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Exhaust Tip Cleaner (14091) 16 FL OZ

SKU: 14091

SKU: 14091

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Exhaust Tip Cleaner
Exhaust tip cleaner is a fully functional safe and effective product for any surface. At full strength this product is versatile enough to cut even the toughest carbon deposits and buildup.

  • Specially formulated to remove carbon deposits and grime from tips and other metal surfaces.
  • Ideal for cleaning exterior vehicle metal surfaces including exhaust tips, bumpers, trim, metallic engine components and wheels.

CORSA Exhaust Tip Cleaner (16 fl oz) - 1

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STEP 1: Apply directly to inside and outside of exhaust tip surface and let dwell for at least 1 minute.
STEP 2: Agitate surface with a cloth. Do not use an abrasive pad to agitate as you may damage polished metal surfaces. [Click to Purchase Full Kit with Pad]
STEP 3: Rinse surface thoroughly with water and dry to avoid water spots. Follow with a damp microfiber cloth and dry thoroughly for best results.
STEP 4: If stubborn carbon deposits persist, repeat cleaning process.

Safe to use with all CORSA Performance Tips

Installation Instructions

Images are representative, actual product may vary slightly from depiction.

Every vehicle-specific CORSA product is engineered and designed to match the unique properties of the vehicle it is designed for to deliver perfect fitment and performance. CORSA does not recommend or recognize purchases and installations on unspecified vehicles.

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