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Toyota Tundra Exhaust System Upgrades


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Unleash your Toyota Tundra’s exhaust system with exceptional cat-back exhaust systems from CORSA Performance. Our innovative Sport Sound Level single and twin cat-back exhaust system options offer a decisively smooth - yet unmistakably powerful - sound, plus all the performance gains you expect from a premium exhaust upgrade. And on top of that, all of our CORSA-manufactured Tundra performance exhaust products include a limited lifetime warranty. So for the most trusted and highest-caliber Toyota Tundra exhaust systems, shop with CORSA Performance today.

Unlock Your Potential with a Toyota Tundra Exhaust System

As a leader in the automotive industry for over 70 years, Toyota continues to showcase reliability and practicality through the Tundra. The success of the Tundra is mainly due to its massive V8 engine, but wherever there is a powerful engine, there is a car enthusiast looking to improve its performance. That's where CORSA comes in. Like you, we know that every vehicle is better than its stock parts allow. That's why we've designed our line of performance Toyota Tundra exhaust systems meant to unlock the true power of your truck and take it to the next level. Our aftermarket Tundra exhausts are built for performance, so you can take on the open road and experience a drive like never before. By enhancing the flow well beyond the capabilities of your stock Tundra exhaust system, our aftermarket products leave your V8 engine free to breathe, pushing it far beyond your wildest expectations. To learn more about what an upgraded Tundra performance exhaust can do for you, keep reading.

What Can You Expect from an Aftermarket Tundra Exhaust System?

Upgrading your Tundra exhaust components, or the entire system, is an excellent way to enhance the sound of your truck while also getting an extra boost of performance. If you're still sticking to a restrictive stock exhaust system, you're just not getting everything you can out of your Tundra. That's because replacing a stock Tundra exhaust with a performance Tundra upgrade can create a quicker, more efficient path for exhaust gases to escape and increase horsepower, torque and style, giving you a bolder, louder sound. When it comes to upgraded Tundra exhaust systems from CORSA, you're getting quality, power and unbeatable sound — with no compromise.

Enhance Your Sound with a CORSA Tundra Upgrade

Tundra owners know that improving the sound of your Tundra exhaust system is just as important as improving your engine's power and torque. Once you install an upgraded exhaust, the distinctive, aggressive rumble emerging from your vehicle will completely change the way you drive. At CORSA, we utilize what we call "The Science of Sound" to help unlock well-rounded, aggressive exhaust notes that are sure to turn some heads. With our patented Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) technology, your Tundra performance upgrade will deliver powerful notes upon startup and acceleration while eliminating the annoying low frequencies that cause drone during cruise. That means you can enjoy a loud Tundra exhaust without getting a headache from interior drone – not to mention you'll be able to hear when your passengers compliment your ride.

Arm Your Tundra Exhaust with Powerful Performance Benefits

A brand new aftermarket Toyota Tundra exhaust is also great for adding performance gains to your ride. Our Tundra exhaust systems are designed with mandrel-bent 3-inch non-restrictive pipes to allow the exhaust gases to escape freely. As a direct result, your Tundra can breathe easier and have higher combustion levels, improving horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency. With the new power a CORSA Tundra upgrade provides, you'll be able to take on any open road or challenging trail with confidence.

Shop CORSA for Trusted Toyota Tundra Exhaust System Upgrades

Upgrade your Toyota Tundra exhaust system with CORSA today to unlock the true performance and sound of your Tundra. With quality 304 stainless steel construction, simple bolt-on technology and a non-restrictive design meant for maximizing your engine's capabilities, a CORSA Tundra exhaust system will give you a new outlook on your truck. If you have any questions about our Toyota Tundra exhaust systems, feel free to contact us at any time. Or, you can check out our FAQ page for even more information on what you can expect from your new Tundra exhaust. Never settle for stock. Shop CORSA PERFORMANCE for top-rated aftermarket Tundra exhaust systems today.

CORSA® Performance & Adam's Polishes Exhaust Tip Cleaning Kit

CORSA Performance exhaust systems are equipped with iconic dual wall stainless steel tips that are eye catching. Unfortunately after months of driving your exhaust tips won't look the way they did when they were new. Now you can bring that like new shine back to your polished or PVD Black tips with CORSA Performance 3 Step (Clean, Polish, Protect) tip cleaning kit.