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Ford Mustang Exhausts: Mustang GT Air Intakes & Performance Parts


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Aluminum Oil Catch Can w/ Bracket | 2018-2023 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8 (CC0003)
On sale
Black, Forged Carbon Fiber / Plastic Closed Box Air Intake | 2018-2023 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8 (44007, 419850)
On sale
Black, Forged / Carbon Fiber Air Intake | 2018-2023 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8 (44006)
On sale
Carbon Fiber Upgrade / Air Duct | 2018-2023 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8 [CORSA Connect Only] (44008)
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Xtreme Valved / 3.0 in Cat-Back 4.0 in Twin Tips | 2018-2023 Mustang GT Coupe (21001)
On sale
Sport Valved / 3.0 in Axle-Back 4.0 in Twin Tips | 2018-2023 Mustang GT Coupe (21002)
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CORSA PERFORMANCE Cat-Back Exhaust Polished / Xtreme / Dual Rear - Twin 4.0in 2018-2019 Ford Mustang GT, 5.0L V8, 3.0" Cat-Back Exhaust System with Twin 4.0" Tips (21040) Xtreme Sound Level
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Xtreme, Sport / 3.0 in Cat-Back 4.0 in Twin Tips | 2018-2023 Mustang GT Convertible (21048, 21047)
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CORSA PERFORMANCE X-Pipe 2015-2019 Ford Mustang GT 3.0" Double Helixx X-Pipe (14327)
Lethal Performance Exclusive
Res-Delete / 3.0 in Double H-Pipe | 2015-2023 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8 (14502)
On sale
Sport, Touring / 3.0 in Axle-Back 4.0 in Twin Tips | 2018-2023 Mustang GT Coupe (21039, 21041)
[OBSOLETE] Sport, Touring / 2.75 in Axle-Back 4.0 in Twin Tips | 2018-2023 Mustang GT Convertible (21050, 21049)

CORSA PERFORMANCE is the only clear choice when shopping for aftermarket Ford Mustang parts. Our selection of top-rated Mustang exhaust systems, cold air intakes and oil catch cans is here to boost your vehicle's performance in the areas you care about the most. CORSA's Ford Mustang performance parts are crafted from high-quality materials for unmatched durability and performance. When you need to unlock all the power, torque and throttle response potential hidden in that powerful V8 engine, Mustang GT exhaust systems are here for you.

Improve your exhaust flow, increase your horsepower and give your superior sound with aftermarket Ford Mustang parts from CORSA today. When you shop Ford Mustang S550 performance parts from CORSA, you can have confidence you're getting the best in the industry for your ride.

Discover the Benefits of Performance Ford Mustang Exhaust Systems

A CORSA Ford Mustang exhaust system is an excellent choice for any performance enthusiast craving more powerful sound, improved performance and a great look for their ride. Every CORSA Mustang GT exhaust is made to maximize airflow as much as possible (anywhere from 23.43% to 46% depending on your Mustang model), giving drivers an instant boost in horsepower, torque and fuel economy.

CORSA Ford Mustang exhaust systems are also built to deliver a truly aggressive, powerful exhaust note that drivers will love upon startup and acceleration. However, CORSA's active valve technology included with every Ford Mustang exhaust allows drivers to utilize a quiet start function or run wide open at an impressive 11-decibel delta in volume.

When you choose CORSA Ford Mustang S550 exhaust parts, you choose the sound you want, when you want it. Not to mention, every exhaust for Mustang GT models in our inventory features our patented Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) Technology for deeper, more aggressive sound without any annoying drone during cruise.

Performance and sound are great, but what about looks? If you want your Mustang's backside to get a little more attention from passersby, you're in luck with the CORSA Mustang exhaust lineup. Each system features high-quality, stainless steel quad Mustang exhaust tips in an iconic slash cut that looks fantastic in any setting.

Hear the Power of Our Mustang GT Exhaust For Yourself

Seeing is believing, but looking at pictures of a CORSA exhaust for Mustang GT models doesn't do it justice. To truly know what's in store for your Mustang after installation, you have to hear the power for yourself. Check out our 2018-2021 Valved Cat-Back Mustang GT Exhaust in action to get a better idea of what's waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions: Ford Mustang Parts

If you still have questions about CORSA Ford Mustang parts, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Can I Install a CORSA Ford Mustang Exhaust System Myself?

Yes. Our Ford Mustang exhaust systems are designed for easy installation, so it's possible to complete the entire installation yourself. However, we strongly recommend completing the installation with a friend to help handle the larger components.

Do I Need to Modify My Vehicle to Install Ford Mustang Performance Parts?

Most Ford Mustang performance parts from CORSA will not require any physical modifications to your vehicle.

Will Installing Ford Mustang S550 Parts Void My Vehicle Warranty?

No. According to Magnuson-Moss Warranty, Act 15 USC, 2302, no manufacturer may void a vehicle warranty for using aftermarket Ford Mustang S550 parts. Only the warranty on the specific part or consequential parts can be affected by the installation of aftermarket components.

Shop CORSA For Aftermarket Ford Mustang Parts

Take your Mustang GT to the next level today with CORSA Ford Mustang parts. We carry a massive selection of top-rated Mustang exhaust systems, cold air intakes and oil catch cans engineered to maximize performance, increase power and give you a drive like no other. Don't settle for stock. Upgrade your ride and make your Mustang roar with CORSA PERFORMANCE. Need help finding the right Ford Mustang parts? Feel free to contact us anytime. We're always happy to help.

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