The Best C7 Corvette Exhaust System to Enhance Your Ride

Aftermarket C7 Corvette Exhaust System

The Corvette C7 Stingray is remarkable in stock form, but Vette enthusiasts know that even the best rides can use some improvement. One of the most common and sought-after upgrades available is a brand-new C7 Corvette exhaust. Although more C7 owners are turning to C7 Corvette performance parts to bolster higher levels of performance and further build the C7's already high-level appeal.

With the power to create substantial gains in horsepower and torque as well as a more aggressive sound, a Corvette C7 exhaust is the optimal performance mod to give that direct-injected 6.2L LT1 engine a significant boost in the areas that matter the most.

Deciding to pick up a new exhaust is simple – finding the best aftermarket exhaust for your C7 Corvette can sometimes be more of a challenge. That's why the experts at CORSA PERFORMANCE are here to help. Check out our top picks for the best C7 Corvette exhaust system below.

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Understanding Your C7 Performance Exhaust Options

> Get a Closer Look at the Best Corvette C7 Exhaust From CORSA

> The Best Aftermarket Exhaust for C7 Corvette Z06, ZR1 & GS Manual Models

> The Best Exhaust for the C7 Corvette GS Auto Model

Complete Corvette C7 Exhaust System Upgrade

Understanding Your C7 Performance Exhaust Options

Chevrolet's research and development team put extensive effort into increasing the quality and sound of their stock C7 exhaust system. Stingrays are available with "Factory NPP" (Nuclear Propulsion Package) or "Standard Non-NPP" options. The terminology might seem a little confusing, but all you need to know is that NPP is a multi-mode exhaust that can either limit your sound or kick it into high gear.

By using a special valve, your C7 Corvette exhaust effectively can "open up," allowing your performance car to have a more aggressive exhaust note when you want attention and behave more quietly when you don't.

While many aftermarket exhaust systems for the C7 ignore this fantastic feature, the expert acoustic engineers at CORSA have been able to incorporate it into their C7 performance exhaust options. The following CORSA Corvette C7 exhaust systems replace the dual-mode NPP option, allowing owners to customize their exhaust to suit the moment with both "Touring" and "Track" sound level modes.

Aftermarket C7 Exhaust System

The Best Aftermarket Exhaust for C7 Corvette Z06, ZR1 & GS Manual Models

Our top pick for the best aftermarket exhaust for the C7 Corvette Z06, ZR1 and Grand Sport Manual is the 2015-2019 2.75 Inch Axle-Back Quad Exhaust With 4.5 Inch Tips. Over a year's worth of engineering created this C7 exhaust to ensure it works in tandem with the car's dual-mode NPP wiring harness.

What makes this system great is the impressive overall performance gains that take your Stingray to entirely new heights. After installation, you can expect an impressive four-horsepower gain over your stock C7 exhaust, thanks to the 23.06% exhaust flow increase. In turn, you'll see an immediate torque boost as well. You also have an option to add an X-pipe for even more increased exhaust flow and performance.

Performance gains are essential to many drivers, but where this CORSA Corvette C7 exhaust system shines the most is in its sound. The acoustic engineers at CORSA PERFORMANCE have worked tirelessly to create the optimal exhaust notes for all the variable sound modes the C7 offers.

With their patented Reflective Sound Cancellation™ (RSC™) technology, various chambers reverse the exhaust's sound waves, which cancels out all the unwanted drone that can ruin drives. If you're C7 is outfitted with NPP, you'll see a 17dB difference between open- and closed-valve modes.

This C7 Corvette exhaust system comes with quad, 4 1/2-inch Pro-Series resonator tips in either polished 304 stainless steel or PVD black finish. The rest of the design is just as refined, made from high-quality, durable and corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel that will last years after installation.

You can also purchase the 2015-2019 2.75 Inch Axle-Back Quad Exhaust With 4.5 Inch Tips Without NPP for the same performance gains.

Shop CORSA PERFORMANCE for Your Top-Rated C7 Corvette Exhaust

If you want to take your C7 Stingray to new levels of performance, choose a C7 Corvette exhaust from CORSA PERFORMANCE. With our all-encompassing multi-variable mode, you'll have the option to choose aggressive exhaust notes when you want, quiet ones when you don't, and a drone-free cruise at all times. We have options for every C7 Corvette on the market – browse our entire selection today.

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C7 Exhaust For Maximum Performance

The Best Exhaust for the C7 Corvette GS Auto Model

Our top pick for the best exhaust for the C7 Corvette GS Automatic is the 2014-2019 2.75-Inch Valve-Back Quad Exhaust With 4.5-Inch Tips.

With the C7 Corvette exhaust, you'll be able to unlock all the potential your automatic Stingray has to offer.

Designed with CORSA's patented RSC™ technology, this axle-back exhaust system provides a mean soundtrack sure to turn some heads along with a drone-free cruise. Like our other top pick, this C7 Corvette exhaust system can also offer different exhaust notes with a 17dB difference depending on what multi-variable setting you choose.

Additionally, C7 owners can expect maximum performance and sound gains thanks to the 23.08% exhaust flow increase. When you install this C7 exhaust, you'll see a four-horsepower and torque gain with its straight-through, unrestricted design meant to reduce backpressure, improve your engine efficiency and allow exhaust gases to flow freely throughout the entire system.

You can also add an optional double-helix X-pipe for a greater flow increase and more performance gains. Made from the highest grade 304 stainless steel, the massive 4 1/2-inch quad tips stand over a half-inch larger than your factory exhaust.

As with our other top pick, the best aftermarket exhaust for the C7 Corvette GS Automatic is available as the 2014-2019 2.75 Inch Valve-Back Quad Exhaust With 4.5 Inch Tips Without NPP option as well.

Get a Closer Look at the Best Corvette C7 Exhaust From CORSA

Seeing (and hearing) is believing. If you want to check out what a multi-variable CORSA Corvette C7 exhaust system looks and sounds like before you buy, watch this short video.

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Don't settle for your stock C7 exhaust – unlock your Stingray's full potential with a high-performance CORSA exhaust system today. CORSA Corvette C7 exhausts are easy to install, emission legal in all 50 states and can take your flow, sound and overall performance to astonishing new heights. In addition to offering the best Corvette C7 exhaust systems on the market, we also carry a wide variety of other performance parts to maximize your overall performance. Browse the entire selection at CORSA PERFORMANCE today.

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