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Chevy Colorado ZR2 Exhaust Upgrades & Performance Parts


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Your award-winning Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 is a combination of power and efficiency, set apart from most other mid-size pickups on the road. But even the most die-hard ZR2 drivers know their stock exhaust system could benefit from an upgrade. That's where aftermarket Colorado ZR2 exhaust systems from CORSA PERFORMANCE come in. Designed and engineered for precise fit and performance, our line of Colorado exhausts delivers the gains you crave in the areas that matter the most– performance, sound and style. View our entire selection of Colorado ZR2 exhaust systems below.

Upgrade Your Sound Potential With an Aftermarket Colorado Exhaust

A function of your stock Colorado exhaust is to reduce the amount of noise your engine produces. That's not exactly ideal for enthusiasts, especially when you know your 3.6L LGZ V6 engine is capable of so much more.At CORSA, we pride ourselves on the deep, aggressive rumble drivers get from all of our Colorado ZR2 exhausts– it's why we've been perfecting what we call "The Science of Sound" for the past 25 years. We know that when you get behind the wheel, you want your ZR2 exhaust system to scream during startup and acceleration. We also know how annoying exhaust drone can be during cruise – the downfall of most other aftermarket Colorado exhaust systems. Thanks to our patentedReflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) Technology, our line of Colorado ZR2 exhaust systems give your ride an aggressive roar and zero drone during cruise for an unmatched driving experience.

Boost Your Performance Power With a ZR2 Cat-Back Exhaust

When you ditch your stock Colorado exhaust for a performance upgrade, you're giving your engine the power to perform its best – that means gains across the board. The stock ZR2 exhaust system is designed to carry exhaust gases created by the engine out and away from your ride. Our aftermarket Colorado exhausts are designed to improve that process, unlocking horsepower and torque you never knew you had. With a mandrel-bent, straight-through design, CORSA performance Colorado ZR2 exhausts can provide up to an 88% flow increase to unlock all that extra power. Whether accelerating on the highway or driving through the backroads, you'll feel how an aftermarket ZR2 gives you more horsepower (even at low RPMs) and sustains greater torque during challenging road conditions.

In addition, a brand new performance Colorado exhaust will give you a slight boost in fuel economy so you can drive a longer distance on the same amount of fuel.

Hear the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Exhaust System In Action

Don't just take our word for it. Listen to what a Colorado ZR2 Cat-Back Exhaust can do for your ride.

Commonly Asked Questions About Performance Colorado ZR2 Exhausts

We get a lot of questions about our products, and the ZR2 exhaust is no exception. Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

What Components Come With a Colorado ZR2 Cat-Back Exhaust?

When you order an aftermarket ZR2 exhaust from CORSA, your full ZR2 cat-back will come complete with a custom-tuned no drone muffler, rear tailpipe and Colorado ZR2 exhaust tips. These components all work together to give you the sound and performance boosts you crave, along with an added bit of style.

Can I Go Off-Roading With an Aftermarket Colorado ZR2 Exhaust System?

Yes! Our Colorado ZR2 exhaust systems have been redesigned to ensure ample ground clearance for your trail-ready ZR2. That means you can hit the back trails with confidence knowing CORSA engineers designed the catback trail ready to clear obstacles and protect sensitive vehicle components.

Can I Put a Colorado ZR2 Exhaust on My Four-Cylinder Colorado?

No. CORSA Performance ZR2 exhaust systems are only compatible and tuned for trucks powered by the 3.6L LGZ V6 engine. If you're driving a turbocharged 2.8L LWN Duramax diesel four-cylinder engine, you will not be able to achieve optimized engine performance.

Shop Top-Rated Colorado ZR2 Exhausts Only at CORSA

Here at CORSA PERFORMANCE, we only supply our drivers with the best. It's why we've been industry leaders in No Drone Exhaust Technology for over 25 years –when you shop CORSA, you know you are purchasing a premium exhaust system. Each Colorado ZR2 exhaust system in our collection has been rigorously tested for performance, efficiency, durability and corrosion resistance to last you years. Combined with our patented market-leading Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) Technology and easy bolt-on design, there's no reason to miss out. Buy your Colorado exhaust system today, and if you have any questions, reach out and talk to a CORSA expert.