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RAM 1500 TRX 6.2L

RAM 1500 TRX 6.2L

ARTICLES: Unleashing a Monster | RAM Part Numbers | TRX Video


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In 2019, RAM completely upended the American truck market with the launch of the all-new RAM 1500. Two years later, they once again toppled the hierarchy of performance off-road trucks by creating the RAM TRX. A literal monster made for BAJA, the TRX is built to outcompete and outperform the current off-road king, Ford Raptor.

Red RAM TRX in the snow

Complete with “easter-eggs” featuring a T-Rex eating a Raptor, RAM went straight at the Ford Raptor and the SVT group by dropping the 702HP 6.2L V8 hellcat motor into a RAM 1500 body. RAM reworked everything to ensure the TRX not only looked the part but that it would dethrone the Raptor. Seemingly mocking Ford’s choice of a turbo-charged 3.5L engine, the monstrous supercharged V8 propels the TRX at unnaturally fast speeds that will make any gearhead smile, while the suspension and oversized tires soak up all changing terrain.

Even with all that engine, the beast still needs some upgrades to eek out the last ounces of performance while creating an exhaust note that screams Apex predator.

Red RAM TRX Rear View

Nearly one year after the first RAM TRX’s were released we’ve begun the process of product development for the trophy truck. As of February 2022, the RAM TRX project is officially kicked-off; our engineering department has been reviewing multiple exhaust configurations, a new cold air intake, and additional accessories that once launched will not only enhance the sound and performance of the TRX, but also the long-term health of the engine.

Development is still in its early stages, preliminary timing for the release of the exhaust options is targeted around May of 2022 with an air intake looking to make its debut in early Fall.



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TRX Part Numbers      TOP

Muffler Delete
Double X-Pipe
Muffler Delete
OEM Resonator / Muffler Delete
CORSA Mufflers X X
CORSA 5.0" Tips X
Part Number 21189 21190 21194


Oil Catch Can
Part Number CC0008

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