Best Mustang Exhaust Systems for 2013-2021 Models

Best Mustang Exhaust System

Ever since the first model was introduced in 1964, Ford Mustang exhaust systems have played a significant role in its popularity (even among the normies). The current generation of Mustang models has maintained this legacy, with Ford ensuring their exhausts are loud and aggressive, keeping them relevant among other modern sports and muscle cars. However, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that most Mustang enthusiasts know their stock system can't compete with aftermarket performance exhaust upgrades. And once you know performance Mustang exhaust systems are out there, it's hard to get them out of your mind.

That leads us to the question on every Mustang owner's mind: "How do I find the best Mustang exhaust system for my model?" Luckily, that's where CORSA PERFORMANCE comes in. We're a leading manufacturer of the best exhaust systems for Mustangs of all kinds, so we're sure we have the products you need to boost your performance and take your sound to the next level. Here is our list of the best Mustang exhaust systems for 2013-2021 models.

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Why Is CORSA the Best Brand
for Mustang Exhaust Systems?

> Best Mustang GT500 Exhaust

> Best Exhaust for Mustang GT S550

> Best Mustang Exhaust for V8 GT

> Best Mustang Exhaust System for GT350

> Best Mustang EcoBoost Cat-Back Exhaust

Best Mustang exhaust 2015-2021

Why Is CORSA the Best Brand for Mustang Exhaust Systems?

Before we can get into our list, let's quickly discuss why you should shop with CORSA in the first place. What separates CORSA from other aftermarket Mustang exhaust brands?

We at CORSA PERFORMANCE specialize in creating high-quality exhaust systems for cars, trucks and SUVs of all types meant to outperform the competition by a wide margin. Unlike other Mustang exhaust brands, CORSA Mustang exhaust systems are acoustically styled and engineered to match the harmonics specific to your model, providing you with some serious sound boosts that make the stock system sound like an amusement park go-kart. That's all thanks to our patented Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) Technology, which has rewritten the rule book for what a performance exhaust should be. In addition to your new aggressive sound upon startup and acceleration, RSC® technology eliminates the problem frequencies known to cause interior drone during cruising speeds, creating an unparalleled driving experience.

Along with the sound boosts, our Mustang exhaust systems utilize mandrel-bends and a straight-through design that increases exhaust flow and performance potential. When you choose CORSA over other Mustang exhaust brands, you're getting boosts in horsepower, torque and sound that are unrivaled to this day.

Mustang exhaust systems 2015-2021

Best Exhaust for Mustang GT S550

After comparing the Mustang GT exhaust systems offered by CORSA, it's clear that the best exhaust for the S550 Mustang GT is the 2018-2021 3.0-inch Valved Cat-Back With Xtreme Variable Sound. CORSA active exhaust system valve technology meshes seamlessly into the S550's valve operating system, maintaining the factory solenoids to ensure flawless functionality across the various drive modes.

Unlike some other S550 exhausts that may sound raspy, this Mustang GT exhaust produces an impressive 11-decibel increase in volume across all drive modes for a smooth yet aggressive sound that is sure to wake up the neighbors. As you know, finding the best exhaust for Mustang GT models is about more than sound. This exhaust system can outflow your stock by an astonishing 23.43% for some serious performance boosts.

Find the Best Mustang Exhaust Systems at CORSA Today

Whether you're in the market for the best sounding exhaust for your Mustang GT500 or the best cat-back exhaust for your EcoBoost, CORSA has you covered with top-rated products designed for power and performance. There's a reason we've been industry innovators and leaders for over 25 years – CORSA does Mustang exhausts better than any other Mustang exhaust brand. Check out our full selection of the best Mustang exhaust systems today.

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Best Mustang Exhaust System for GT350

The Ford Shelby GT350 isn't a ride you'd consider tame – it's the highest performance trim of all Ford's iconic Mustang models. When looking through Mustang GT exhaust systems for this model, you need one you know can keep up with all the power the GT350 offers. The best exhaust for 2015-2020 Mustang GT350s is the CORSA 3.0-inch Active Cat-Back With Xtreme Sound Level.

