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Toyota Tacoma Exhaust System Upgrades


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Optimize your Toyota Tacoma’s exhaust with premium-quality cat-back exhaust systems from CORSA Performance. We proudly offer Sport Sound Level cat-back exhaust system options that deliver cutting-edge designs, easy installation, and powerful performance gains. Plus, when you order from the Sport Sound Level series, you can trust that your Tacoma exhaust upgrade will unleash an aggressive - yet refined - sound that is unrivaled across the industry. Shop our entire collection of Toyota Tacoma cat-back exhaust systems today.

CORSA is Your Number One Supplier of Toyota Tacoma Exhaust Systems

Owners of the Toyota Tacoma consistently praise this midsize pickup for its robust off-road credentials, reliability and versatility over even the most rugged terrains. Sometimes it's hard to imagine the Tacoma being better than it already is – but car enthusiasts everywhere know that stock parts in any vehicle can only take you so far. That's why Tacoma owners everywhere turn to CORSA PERFORMANCE. An upgraded Tacoma exhaust system can help unlock the true potential of your truck and take it to new heights you've never thought possible from a vehicle so consistently praised. It's not like your stock Tacoma exhaust is bad – it's just underplayed when it comes off the factory line. Don't blame Toyota. It's just the factory standard. We here at CORSA think of the stock Tacoma exhaust system as an opportunity to showcase a new standard for owners everywhere with aftermarket Tacoma upgrades to make your beast of a truck an even bigger monster on the road. To learn more about what an upgraded Toyota Tacoma exhaust system can do for you, keep reading.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Tacoma Exhaust?

An aftermarket Tacoma exhaust system can free up some of the power from your four-cylinder or V6 engine to make it easier for the gases to escape, giving your truck the ability to power down the open road with style. It's a simple concept. The better your engine can breathe, the better results you'll get. At CORSA, we utilize premium stainless steel mandrel-bent piping to help increase the airflow of your Tacoma exhaust and give your engine the air it needs to perform better. With high-quality engineering specifically designed to fit the parameters of your truck, a CORSA brand Tacoma performance exhaust is everything you need to unlock the power and sound you crave.

A New Tacoma Exhaust System Unlocks Your Performance Potential

What benefits can you expect from a new Tacoma exhaust upgrade? First, let's cover our bases on power and performance gains. As we mentioned, a brand new Tacoma exhaust gives you a better-breathing engine, which is critical to get the results you crave. With a Tacoma exhaust system, your truck will see horsepower and torque gains thanks to the upgraded airflow, making for a better driving experience when you put the pedal to the floor on the open road. You'll also get a boost in fuel economy and handling at high speeds – allowing you to make the most out of your performance gains and truly reap their benefits. But performance gains aren't the only reason to purchase an aftermarket Toyota Tacoma exhaust system.

A Tacoma Exhaust Upgrade Gives Your Truck New Levels of Aggressive Sound

One of the things we pride ourselves on for our Tacoma exhaust upgrades is the unlocked sound potential you can get from a CORSA product. Finally, your Tacoma's sound will be able to match its appearance and performance on the open road with deep, aggressive, loud exhaust notes on startup and acceleration. At CORSA, we've perfected what we call "The Science of Sound" in each of our Tacoma performance exhaust systems – it's what we're most passionate about. We utilize our patented Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) technology to transform the sound of your Tacoma exhaust while eliminating all drone during cruise to make drives smoother. Think about it – hearing your Tacoma emit a throaty growl as you reach top speeds can get your heart racing with every drive. Not to mention, you're sure to turn some heads.

Shop CORSA for a Tacoma Performance Exhaust Today

A Tacoma exhaust upgrade from CORSA is your solution to get the most out of your truck. As an industry leader for over 25 years, we know what it takes to make a Tacoma exhaust truly special. From our patented RSC® technology to our true-fit designs, you can expect to hear and feel the difference immediately after installation. If you have any questions about our Tacoma performance exhaust systems, contact us today. Or, you can check out our in-depth FAQ page for more information on what you can expect from our products. Don't settle for stock. Shop CORSA PERFORMANCE for trusted Tacoma exhausts today.

CORSA Performance Toyota Tacoma 3.5L V6 Cat-Back Exhaust System

Sport Sound Level 3.0" Cat-Back, Single Side Exit w/ Single 4.0" Straight Cut Tip