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C7 Corvette Exhaust Tips & Performance Parts

All standard axle backs and valve backs may be used on NPP equipped vettes without causing a CEL. Variable sound NPP valve exhausts (Part # 14777 and 14776) can only be used on Corvettes with NPP.

C7 Corvette Exhaust Sound Level Guide

A Double X-pipe (Part # 14761), when paired with an axle-back or valve back, will increase the overall sound level of the cat-back system. *Variable Sound axle back with NPP Valves open are similar to Xtreme, valves closed are similar to Sport.

Sport axle-back + X-pipe = an Xtreme cat back

Xtreme axle-back + X-pipe = an Xtreme+ cat back

An axle-back (includes axle pipes) is designed for C7 corvettes without AFM valves: Z06, ZR1, and Grandsport manual. The valve back (includes adapter elbows) is designed for Stingrays and Grandsport auto with AFM. If tuning or using an AFM disabler Stingrays and GS Auto can use an axle-back.

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