As the best Mustang exhaust for the GT350, you can be sure you're getting RSC® technology for a smooth, drone-free cruise. In addition, we pair our proprietary valve assembly, which has allowed CORSA's acoustic sound engineers to create a truly aggressive but controllable exhaust note specifically styled to fit the personality of the Ford Mustang GT350's 5.2L Voodoo engine. In addition, this Mustang GT exhaust features CORSA's exclusive 3.0" Double HELIXX twin crossover X-pipe to balance the exhaust pulses from either side of your V-style engine. If you're looking to switch between CORSA Xtreme and Sport Sound levels and outflow your old stock exhaust by 10%, this is the best Mustang exhaust system for you.

Check Out the 3.0-inch Active Cat-Back Exhaust for Yourself

Sometimes, seeing is believing. In the case of exhaust systems, that goes double for hearing. See for yourself why this is our pick for the best sounding exhaust for the Mustang GT350.

Best Mustang GT500 Exhaust

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is hardly a subtle car to start. Why not push the boldness and find the best aftermarket system to take it to the next level? With our pick for the best Mustang GT500 exhaust, the 2013-2014 3.0-inch Axle-Back With X-Pipe Sport Sound Level, you can do just that.

While the stock GT500 is one of the better-sounding stock exhausts we've come across, this Mustang exhaust system is on an entirely different level – even at idle. Of course, this exhaust system is also outfitted with our signature RSC® technology.

This Mustang GT exhaust system is an axle-back system with a three-inch diameter ending in twin four-inch tips. It's made entirely of T-304 stainless steel, ensuring its protection from corrosion and durability to last you years.

Mustang GT exhaust 2015-2021

With the best Mustang GT500 exhaust, your ride sees performance boosts across the board, including:

  • +35 Horsepower
  • +47 LB-FT of Torque
  • +43% Flow Increase
  • -6lbs. of Weight Savings

Best Mustang Exhaust for V8 GT

The 5.0-liter V8 Mustang GT has been tricky for some other Mustang exhaust brands to get right – but not CORSA. Our pick for the Mustang V8 GT exhaust system is the 2015-2017 3.0-inch Cat-Back Xtreme Sound Level. Not only is this one of the best sounding exhausts for 2015-2017 Mustang GT models, but it's also one of the best cat-back exhausts on the market today.

This Mustang exhaust system is especially excellent for power gains, with a straight-through muffler design that allows exhaust gases to flow freely, without restriction, by up to 48% more than stock systems. In addition, the system has a set of durable 4.5-inch diameter tips, resistant to rust and corrosion, that add an extra level of style to your ride.

As the best Mustang exhaust system for the V8 GT, the sound is incredible. At idle, you'll hear a deep intimidating growl. While accelerating, it offers a bold, unmistakable roar and our signature no-drone cruise.

Best Mustang EcoBoost Cat-Back Exhaust

The exhaust on the Ford Mustang EcoBoost is designed to meet emissions regulations, but it can be modified with just a few simple tweaks. Our top pick for the best Mustang EcoBoost cat-back exhaust is the 2015-2021 2.75-inch Cat-Back Sport Sound Level. This Mustang exhaust system was specifically designed for your 2015-2021 EcoBoost L4 2.3L engine, so you'll enjoy noticeably enhanced performance while driving with a 54% flow increase. Not only will you love the look and feel of this Mustang exhaust, but its precise mandrel-bent tubing is designed to fit perfectly on your vehicle.

As the best Mustang exhaust for the EcoBoost, this system is designed to pump some serious power into those old cylinders and give your exhaust notes the sound of a lion's roar. CORSA has strived to make your EcoBoost more noticeable and louder than ever before – after all, a little aggression never hurt anybody. Most importantly, RSC® still gives you that quiet, drone-free cruise for comfortable drives every time.

Shop the Best Mustang Exhaust Systems on the Market at CORSA

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for the best exhaust systems for your Mustang, head on over to CORSA PERFORMANCE to finally replace that old factory exhaust. CORSA leads the premium exhaust market forward through constant innovation and advanced engineering. Utilizing our patented RSC® technology, we strive to enhance driving experiences and deliver aggressive sound quality and noticeable performance gains without sacrificing the pleasure of cruising. View our entire selection of Mustang exhaust systems today. And, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our team of experts at any time.

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