold Air Intake designed for severe-duty conditions. Donaldson PowerCore filtration  was engineered to offer superior protection for vehicles operating in the toughest environments on the planet by continuing to provide airflow while filtering out fine damaging particulates other filters miss. CORSA's closed-box cold air intakes further improve performance by reducing air temperatures and blocking out engine heat creating a cooler air charge aiding engine performance. These air intakes are much more efficient than their stock factory counterparts, unlocking additional performance and giving you greater throttle response and sound from your Ford Raptor. We've made installation as easy as possible and include a detailed guide so you can begin turning heads on the road immediately. Shop Ford Raptor performance upgrade air intakes at CORSA today.

Ford Raptor Exhaust System Performance Parts

If you're looking for maximize the performance and fuel economy gains from your intake modification and are also interested in adding aggressive sound to your Ford Raptor, you may also want to consider an aftermarket exhaust system. At CORSA, we don't just make our Raptor performance exhaust systems to be loud– we've perfected the Science of Sound™ with our patented RSC® (Reflective Sound Cancellation®) technology. Give your Ford Raptor an aggressive exhaust note and optimal performance under acceleration while maintaining a drone-free experience during cruise for the best driving experience in the automotive industry. Like our air intake mods, CORSA Ford Raptor performance exhaust system parts require no welding for easy installation, are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. and come with a lifetime warranty.

Shop CORSA For Your Ford Raptor Performance Upgrades

At CORSA PERFORMANCE, we aim to make sure every customer can find the performance part that will bring new life to their vehicle. Settling for stock parts means accepting the status quo. Embrace the true power of your vehicle and discover the best Ford Raptor V8 or EcoBoost® performance upgrades by shopping at CORSA today. If you have any questions regarding our Raptor performance parts, don't hesitate to  contact us. The experts are always standing by ready to make your ride run better, faster, and stronger than ever before.

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