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Pro Series Parts: Mufflers, Resonators, Etc.

Pro Series Parts: Mufflers, Resonators, Etc.

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New Solutions for More Vehicles      TOP

CORSA Performance continues to lead the industry in creating high-performance exhaust systems that deliver the best driving experience available even after 20+ years. Utilizing ground-breaking RSC® Technology CORSA has engineered hundreds of exhaust systems for a wide range of vehicles covering many popular applications from the late 1980s to present day.

Yet our customers have asked for more; specifically, a muffler only solution for iconic classic muscle cars from the 1960s thru the 1990s and heavily modified late model vehicles. Our goal was to address this request and still provide the best acoustic experience possible.

A CORSA Performance exhaust system is truly different from most traditional exhaust solutions available. Each CORSA exhaust is a unique system that has been engineered and tuned to the exact specifications (engine, transmission, exhaust configuration, sound deadening material, artificial cabin noise, cylinder deactivation, AFM, DFM etc.) each late-model vehicle requires.

Every variable plays a role in creating the exhaust note and impacts the amount of drone present. Our engineers analyze all these factors and implement multiple elements, including evaluating 3 generations of our patented RSC® Technology, to create a free-flowing exhaust system with an aggressive exhaust note that delivers a Drone Free driving experience. Technologies present in today's modern vehicles complicate acoustic development with the introduction of new fuel saving solutions like AFM (Active Fuel Management), DFM (Dynamic Fuel Management) MDS (Multiple Displacement System) and recently introduced variable driving mode technologies with active valve exhaust systems. Creating a Drone Free exhaust systems for today's late model vehicles is a combination of experienced engineering and art that often takes months and in some cases more than a year of continuous development.

Utilizing that knowledge acquired over two decades of acoustic data recordings and engineering, CORSA’s engineers developed the best solution to eliminate the most common Drone inducing frequencies present on V8 engines. This acoustic experience combined with the simplified firing sequences present in "Classic" and heavily modified engines (engines lacking AFM, DFM, MDS, Driving Modes or Valved Exhaust Technologies) comparatively minimalistic acoustic requirements, allowed CORSA engineers to distill our development principles into a single muffler solution worthy of bearing the CORSA Performance brand. While the CORSA Performance Pro Series® Mufflers aren't a perfect acoustic solution like our fully engineered exhaust systems, we are confident they offer this unique consumer the best possible muffler only solution available on the market today.

CORSA Performance Pro Series® Mufflers are patent pending and feature CORSA's patented third generation RSC® Technology. Each muffler has been engineered to provide an iconic aggressive "Sport" exhaust note while reducing more drone frequencies than most traditional mufflers.

Pro Series® Mufflers allow the driver to achieve the best possible exhaust note in a single muffler solution without settling for a simple packed muffler. Many drivers are reimagining the car of their dreams from their youth and embarking on high dollar resto-mod builds; this is why, it was essential for us to provide them with a premium solution. For the first time, CORSA Pro Series® Mufflers give the driver the option to have an acoustic experience that is in harmony with the quality of their build.

CORSA Pro Series® Mufflers are specifically built for the needs of the resto-mod owners but are ideal for a wide range of builds; from a classic '69 Camaro to a modern day highly modified "street truck". Pro Series Mufflers are available in multiple offset configurations in 2.5" and 3.0" diameter mufflers.

Whether you are embarking on the resto-mod build of your dreams or creating a fully-customized vehicle, consider our CORSA Performance Pro Series® Mufflers for your build.

Pro Series Muffler Part Numbers      TOP

Muffler QTY: 1
Sound Level Inlet / Oulet Muffler Config. Overall Product Dims. (ea)
L x W x H
Muffler Length Part #
Sport 3.0" Offset / Offset 16" x 11" x 6.25" 10" CP3000S
Sport 2.5" Offset / Offset 16" x 11" x 6.25" 10" CP2500S
Sport 3.0" Offset / Center 16" x 11" x 6.25" 10" CP300CT
Sport 2.5" Offset / Center 16" x 11" x 6.25" 10" CP250CT
Sport 3.0" Offset / Offset Same Side 16" x 11" x 6.25" 10" CP300SS
Sport 2.5" Offset / Offset Same Side 16" x 11" x 6.25" 10" CP250SS

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