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CORSA Custom 3.0 IN Mufflers for V8 Muscle




Muffler Config
# of Mufflers (Qty)


Ideal for V8 vehicles whether custom or classics from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s or 90s


3.0" Custom Muffler(s)

QTY Sound Level Inlet / Outlet Muffler Config. Overall Product Dims. (ea.)
L x W x H
Muffler Length Part #
1 Sport 3.0" Offset / Offset 16" x 11" x 6.25" 10" CP3000S
1 Sport 3.0" Offset / Center 16" x 11" x 6.25" 10" CP300CT
1 Sport 3.0" Offset / Offset Same Side 16" x 11" x 6.25" 10" CP300SS
2 Sport 3.0" Offset / Offset  16" x 11" x 6.25" 10" CP3000S2
2 Sport 3.0" Offset / Center 16" x 11" x 6.25" 10" CP300CT2
2 Sport 3.0" Offset / Offset Same Side 16" x 11" x 6.25" 10" CP300SS2

SPORT Sound Level

- High Performance Sound.
- Distinct Hollow CORSA Rumble at Idle.
- Aggressive Sound Through The Gears.
- Recommended to Pair with Headers
-Overall louder than stock, quieter than Xtreme at Cruise.

CORSA Custom V8 Mufflers are designed to bring that iconic "hollow" CORSA exhaust note to that true custom build or our favorite iconic vehicles from the 60's, 70's, and 80's and 90's.

Designed with CORSA Performance RSC® Technology, CORSA Performance has evaluated a broad spectrum of V8 firing sequences to deliver a solution that mitigates MOST drone inducing frequencies to provide the best acoustic muffler solution for "V8 Muscle" cars and trucks.  

Each "CORSA Custom Muffler" features a straight-through muffler designed to flow as freely as possible freeing up potential horsepower and torque.

Choose from a wide range of muffler configurations and exhaust diameters including 2.5" and 3.0".

If you want the best acoustic solution for your restoration or restomod build, look no further than CORSA Performance's Custom Mufflers.

 NOTE:  CORSA Classic Mufflers are designed to mitigate most drone inducing frequencies.  Drone mitigation effectiveness will be dependent upon modifications, number of mufflers used and muffler location. Additional packed mufflers may be required to attain desired sound level. These are not traditional universal mufflers.

CORSA branded exhaust systems are backed by a Limited Lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle with proof of purchase. (VIEW WARRANTY)

Every vehicle-specific CORSA product is engineered and designed to match the unique properties of the vehicle it is designed for to deliver perfect fitment and performance. CORSA does not recommend or recognize purchases and installations on unspecified vehicles.

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