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Corvette C6 Exhaust Systems & Performance Parts


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Your Corvette C6 is a sixth-generation American icon built for power, speed, and performance. It's impressive, but that doesn't mean we can't improve it. Stock parts only get you so far, that's why CORSA PERFORMANCE offers top-of-the-line Corvette C6 exhaust systems and components enthusiasts will love. From superior sound to increased horsepower and torque, CORSA C6 exhaust systems and components unlock the true potential sitting behind your powerful V8 engine.

Whether you need a complete cat-back performance exhaust for your C6 Corvette, an exhaust component like an X-pipe or a cold air intake, CORSA has the upgrades you care about the most. It's why we've been industry leaders for well over 25 years. Browse the entire selection of C6 Corvette exhaust systems and performance parts below.

Discover the Best C6 Corvette Exhaust Systems & Components In the Industry

The team at CORSA PERFORMANCE understands your innate desire to seek better performance for your ride. The C6 is made for power, but your V8 engine will never reach its full potential with stock parts. Chevrolet, like all automotive manufacturers, must strive to appeal to the broadest demographic of customers possible. That means imposing restrictions on certain OEM C6 exhaust components to ensure that the sound, horsepower and torque ratings are optimal for sales. True performance enthusiasts crave more power, speed, and sound – that's where we come in.

CORSA Corvette C6 exhaust systems and performance parts are designed and engineered to eliminate the restrictions of your stock system and boost performance across the board. Made with top-quality materials, better design, and attention to the most minute details, C6 Corvette exhaust systems and components from CORSA are superior to your stock parts in every way. Quit holding back the true power of your engine. Discover the best exhaust for your C6 Corvette at CORSA PERFORMANCE today.

Why You Should Upgrade the Exhaust for Your C6 Corvette

What is the best exhaust for your C6 Corvette? For starters, it's one that gives an instant boost in performance across the board and that's what CORSA C6 Corvette exhaust systems offer. Unlike your stock parts our aftermarket exhausts for C6 Corvettes are built to enhance what you care about the most; horsepower, torque, and sound. Engineered with a straight-through non-restrictive design, C6 Corvette exhaust systems from CORSA increase the flow of your exhaust gases for higher horsepower and torque you can feel. Our axle-back and cat-back exhausts feature large-diameter mandrel bent tubing manufactured from premium 304-grade stainless steel, a finely tuned muffler, and your choice of C6 Corvette exhaust tips for ultimate performance with every drive.

CORSA C6 Corvette exhaust systems are also built to give drivers a truly aggressive exhaust note upon startup and acceleration. Our acoustic engineers have perfected what we call "The Science of Sound" to provide the deep, powerful growl enthusiasts can't get enough of. A primary concern with most other performance exhaust systems is annoying in-cabin drone – but our acoustic engineers have also taken care of that. Thanks to our patented Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) Technology, our Corvette C6 exhausts eliminate the sound frequencies that cause drone while cruising.

Hear Our Corvette C6 Exhausts For Yourself

We pride ourselves on the sound quality our Corvette C6 exhausts can provide. Get a firsthand look at our 2005-2008 Corvette C6 2.5 Inch Axle-Back Exhaust for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions: Exhausts for C6 Corvette Models

If you still have questions about CORSA exhausts for C6 Corvette models, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

What Is the Difference Between Xtreme and Sport Corvette C6 Exhaust Systems?

When browsing our Corvette C6 exhaust systems, you'll notice that we offer Xtreme and Sport sound levels. Xtreme sound level exhaust systems are the most aggressive we produce. They deliver a deep growl at idle, a bold sound during acceleration and scream at high RPMs. Sport sound level exhaust systems give drivers a high-performance sound that carries a distinct rumble at idle and an aggressive sound through the gears.

Will I Need to Update My ECU After Installing an Aftermarket C6 Exhaust?

No. When you install a CORSA C6 exhaust, you won't have to worry about updating your ECU. However, if you re-tune your ECU using an aftermarket programmer or custom tune, you may achieve even greater horsepower and torque gains.

Can I Install My C6 Corvette Exhaust System On My Own?

Yes. CORSA C6 Corvette exhaust systems are designed for ease of installation, so installing a system on your own is possible. However, having a lift to raise your vehicle and a friend to handle the larger components and help during tip adjustment is highly recommended.

If You Need an Exhaust for Your C6 Corvette, Shop CORSA Today

A CORSA exhaust for your C6 Corvette is the best way to get the most out of your daily drives. As industry leaders for over 25 years, we know what it takes to make our performance systems and components something extraordinary. Don't settle for your stock parts. Shop CORSA PERFORMANCE for a Corvette C6 exhaust system or other aftermarket components today. If you need more details about our products, feel free to contact us at any time. Our team is always standing by.

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