5 Ford F-150 Upgrades to Improve Your Performance & Speed

F150 Upgrades

The Ford F-150 boasts an impressive track record as America's No. 1 truck for over ten generations. However, if you're the proud owner of an F-150, you may be completely satisfied with your truck but still desire a bit more power and performance. If you're anything like the team at CORSA PERFORMANCE, you might have the itch to do something about it. That's where Ford F-150 modifications come in. F-150 upgrades can unlock all the power potential hiding within that 3.5L V6 Engine.

The best F-150 upgrades don't just enhance the performance of your truck – they give your pickup a more aggressive look and sound to help you stand out from the crowd. The best part is that no matter your budget, there are always Ford F-150 performance mods that fit your needs. Here are the five of the best F-150 upgrades and modifications you should look into to improve the performance and speed of your Ford truck.

Table of Contents

1.Find More Power With a Performance Exhaust System

> 4. Maintain Your Performance With an Oil Catch Can

> 2. Bring In More Air With a Cold Air Intake

> 5. Optimize Your Power With a Professional Tuning

> 3. Increase Your Speed By Removing Any Extra Weight

1. Find More Power With a Performance Exhaust System

If you know anything about how to make an F-150 faster, you'll recognize the first mod on our list: a performance exhaust system. When it comes to the exhaust system on your Ford F-150, souped-up is always better. To put it bluntly, your stock exhaust is not very efficient. Typically, it's the cheapest one the manufacturer can make and severely restricts your performance capabilities.

When researching performance upgrades for F-150 trucks, a cat-back exhaust system is often the first thing that comes up. These Ford F-150 upgrades are simple bolt-on mods that run from the catalytic converters (cats) back to the exhaust tip and will replace the pipes from the cats, the muffler and the exhaust tip. Thanks to their non-restrictive, mandrel-bent design and premium stainless steel hardware, performance cat-back exhausts increase your exhaust flow and help to reduce backpressure. This simple F-150 upgrade helps boost horsepower, increase torque for and give your truck a unique, aggressive exhaust note unmatched by any stock system. It's an excellent first upgrade for any enthusiast.

2. Bring In More Air With a Cold Air Intake

Along with a brand new performance exhaust system, swapping out your factory air intake for an aftermarket cold air intake is one of the best upgrades for Ford F-150 owners to make. Colder air carries more oxygen, which burns hotter and faster — if you can get colder air (and more air) into the combustion chamber rather than heated air from your engine compartment, you'll get a much bigger bang and, subsequently, more speed.

With colder, better flowing air, your truck can breathe easier and boost the horsepower and efficiency of your engine. Not to mention, because there's more oxygen inside the chamber to produce combustion, you won't have to use as much gas even at higher speeds.

Cold air intakes are great Ford F-150 modifications that won't break the bank. If you're not into the idea of investing in a full exhaust system replacement, these F-150 performance mods are just the trick to give your engine an extra kick.

3. Increase Your Speed By Removing Any Extra Weight

This next option is more a modification than an upgrade but still beneficial. One of the reasons an F-150 can be so slow is because of its weight – depending on what model you own, you're packing a whopping 4,257-5,372 pounds. If you're looking to understand how to make your F-150 faster without spending money on tons of F-150 upgrades, reducing its weight is one of the best things you can do.

A Ford F-150 will never be as light as a compact car built for speed, like a Miata, but it's possible to increase the speed through weight reduction. Here are a few Ford F-150 modifications you can make to help drop some pounds:

Best F150 Upgrades
  • Remove Any Nonessential Electrical Components: This can include the air conditioning unit, stereo and speakers or heating system.
  • Strip the Interior: Removable interior components can include extra seats, seat covers, carpeting, spare tires or jacks.
  • Replace Heavy Components With Lighter Ones: Heavy components can include the battery, heavy metal body panels (replace with fibro glass) or lighter wheels with less tread.
  • Remove Nonessential Exterior Accessories: Nonessential exterior accessories can include tonneau covers, truck bed accessories, running boards or bull bars.

Once you've lightened the load of your F-150, you should notice a nice boost in speed. Even though you'll be moving faster, remember to be careful not to replace components that help produce power. Just because something is lighter doesn't always mean you'll be traveling faster.

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4. Maintain Your Performance With an Oil Catch Can

Oil catch cans are simple Ford F-150 upgrades that can significantly benefit your engine. Oil catch cans prevent oil and other contaminants from causing build-up inside your engine's intake manifold where it doesn't belong. They work by plugging into a hose that runs from the top of your engine's crankcase to the intake manifold. That way, it can relieve some of the pressure in the crankcase generated by blow-by (the process of pressure escaping the combustion chamber by seeping past any piston rings). These contaminants build up inside the intake – when left unchecked, they can hurt your horsepower, cause misfires and damage your fuel economy.

While an oil catch can isn't exactly an F-150 performance mod made for increasing speed, they work exceptionally well at helping you maintain optimal power in your engine. If you're thinking about getting some other Ford F-150 modifications, an oil catch can will help ensure you don't lose your gains throughout the years.

5. Optimize Your Power With a Professional Tuning

Your Ford F-150's computer needs to be upgraded as much as the rest of your truck. Like your stock exhaust or stock air intake, your stock tune doesn't hold up to much scrutiny. After installing the best upgrades for your F-150, it's crucial to get a custom tune done to optimize boosts in horsepower, performance and speed.

Performance Upgrades For F150

An F-150 tune is essentially an increase in your power by calibrating and aligning different parts of your truck. In the early days of performance tuning, this was done by hand – carefully balancing everything to the same level, height and cleanliness. Nowadays, tunes are done with computers and other electronics.

Your F-150 comes with a master computer to ensure all your components are running smoothly. It's responsible for many things, but one of its major responsibilities is dictating how your engine puts out power and which parts are running at what speeds.

If you have the equipment and programming experience, you can connect your truck to a laptop and perform this F-150 performance mod yourself. However, you should take it to a professional tuner if you're not confident in your tuning skills.

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